Vestirio wins big on first purchases with 175x ROI using WhatsApp popup.

WhatsApp popup advantages

Vestirio is a men’s fashion brand with their own uniquely designed shirts and kurtas was facing a challenge to engage first time website visitors.

Campaign Objective

The primary objective of the campaign was to engage first time website visitors and encourage them to make their first purchase. The campaign aimed to:

  • Collect WhatsApp phone numbers to remarket in future.
  • Engage with high intent visitors on a personal level.
  • Increase first sales to build brand awareness.

Campaign Strategy

Vestirio implemented a very simple strategy to achieve the objectives of the campaign. The strategy includes offering discounts for the first purchase to capture their phone number and encourage first purchase via WhatsApp popup flow.

Step 1

Whatsapp popup appears after 5 seconds on the website giving visitors a 10% discount to capture their phone numbers for further engagement.

Vestirio WhatsApp Popup Growth Tactics

Step 2

Send the welcome message with coupon code and expiry date to create fear of missing out.

WhatsApp popup vestirio promo message


The campaign was successful in achieving the desired objectives. 1,117 new orders were placed after placing the WhatsApp popup with an astonishing ROI of 17,550%.

WhatsApp popup advantage


Vestirio’s WhatsApp popup campaign was a success, with a significant increase in first time purchases and a promising ROI. The campaign successfully incentivized visitor to try vestirio product for the first time, resulting in better brand building and creating remarketing opportunity.

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