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Smart Product Filter & Search

Smart Product Filter & Search

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Smart Product Filter & Search

About Smart Product Filter & Search

If you are looking to enhance your navigation and search, Smart Product Filter & Search by Globo is the perfect solution for you. You can use the app for your Shopify store’s design.

Are you in an unfamiliar area? What is the first thing you’ll do then? You’ll obviously open the map for navigation on your phone! Similarly, your store is the unfamiliar area to your customers. Without a good map (for menu, product filter and product search) and proper directions, they tend to get lost. Do you check the map or use the navigation system on your phone? You certainly do not want to lose customers because of a bad webpage. This is when the Smart Product Filter app comes into picture. The app will make sure your customers are able to find the products they want to buy within seconds accurately. The Smart Product Filter and Search app seamlessly integrates with Product Reviews, Quick Views, Globo Request for Quote, Currency Converter, Judgeme and Product Labels.

What is the Filter Method?

The app lets you create multiple product filters for your shop based on the attributes of your goods. Given below are the different options that the app provides to filter:

·      Filter by variant

·      Filter by size

·      Filter by color

·      Filter by price

·      Filter by tag(s)

·      Filter by collection

·      Filter by vendor

·      Filter by brand

·      Filter by type

·      Filter by inventory

·      Filter by sale percentage

Smart & Instant Search

Do you want to improve your search bar? Then Smart& Instant Search is a must have app for you, as it will improve your search bar greatly. Give your customers a more relevant and time saving search results. The app also provides an advanced autocomplete window which will help customers search for their desired products easily. To make your customer’s buying experience even easier, the app lets you employ a wildcard partial search.

·      Full-text search: This feature lets you search by title, SKU, vendor, product type, tags, with spellcheck and auto complete inclusive.

·      Auto-suggestion: The Smart search suggestions feature comes with a live product preview showing thumbnail, rating, price, etc.

·      Search Suggestion dictionary: To provide better search results, this feature dictates the priorities of suggestion terms to your customers.

·      Search Redirects: The app lets you upsell & cross-sell products. Whenever your customers search for a specific keyword, the app will redirect them to the page automatically.

·      Synonyms: Using Globo, you can increase the sales potential by creating words with similar meanings based on your shoppers' preferences.

·      Zero character suggestions

·      If customers’ search has “No products found”, use the app to show them recommended products.

What else does Smart Product Filter & Search offer?

·      The app offers multiple filters for you, using which you can create different filters for different collections. For instance, Clothing collections & Shoe collections are different.

·      You can set a specific order for each of the filters.

·      The app lets you filter by tag. Just select a number of tags and you can group them into a filter ‘block’.

·      Process product filters with Ajax.

·      Customers will be able share filter results via URL.

·      3 filter layouts available: Horizontal, Vertical and Off-Canvas.

·      Color swatch feature lets you display product color swatch without any app.

·      No blank pages (no product(s)) will be seen by your customers on the collection page because only the available options are displayed.

·      New feature v4.0 – With this new feature, you can group multiple values to one single value. For example: Light blue, dark blue and blue to a blue master value.

·      New feature v4.0 – The app will match with your layout’s theme. In case your theme is unsupported, feel free to reach out to the support team and your products will be displayed in your store layout’s theme.

·      New feature v5.0 – This amazing feature lets customers search for products with autocomplete, suggestion and autocorrect.

Pricing options

·      21 – day free trial

·      Plan $9 – Starts from $9 a month – Up to 500products

·      Plan $12 – Starts from $12 a month - Up to 1000products

·      Plan $19 – Starts from $19 a month - Up to 2500products

·      Plan $29 - Starts from $29 a month - Up to 5000products

Download the FREE app now and try out the stunning features. Enhance your store’s page design like never before! Provide an exceptional searching and buying experience for your customers.


I have been using this app for a few months now and am extremely happy with it. Works like a charm and gives you so many options to choose from. And, the customer support is absolutely brilliant. Fast response and they go the extra step to make things just right for you.


APP is great and works smoothly. Customer service is also very responsive and service is excellent, I had a problem with they filter and they solved it in less than 12 hours! Totally recommend this app

Grazia Papilio

I absolutely love this app and totally recommend it! Smart Product Filter is a dream to work with, the filter works really well as does the search function. The customer support is the best I ever experienced on Shopify they work quickly to solve issues and even customize it to make sure the app works as we wanted to be displayed. They are the kindest, most responsive, and completely effective. 10/10 would totally recommend! I am not only using the search and filter app but other apps from Globo and all work excellent. Big thank you to the wonderful team!

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