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MarketingMarketing analyticsBeProfit: Analytics & Reports
BeProfit: Analytics & Reports

BeProfit: Analytics & Reports

Track & analyze proift reports, advanced marketing analytics

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day free trial.

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BeProfit: Analytics & Reports
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About BeProfit: Analytics & Reports

BeProfit helps track business metrics and Optimize profits!

Do you want to know the exact profit your store made or the accurate performance of your store?

BeProfit is the ultimate solution! Track business metrics, lifetime profit and expenses of your store. It is the most lethal tool for finance profit calculation and data analytics reporting dashboard. Its profit dashboard with finances profit calc gives better financial reporting charts, custom reports & auto exchange rates for accurate profit calc. All these data helps businesses immensely in making informed decisions to optimize store and boost profit and sales.

 Profit dashboard can be easily set up in few minutes.

Key Features of BeProfit

Accurate Profit Calculator

Say bye to spreadsheets forever! Calculate the profit in real-time easily with the app.  Calculate & track your true profitability with every calc & term explained

Schedule Analytics Reports

We offer analytics reports the way you like them- automated or custom reports. You can either schedule them or get them on demand.

Everything is there in a single dashboard. Analyze order metrics, shipping, inventory, marketing costs, profits

Auto Sync sales and costs

Sync store, marketing, payment processor & shipping accounts just once and add custom costs for updated, accurate profit tracking & reports

Easy data access

Using the app is super easy whether you are sitting in your office or travelling in a bus. The app can be used either on a laptop or a mobile device. Schedule your custom reports and have them emailed to you anytime.

All of your data in one place

Our dashboard is very intuitive which provides an overview of all your performance in one place.

Understand your business metrics

To understand the data it is important to break down the complex data with insightful charts and graphs. BeProfit is a great solution.


Set your dashboard’s profit calculation preferences, enter variable and fixed expenses that weren’t automatically pulled, create & export custom data reports. Additionally, make new shipping profiles, and edit or add store data as you like.


  • Snapshot of profit, sales and orders
  • Intuitive charts and tables
  • Custom offers for profit-optimizing tools & services


We have pre-built report templates as well as the option of custom reports to help you track metrics.

  • Product Reports: You will have the option of analyzing metrics for all products or per product/vendor (revenue, profit, COGs, sales)
  • Order Reports: pull custom order/sales reports, track orders, total cost breakdown/cost trends (COGs, taxes, shipping, returns) & profits, filter by profit/order, order breakdown, value, expenses & more. Track order financial/fulfilment/transaction status, track expenses monthly spread with expenses spread evenly over time
  • Custom Reports: track everything you want or need (profit reports, reports for accounting, taxes & more). Share/export reports through email & CSV (on-demand/automatic schedule & automated export)
  • Marketing Reports: analyze marketing costs & performance (ROAS, CPC, conversion rate)
  • LTV Cohort Analysis: analyze customer lifetime value & behaviour to optimize profits, set CAC, pricing & more
Data Settings
  • Ad Spend Platforms: integrate ad platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Bing Ads) or CSV/manual import
  • UTMs Attribution: revenue-based marketing performance insights per platform/ad/campaign
  • Expenses: import recurring expenses, add fixed, variable & custom costs
  • Production Methods: dropship, warehouse or print on demand
  • Shipping: auto-sync Shopify Shipping data to better calculate shipping costs, track shipping carrier costs by importing & editing Shopify profiles/creating custom shipping profiles (rates based on shipping zones/locations, product weight, price)
  • AliExpress: sync shipping costs & COGS
  • Production Costs: fetch the cost of goods sold (also known as COGs). You can also filter, bulk or manual edit
  • Processing Fees: auto-ID payment processing gateways & payment costs
  • Calculation Preferences: for refunds, pending & unfulfilled orders
  • Shopify integration: add multiple stores
How to get started?
  • Get the BeProfit app

Go to the Shopify app store and add the app to your store in just a few minutes.

  • Sync your Platforms

You just need to complete the integration of your ad platforms and Shopify shipping profile once and you are ready to go!

  • Make decisions based on the data

It is said that data never lies! Always keep an eye on business data and turn it into actionable insights. Keep yourself updated on every aspect of your store.

BeProfit is the substitute to Report Pundit, Data Export Reports, Better Reports, Conversific, Lifetimely, Order Metrics, Accountify, TrueProfit, EZ export, Xporter, Delirious, Profit Calc, Profitario, Exact Profit.

We are planning to come up with more integrations such as Amazon and shipping integrations.

Integrates with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Instagram Ads. 


Wizard of Paws Store

I really like the reports and detailed integration given by this app. Makes life much easier and your financial statement exceptionally accurate. Highly recommended


The best app for tracking profits

Retro Gaming Parts

Great service for any questions I had about the set up. I use this app daily and it gives a great insight into the business figures. Takes a couple of hours to set up but its set and forget unless anything changes.


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