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Product Filter & Search

Product Filter & Search

Boost Sales with Collection Filter & Smart Instant Search

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Product Filter & Search
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All about the Product Filter and Search app!

The Product Filter and Search app is trusted by 10,000+ online stores, which also includes world-famous brands like Boeing, Ford, Durex, Scholl, Mavi, Gap, Banana Republic, Lacoste, and a lot more. The Product Filter & Search app by Boost is a Shopify app and it helps you grow more sales for your store. Your shoppers can find the right products for them in less than a minute. This app has a 5-star rating support system. It also provides a tremendously fast performance, it is a highly secure app. The Boost Product Filter & Search is a must have tool for your business, it will help you optimize the shopping experience of your customers thereby also increasing conversion rate for your online store.

Look at the features the app has to offer!

Advanced features that can be customized!

  • You can use the different filter menus offered by the app for different collections and search result pages.
  • The app has multi-select filters.
  • The app offers dynamic filter options based on Collections, Vendors, Product Types, Variants. For e.g.: Size, Color, Rating, Price, Sale Off %, SKU, Tags and Meta fields.
  • You can merge values to filter easily. For e.g.: Bright Red and Maroon as Red.
  • The app offers diverse types of filter options such as Box, Lists, Swatches, Range Sliders and a lot more.
  • You can use the app to filter for availability. Only show in-stock items, or you can display in-stock first and out-of-stock last.
  • 2 filter menu layouts: vertical and horizontal.

Smart full-text search with instant suggestions and results.

  • You can search by title, SKU, vendor, product type, tags, etc. using the spellcheck and autocomplete option.
  • Autosuggest: This is an analytics-based predictive search which provides a live preview of product/collection’s thumbnail, rating, price, etc.
  • Typo-tolerance
  • Suggestion Dictionary: You can use this to organize suggested terms for better sales.

Upsell and Cross-sell to grow conversions.

  • Redirects: This option can be used to promote keyword-related products in search.
  • Product Ranking: You can upsell chosen products in search results.
  • Merchandising: You will be able to promote products using specific attributes.

Analytics of collection filter and search.

  • The app lets you understand how shoppers use filter and search with 365-day data.
  • You can generate reports on revenue, popular search queries, and 'no results' cases.
  • Ignore selected IPs

This is the best product search and filter experience for all devices.

  • Theme and mobile optimization: The app has a consistent brand style on all screen sizes and it is compatible with all popular Shopify themes.
  • The app provides a real-time product sync and it supports over 1 million+ products.
  • You can save your search history to navigate faster.
  • The app has the best page speed in the category: <150ms/ 100k products

Various integrations of the app make your experience richer!

Label: Product Labels by Secomapp - InstaBadge - Flair

Currency: BEST Currency Converter - Auto Currency Switcher (Mlveda) - Multi Country Currency (Mlveda) - Bold Multi Currency.

Wishlist: WishlistKing - Smart Wishlist.

Language: Langify v2.

Other: Quick View, Popular Reviews apps.

Unique and new experiences, every month.

  • Smart & unique onboarding catered to your need, so you can make the best of Boost ASAP!
  • Onboarding process is seamless and unique, specially catered to your need. Make the best use of this Boost app now.
  • The app is constantly improved and updated with new features.

If you need assistance or have a request, you can feel free to reach out to the 5-star support team via email, chat or call at any time. They are available 24/7 to address your concerns.

Some of the recent updates of the app:

  • New integrations with Weglot, Langshop, Shopney.
  • Customization docs for developers.

The app makes advanced features super simple!

  • You can try out the 14-day free trial version.
  • The app is extremely easy to install in one single click.
  • Video, guides and live preview options are available to help you customize anything you need.
  • It also offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Given below are the plans offered. Choose the best plan based on your business requirements.

Plan 1 - From $19 a month

Plan 2.5 - From $29 a month

Plan 5 - From $49 a month

Plan 7.5 - From $69 a month

Fillory Yarn

This app is great, does what it says with minimal setup. Adds some powerful, fast loading filters for a minimal price. Needed some support and it was fast and comprehensive. Really great working with this extension developer. I recommend this extension highly.

Officine Mattio - Casa Madre

I installed this app a few weeks and ago and immediately loved it! The functionality is great and the search works perfectly. Unfortunately, due to an incompatibility with another app that was essential to me, I had to uninstall it, but Grace, my customer support representative was always super nice and helpful. Despite the fact that the developer team could not help me with my request, Grace always responded quickly and with great concern for my situation. Great support team and great app! Super recommended!

Love Beds

Amazing service, managed to get it looking perfect to match my store, very quick turn around from me wanting a design change to it being live on my store. 100% recommend.


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