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UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Grow sales with ambassador/affiliate program. Easy & Automated

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UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing
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About UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular model as it is suitable for all business sizes. Even small businesses can advertise without any upfront cost. Are you thinking about how it works? The plan is straightforward- use ambassadors’ voices to reach a larger audience and boost revenue.

UpPromote is a hit among online enterprises as it has been proven again and again that affiliate marketing helps immensely in expanding business. UpPromote can be used without any technical knowledge. It helps you build, manage and succeed with Affiliate marketing.

  • Don’t have any idea about affiliate marketing? Don’t worry. We offer a simple onboarding process that will help you instantly understand how it works.
  • UpPromote will build you an ambassador team from scratch by using the Marketplace and Convert Customer function.
  • Once your team is ready and requires a strong tool to maximize the promotion effort, we will be of your greatest help. 

Key Features

Grow your Affiliate Team
Grow your affiliate list by listing on marketplaces like Secomapp, turning clients to affiliates or via network Marketing.
Make contact with affiliates
Communicate with ambassadors and influencers directly via chat. You can also send automated emails to your team in the app.
Track affiliate performance
There are various tracking methods like affiliate links, Stock Keeping Units and emails and coupons which help in tracking the affiliate performance.  We offer a robust reporting system to keep track of clicks and sales.
Seamless Migration and Integration
You can easily import all the key data from other affiliate platforms and that too in just a few clicks. We offer robust integration with other services to boost your campaign.
Real-Time Tracking              
Conversions are accurately recorded through our up-to-date tracking system. It is updated every second. Several tracking methods are available such as links, coupons, emails, and products.
Smart Management
You can keep your team in the loop and communicate with them easily via the communication option available. The entire campaign is customised to suit your needs with fully customisable email templates and white-labelled affiliate pages.
Saves Time
UpPromote is very user-friendly. However, if you are facing problems, you can follow detailed instructions and guides.
Our automatic functions help in setting and managing the team.

Functionalities of the app-

Build multiple commissions offers

  • Affiliates and influencers are classified into groups based on the structure of the commission. 
  • To encourage your team members, set up an auto-tier system of commission. 
  • Commission on product
  • The registration form for affiliate can be completely personalised. 

Build your team of ambassadors and affiliates

  • Each plan of ours has a huge number of affiliates. 
  • You can convert buyers into affiliates automatically. 
  • To get in touch with more ambassadors, list offers on UpPromote marketplace. 
  • Allow affiliates to welcome others to an MLM opportunity.

Communicate with affiliates

  • We allow chatting with affiliates within the app. 
  • Send emails automatically with personalisable templates. Automated emails with customizable templates
  • Send emails in bulk

Creative Upload

  • Give media assets to ambassadors to help them in promoting your store better. 

Track affiliate performance via:

  • Affiliate links. We also provide a discount automatically to visitors using an affiliate link. 
  • Coupons ( both manually and automatically generated)
  • emails of customers
  • Product Stock Keeping Units
  • Lifetime commission

Manage Referral Orders

  • Owners can approve or deny after reviewing referral orders. 
  •  add referrals manually.
  • Orders that have been refunded are also tracked with amazing accuracy. 
  • Stop self-referrals

Reporting and Analytics

  • You can easily track referral traffic and sale with the help of in-app analytics. 
  • The affiliates can keep a watch on their respective performances through a personal portal provided to them.

Simple Payout

  • Your affiliates are paid automatically through PayPal integration
  • Use store credits to pay with store coupons. 
  • You can also pay through other options manually. 
  • Enable exporting invoices for paid referrals. 

Other adavanced options

  • Affiliate accounts can be translated into multiple languages such as -English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, or Arabic
  • Create accounts for staff with full or limited access
  • Postback URL, Facebook pixel, API
  • Sync affiliate contacts with Shopify customers

UpPromote integrates with Paypal, Mailchimp, Recharge, Refersion, Affiliatly, Goaffpro


Very intuitive tool. 100% recommended. Easy to set up and integrate in your website. Next step is to see how it actually works with real affiliates.


Easy to setup and easy to use I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a quick tool to use with affiliates

Flawless Cosmetics

This app is amazing for handling affiliates. I have had no problems and I've been using this system since October! Best program for Affiliates!


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