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Are you worried about your return on investment? Have you installed multiple apps but to no avail? We know how tiring and annoying this can get and for the same reason we have come up with an app for all your needs. 

Sales Rocket has been designed as a one-stop solution, packed with more than forty vital apps! The app boasts the load speed of your store while you increase revenue with awesome functionalities that we offer such as conversion boosters, timers for scarcity and urgency, generators of lead, etc. 

Our app combines the robust features of over 40 apps rolled into one. Instead of installing multiple apps on your store, install just a single app and reap the benefits. Your store is slowed down if you install multiple apps and your costs are also increased. We have everything that your store needs for a successful business. 

Key Features                                                        

Cart abandonment is reduced

Sales are increased to a great extent if cart abandonment is reduced. The app offers features including Get-it-by Timer, Bar for shipping, Checkout Boost, Cart reserved, Cart Favicon, Skip to Checkout, etc. 

Increase conversions and sales

Increase sales by offering volume discounts, quantity breaks, tiered pricing, commonly purchased together, related products, and upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Use social media easily

Social proof your shop with the help of social media platforms. Create your Instagram feed shoppable and provide customer support via FB chat. The app lets you do all these things and more. 

Features for increasing conversion rate:

  • Countdown for stock
  • Button ribbon for add to cart
  • Notifications in the form of sales popups
  • Reactions on Products
  • Falling emoticons
  • Animated add to cart
  • The checkout button is animated
  • Countdown timer
  • Product listings with a countdown timer

Features for reducing cart abandonments:

  • Timer for get-it-by
  • Bar for shipping
  • Checkout Boost
  • Cart Reserved
  • Cart Favicon
  • The inactive tab
  • Option for skipping to checkout
  • In the tab title, there is a count of how many items are in your cart.

Features for capturing more leads:

  • Spin to Win Wheel of Fortune with a Sticky Discount Bar
  • Email popup for discount code

Features to improve the experience:

  • Autocomplete for search
  • Converts the currency based on geolocation. Supports Shopify payments multi-currency.
  • Optimizes the page speed
  • Cart Slider
  • Recently Viewed

Features to boost your revenues:

  • We offer volume discounts such as quantity breaks and tiered pricing
  • Frequently purchased together
  • Upsell and cross-sell by displaying related items
  • In cart upsell
  • Quick add to cart button
  • Quick view
  • Pre-orders

Features for social media include:

  • Instagram feed that is shoppable
  • Customer support through Facebook chat

Features to protect your store includes:

  • Cookies Bar
  • Protection Plus
  • Best selling is hidden

Features for fine-tuning your store includes:

  • A button that takes users back to the top
  • New tabs are allowed for external links
  • No branding
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Geo-redirect

Our customer support team is helpful and responsive with the feature of live chat during working hours.

The app is installed with a single click without developers. 


Nice app. very useful for our store, thanks. I like their wonderful support. Support is just awesome.

Life In Motion

Overall the multiple 40+ apps in the APP have been amazing and we love it! Based on our store's test cases and business requirements, we managed to test in multiple scenarios and use some of these 40+ apps without any issue, except 1 issue found with the Volume Discount app and the issue can be reproduced. We have reported the issue to the Support Team and Mohit has been responsive and prompt in his replies via email and also via chat when online. In our back and forth discussions, it was understood that it is not an issue but a limitation (functional) within the Volume Discount app where the auto-generated Discount/Coupon Code is applied as per Order, regardless whether the configured setting for selected product items are listed or non-listed in the Volume Discount app. When the Volume Discount app is Disabled, everything works well and fine. However, when the Volume Discount app is Enabled, the non-listed product items must not be displayed in the Cart and Checkout page as the auto-generated DIscount/Coupon Code is still generated automatically causing error message stated as "Coupon Code not available" that requires manual removal in the Cart and Checkout page when an order is placed. We have requested a feature request to address the matter. It is understood Mohit will forward to the Development team as part of ongoing improvement plan. In view of the above, we would still keep the App and to use these 39 apps minus the Volume Discount and looking forward to enhancement to the 1 app in the near future. Thank you.

Boost Telecom

I had some issues with currency selector placement. The support replied within 15 seconds and helped me to fix everything I wanted very fast. Awesome app, recommend!


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