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You’re leaving money on the table with SuperLemon

Over 600+ Merchants have increased AOV and LTV through QuickReply

3 Big Reasons Why SuperLemon Is Good To Start But Terrible To Scale


You Can’t Run Drip Campaigns

Did you know you’ll convert 2x more cart abandoners in the 2nd step than the 1st? SuperLemon only lets you run 1-step campaigns. Money left on the table.


You Can’t Personalize Campaigns

Well, you can. But not to the degree you want. For example, reminding a shopper who added Product X AND Product Y in their cart. Not possible with SuperLemon.


You’ll Face Performance Glitches

Customers who moved to QuickReply shared horror stories. Popups appearing randomly during checkout. Messages fired automatically. Every new day working with SuperLemon is a box of expired chocolates

06 vs SuperLemon
QuickReply Postive Shopify Reviews Screenshot
QuickReply Positive Shopify Reviews Screenshot

The Shopify Jury Is In

Don’t just believe us. Shopify merchants are voicing their verdict. QuickReply’s average rating is 4.9 vs SuperLemon’s 3.4.

QuickReply Postive Shopify Reviews Screenshot
QuickReply Positive Shopify Reviews Screenshot

How Fares Against SuperLemon vs SuperLemon

Deep ecosystem of 30+ integrations

Works with the tools that you use every day.

QuickReply Integrations Ecosystem Graphic

Get More Than Just Support

We aim to maximise campaign effectiveness and customer interaction. Our tailored solutions offer more than just support; they're designed to amplify your brand's presence and success.

QuickReply Customer Success Representatives sharing D2C WhatsApp Playbook's to their customers

Event Playbooks

Benefit from our experience with event-specific playbooks (Diwali, Rakshabandhan, BFCM, etc) and hands-on customer success support for your campaigns.

QuickReply Offers Dedicated Customer Support over WhatsApp

Dedicated WhatsApp Group

Receive immediate support through a dedicated WhatsApp group, crucial for resolving urgent issues like template rejections before major events.

QuickReply Customer Success Representative acting as a standby mark ops person and getting their customers WhatsApp Templates approved

Standby MarkOps

Don’t have a dedicated marketing operations expert? Our team will assist you in implementing all available features, such as setting up chatbots.

The Proof Lies in the ROAS

WhatsApp is the growth pad for DTC teams. Saturated by the ad jungle that is Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is where transactions are happening. Some numbers from the QuickReply desk

Abandoned Cart Recoveries


Abandoned cart recoveries via QuickReply

Averarge ROAS


Average ROAS of QuickReply customers 

Increasing Contact Database


Increase in phone number collections via WhatsApp popups as opposed to email collections

Daily WhatsApp Messages Sent

10 lakh+

Daily WhatsApp messages pushed by QuickReply customers


What is the difference between SuperLemon and

SuperLemon offers basic WhatsApp functionalities for Shopify, while provides advanced features like multi-step drip campaigns, behavioural profiling, and dedicated support for D2C brands.

Is free?

No, operates on a tiered pricing model and does not offer a free version.

What are the pros and cons of

Pros: Advanced segmentation, Shopify integration, customizable chatbots. Cons: No free version available.

What is the use of is used for sophisticated WhatsApp marketing automation, tailored for D2C brands and online stores.

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