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Auric scales customer communication for marketing, sales and support using WhatsApp marketing

How QuickReply.ai helped Auric to run WhatsApp campaigns to achieve 75% cart recovery rate, 70% increase in pre-paid orders.


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Auric scales customer communication for marketing, sales and support using WhatsApp marketing - Case Study via QuickReply.ai
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“To every problem, they have a solution. We came with different use cases and problem statements. At every junction, they guided us either with their suite of features or customized them for our needs. They take customer service seriously ensuring great response time. I always receive response within few mins and account management is right up to my expectations”

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Deepak Aggarwal
Founder at Auric

See how this ayurvedic health and wellness brand leverages WhatsApp marketing.

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Auric is an ayurvedic health and wellness brand. They are known for their range of 100% natural, herb-rich ayurvedic drinks for a healthy mind, body, skin, hair and weight. The brand is one of the fastest growing names in the wellness industry, tackling consumer health concerns with Ayurvedic medicinal approach.


As a health and wellness brand online, Auric’s biggest challenge was to scale customer communication. They wanted a channel that could help them reach the right segment of their customers at the right time, with the right message, to be able to not just promote their products and ongoing deals, but also nurture them with the information and assistance they need to make an informed purchase.

After conducting a research on their customers and target market, the brand found that a majority of its consumers actively used WhatsApp for day-to-day communication, as compared to other channels like SMS and email.

They started to use a Bulk WhatsApp Sender to initially tap into the messaging app’s capabilities, but soon started to face issues:

  1. It was very slow in sending bulk messages (lack of timeliness)  
  2. It did not allow sending different messages in parallel to different customer segments (lack of personalization) 
  3. It was not scalable (lack of ability to tap into WhatsApp Business API features) 
  4. It resulted in frequent bans on the phone number (lack of brand recall and recognition)

Following the insights derived, Auric set out to look for solutions that would enable them to leverage the WhatsApp Business API across multiple functions to communicate with their customers more proactively, and found QuickReply.ai.


After initial discovery calls and discussions, the QuickReply.ai team and Auric identified a set of campaigns and automations that were critical to a buyer’s journey. We also created a detailed strategy focused on leveraging the WhatsApp Business API and their existing customer base, with the following campaigns:

1. Direct one-to-one selling

In addition to their online storefront, Auric also drives a majority of their sales offline by reaching out to customers on a one-on-one basis. This requires them to reach out to buyers with different offers and deals based on previous interactions.

With QuickReply.ai, they were able to scale their direct one-to-one selling campaigns on WhatsApp with the help of personalized broadcasts.

whatsapp broadcast for beverages

2. Abandoned cart recovery campaigns

Similar to other health and wellness brands online, Auric also experiences a high cart abandonment rate on products. On surveying their customers, the brand found that the reasons for cart abandonment varied per customer and they needed to approach reminders in a more strategic manner.

They set up a multi-stage abandoned cart recovery sequence on WhatsApp, alongside email and SMS, touching base with customers using the following:

  1. Casual nudge and reminder 15 minutes after abandonment
  2. Social proof around abandoned product 20 hours after
  3. Incentive to complete purchase 48 hours after
  4. Reminder and feedback request after 4 days
WhatsApp abandoned cart flow

Note: Auric runs parallel SMS marketing campaigns in sync with WhatsApp for every stage of abandoned cart recovery with QuickReply.ai.

3. COD to prepaid conversions

Cash on delivery orders tend to see a high cancellation rate and doorstep returns, resulting in increased costs of reverse logistics and product damage. To tackle the same, Auric set up an automated WhatsApp marketing campaign on orders above INR 1200.

With QuickReply.ai, they created a drip campaign on WhatsApp to nudge COD buyers to pre-pay for their orders, using a discount and FOMO to entice them to pay upfront.

  1. Immediate follow-up with discount
  2. Reminder 1 with FOMO message
  3. Reminder 2 with FOMO message
turn cod order to prepaid
Immediately with a clear CTA of Extra 15% Off
prepay for your order
Reminder 1 with an offer expiry notice
prepay for your order on whatsapp
Reminder 2 saying its the last chance

4. Customer support automation

Auric is also using the WhatsApp Business API to automate 70% of their customer support queries. With the help of QuickReply.ai chatbot workflows, the brand is able to provide shopping assistance before, during and after a purchase with a resolution of less than a minute.

From shipping updates to order tracking queries and more, Auric is able to handle incoming customer queries at scale on the messaging app.

The results

With the ability to send personalized direct selling campaigns at scale, Auric was able to run parallel WhatsApp broadcasts to different sets of consumers. The ability to personalize and experiment with campaigns led to:

  1. 34% CTR and 55% conversion rate (buy x, get y campaigns) 👌
  2. 23.5% CTR and 50% conversion rate (discount campaigns) 👏

Their WhatsApp abandoned cart recovery campaign works in tandem with other channels like SMS and email. After setting up automations on the messaging app, Auric has improved cart recovery by more than 100%.

  1. 74.84% cart recovery rate on WhatsApp 🎉
  2. 18.40% cart recovery rate on SMS (also enabled with QuickReply.ai)
  3. 6.76% cart recovery rate on email (enabled using Klaviyo)

Tackling the increasing number of RTOs and NDRs head on, Auric has also been able to see impressive results on their COD to prepaid conversion campaigns using WhatsApp:

  1. 71.4% increase in paid orders 🎊

The metrics on their WhatsApp marketing campaigns also depend on a number of other factors such as the message sent, the discount/ offer included and the segment of customers it is being sent to.

After running a number of WhatsApp marketing campaigns with Auric, we found that the right mix of context, purchase motivations and how you communicate with the customers, can get 1 in 6 customers placing an order.

With QuickReply.ai, Auric is able to do more sales via offline modes of 1-to-1 selling using WhatsApp marketing. As stated by the team, the app has now become a crucial part of their marketing strategy to meet their daily sales goals.

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