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WhatsApp for Abandon Cart Recovery

Recover Upto 60% Of Abandoned Carts With WhatsApp

Bring back customers lost to abandoned carts with automated WhatsApp cart reminders and marketing campaigns.

Product Mockups and Graphics for Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases

Why Do You Need WhatsApp Abandoned Cart Recovery?

You’re sending out email reminders, web push notifications and even retargeting shoppers. But here’s why we think WhatsApp cart recovery is non-negotiable.

SVG Icons for  Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases

200 minutes

Average time spent on WhatsApp every day


SVG Icons for  Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases


Average number of times users open WhatsApp in a day

SVG Icons for  Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases


Average opens on messages sent on WhatsApp

Over 600+ Merchants have increased AOV and LTV through QuickReply

Send Out A Gentle Abandoned Cart Reminder

The average attention span of internet users is barely a few seconds.

So don’t hesitate to send them a gentle cart reminder 15 minutes after they abandon it!

To make things easier to recall, club it with a product image and a call-to-action button that leads them to the cart page directly.

SVG Icons for  Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases

SVG Icons for  Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases

SVG Icons for  Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases

Product Mockups and Graphics for Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases

Your Cart Abandoners Are On WhatsApp. Where Are You?

WhatsApp is inherently a chat app and most of your consumers are making use of it to connect with friends and family. So how do you use WhatsApp for abandoned cart recovery?Well, strategically (and thoughtfully) with QuickReply.ai

Product Mockups and Graphics for Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases

Share Social Proof And Give Them A Reason To Make That Purchase

More than 70% of online shoppers trust reviews and testimonials from other consumers and their friends.

So after about 20 hours, put all your social proof to work.

Send out an abandoned cart reminder with product ratings and recent testimonials to address pre-purchase anxiety!


Get more sales and grow your online business with WhatsApp Marketing

QuickReply.ai combines the power of automations, smart integrations and chatbots to help you do more with one app, alongside other powerful features.

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Quickreply's Welcome pop-up Whatsapp solution got us over 40,000 additional leads that we were losing in our business process! The ROI from the campaign has been a fantastic 93x.


Taniya Chakraborty

Performance Marketing Manager

It's a splendid product. They are affordable and do special customisations too! We had some requirements involving QuickReply to cross-integrate with our internal softwares, and it was as smooth as butter. Basically, QR will make your Whatsapp Marketing Journey a pleasant experience. The team is super supportive, and they are always at their toes to get things done on time.Highly recommended for small/ growing businesses!

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Yamini Beri

Growth & Digital Marketing

Quick Reply team understands the needs of ours and being helpful ! The customer service is great and Neha is doing a wonderful job, We are really impressed by Quick reply service. This tool really helps to connect with customers easily.We want you to know how much we appreciate your business. Thank you for providing the best possible service.

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Marketing Manager

I was initially skeptical about Quick Reply, but I decided to give it a try for a month. I'm glad I did! The team is extremely helpful, and they make sure that you understand not only Quick Reply, but also all of the other processes on the website. They take the time to create an abandon cart flow that works best for your business. I've been using Quick Reply for four months now, and I would recommend it to any small or medium business. It's cost-effective and easy to use.

Cindrella Renji

Cindrella Renji

Founder @ BCOS Its Silver

The app's user-friendly interface and efficient features make communication a breeze. What really stood out, though, was the exceptional customer service. The app itself is a game-changer, streamlining the process of CTWA Ads and keeping conversations organized. Quickreply has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable messaging solution.

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Dhiraj Jindal

Founder at Meadbery

“One of the finest product with a highly experienced team. They have a good team who understand needs very quickly and they are very fast in implementing. I would suggest if you have few employees and still want to make more numbers of customers interact with your brand, QuickReply.ai is the answer.”

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Gaurav Kumar

Head of E-commerce

Create FOMO Around The Abandoned Product

Don’t wait around for the shopper to make up their mind.

Send them a WhatsApp cart recovery message targeted at creating FOMO (fear of missing out)

60% of people make purchases in the fear of losing out on a good product or a discount!

Product Mockups and Graphics for Abandon Cart Recovery Use-cases


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