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Abandonment Protector

About Abandonment Protector

Abandonment Protector is an app created by Chilliapps. It is the most reliable email marketing platform to grab the attention of your website visitors and convert them into customers. The app is feature rich, and it has no hidden fees. It is super easy to use and it comes with prebuilt workflows with targeting rules which will help you boost your marketing strategies in no time! The Abandonment Protector app is available in English, Français and Español. You can create pop ups and emails even in French and Spanish using predesigned template galleries available.  

Confused on how to get started? Feel free to contact via email or schedule, team of experts will assist you with anything you need.

How does Abandonment Protector work?

The Abandonment Protector app provides you with simple yet powerful tools which can be used to create email marketing automation based on your customer's behaviour. The app has mobile friendly and customizable pop ups which can expand your email lists. You can win customers and keep them coming back to your store using unique email sequences available in the app. The app is always compliant with the international anti-spam laws such as CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR.

Take a look at these amazing features!

Popup forms

There are multiple beautiful pre-designed templates available in the app from which you can choose the best fit for your store. You can customize any template within minutes using the Popup and email editor.  

You can create popups using predesigned workflows!

  • When a visitor opens your website, you can display a Welcome message.
  • You can display Coupon Popups with Exit Intent Technology.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Popup.
  • Newsletter subscription forms.
  • Announcement bar to showcase important news to your website visitors.

Automated follow-ups / Email sequences

Based on your customer’s behaviour, you can create and automate your email marketing using the brilliant predesigned workflows available in the app. These tools are really easy to use and you can get your work done in less time.  

Whenever your customer is eligible to receive a new message, the app has a system which looks at all the enabled campaigns. It then identifies the ones that best match your customer’s behaviour, to send the highest priority message.

You can create email sequences using the following workflows.

  • Abandoned checkout recovery
  • New offers for abandoned checkouts
  • Pending orders
  • Order receipts
  • Thank you email
  • New offers for completed orders
  • Purchase feedback
  • Newsletter welcome
  • "Follow us" on social networks

Newsletters / Email marketing

The app has a powerful segmentation tool using which you can create your mailing lists in minutes. It is extremely easy to use. The app also provides an extensive library of interactive email designs. You can choose the best template, edit them and use it for your store. Match it with the theme of your online store and guide your customers.

Why you should get this app?

Super simple set up – You can get started with the app in no time with the help of tutorial videos and explanations for every feature during the process.

Support for Entrepreneurs – Once you install the Abandonment Protector, you get access to a FREE plan. This will be linked to the paid subscription of "Upsellkit" App. Once you accept the installation of the "Upsellkit" from the App Store, the free plan will be made available to you.  

Analytics - Detailed stats is available for every campaign you send. You can track sends, delivery rates, bounces, spam reports, link clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and a lot more. Measure each campaign’s performance and optimize your next one to get better results.

Pricing options

Monthly plan - $8 a month.

Annual plan - $6 a month.

If you are looking to convert most of your website visitors into lifelong customers, Abandonment Protector is a must have app for your store. The app is FREE to install and it comes with a free trial for 30 days. Get the app now to try out the amazing features!

Unbox WOW!

Just started using the app and really appreciate the friendly and helpful service from Nallely! I was referred to Abandonment Protector because it received great results from a friend but it took me a moment to get set up. Spoke to customer service about it and Nallely was to the rescue. She went over the features and provided helpful tips along the way. Thank you!


This app is very very powerful if you know how to use it. I have recovered soo many orders with it. For any questions or problems, the support is very fast. I recommend it!

Embal'VERT l'emballage alimentaire réutilisable

Very pleased with the service from Nallely and the programming wizards. Proper phone calls so we didn't have to mess about playing email ping pong. I have great pop ups now. The other thing I love, is.. it is easy to edit the templates and stick your own text and colours in, really great. Thanks Chilliaps!
10 X Customers
AI Chatbot
Resolve Queries Faster
with pre - trained ecommerce bots.
as simple as editing Instagram profile. Chatbot Chatbot
Happy Customer
at reduced cost

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