Best Contlo Alternative 2023 Better Features, 1/5th Contlo's Cost

Choosing Contlo? Say bye to chatbot builder and hello to feature limits

With Contlo, WhatsApp Stays Basic; With QuickReply, It Becomes an Engagement Powerhouse!

Over 600+ Merchants have increased AOV and LTV through QuickReply

3 Key Reasons Why D2C Brands Choose Over Contlo


2-Way Campaigns  

Have a dialogue, not a monologue, with your customers. With 2-way campaigns, engage, sell, and resolve queries instantly without human intervention. Complete your customer's buying journey within WhatsApp.

2 Way Communication - WhatsApp Marketing Example
Custom WhatsApp Product Feedback Chatbot Flow Example

Chatbot Builder

‍WhatsApp is all about interaction, not just broadcasting messages. offers smart, responsive chatbots that handle queries and seamlessly transfer complex cases to agents with full context. In contrast, for every new chatbot flow or a minor change to it, you have to contact Contlo's support team.



Even though it offers multiple tools in one place, Contlo might be too costly for growing D2C brands. Also, there is a limit on the number of live segments and automation. With, what you see is what you get. Our pricing is crystal clear – no sneaky hidden cost for crucial features.

Contlo Hidden Pricing Screenshot

Choose A Plan That’s Right For Your Business

Turn WhatsApp conversations into conversions at an affordable price.

QuickReply vs Contlo Feature Comparison Table
QuickReply Postive Shopify Reviews Screenshot
QuickReply Positive Shopify Reviews Screenshot


Shopify merchants have rated 4.9 vs Contlo’s 4.1. We must be doing something right.


QuickReply Postive Shopify Reviews Screenshot
QuickReply Positive Shopify Reviews Screenshot

How Fares Against Contlo

Here’s an objective comparison between Contlo and based on WhatsApp marketing features


QuickReply vs Contlo Feature Comparison Table

Deep ecosystem of 30+ integrations

Works with the tools that you use every day.

QuickReply Integrations Ecosystem Graphic

Get More Than Just Support

We aim to maximise campaign effectiveness and customer interaction. Our tailored solutions offer more than just support; they're designed to amplify your brand's presence and success.

QuickReply Customer Success Representatives sharing D2C WhatsApp Playbook's to their customers

Event Playbooks

Benefit from our experience with event-specific playbooks (Diwali, Rakshabandhan, BFCM, etc) and hands-on customer success support for your campaigns.

QuickReply Offers Dedicated Customer Support over WhatsApp

Dedicated WhatsApp Group

Receive immediate support through a dedicated WhatsApp group, crucial for resolving urgent issues like template rejections before major events.

QuickReply Customer Success Representative acting as a standby mark ops person and getting their customers WhatsApp Templates approved

Standby MarkOps

Don’t have a dedicated marketing operations expert? Our team will assist you in implementing all available features, such as setting up chatbots.

The Proof Lies in the ROAS

WhatsApp is the growth pad for DTC teams. Saturated by the ad jungle that is Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is where transactions are happening. Some numbers from the QuickReply desk

Abandoned Cart Recoveries


Abandoned cart recoveries via QuickReply

Averarge ROAS


Average ROAS of QuickReply customers 

Increasing Contact Database


Increase in phone number collections via WhatsApp popups as opposed to email collections

Daily WhatsApp Messages Sent

10 lakh+

Daily WhatsApp messages pushed by QuickReply customers


What is the difference between Contlo and excels over Contlo with a self-service chatbot builder, interactive 2-way WhatsApp campaigns, and affordable pricing, making it a better choice for efficient and cost-effective WhatsApp marketing.

Is free?

No, isn't free. It offers tiered pricing for different business sizes, focusing on D2C brands.

What are the pros and cons of

Pros: Tailored for D2C brands, Shopify integration, advanced segmentation, customizable chatbots, and direct WhatsApp support. Cons: No free version.

What is the use of is a purpose-built WhatsApp Marketing Automation platform built especially for D2C brands and online stores.

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