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How Meadbery Drove 74x ROI From CTWA Ads

This Indian health and wellness brand earned Rs 3,57,583 by spending only Rs 4,831. All thanks to CTWA ads.


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Dhiraj Jindal Profile Picture
Dhiraj Jindal
Founder at Meadbery

The Meadbery Story

Meadbery is an Indian health and wellness brand specializing in supplements that cater to various health needs. They focus on creating products with natural ingredients, ensuring they are free from common allergens and artificial flavors. Their range includes specialized supplements for detoxification, like their popular Liver Detox product, as well as multivitamin gummies for kids.

Meadbery Liver Detox
Meadbery's hero product

When it comes to price, they've hit the sweet spot with an average order value around Rs 500. And who's loving Meadbery? They've got a foothold in India's Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, catching the eye of the young at heart, especially those 50 and above.

Meadbery's Tryst with CTWA Ads

Understanding Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Click-to-WhatsApp ads allow brands to run promotions on Facebook and Instagram. However, instead of directing the audience to a website, CTWA campaigns aim to ignite a conversation between potential customers and the business on WhatsApp.

Meadbery CTWA Ad
One of Meadbery's CTWA Ads

Though there is a lot of chatter among the marketing folks about CTWA ads and their potential, only some know the scale and the numbers they can bring in. Its interactive nature and ability to facilitate two-way communication in a traditionally one-directional advertising format have significantly enhanced engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and sales.

How Meadbery Leveraged CTWA Ads

Meadbery knows its stuff when it comes to reaching out to customers. Their star product? The Liver Detox Shield. It's all about helping folks tackle liver issues like fatty liver disease.

In a country like India, where consumers are hesitant to buy medical products online, Meadbery played it smart with Click-to-WhatsApp (CTWA) ads. Instead of saying, "Hey, Buy this," they chose, "Hey, let's chat!".

CTWA Case Study

Here's a peek at what Meadbery's CTWA ad looks like.

Their CTWA ad has the following elements -

  • Use of Hindi language in the caption for wider reach and a clear-cut copy highlighting the benefits of their product
  • A video narrates how our grandparents' generation was way fitter than ours, how it's because of the food we eat, and how our livers are affected by it. And they pitch how their product can solve this issue.
  • A clear CTA - The voiceover inside the video and the click button both have the same Call-to-Action, i.e., to send a message on WhatsApp. It's like starting a friendly conversation rather than making a hard sell.
Meadbery CTWA Ad Breakdown


Collecting Phone Numbers, 1 Click At A Time

Here's what happens when users get curious and click on a Meadbery ad – they're whisked away to WhatsApp. When they land, a pre-filled message is zipped to Meadbery.

Meadbery's QuickReply.ai-powered chatbot jumps into action, greeting the user with a warm, personalized message.

And here's a nifty twist – the chat mixes Hindi and English, making it feel more like a friendly chat than a business transaction. It's a nice change-up from the all-Hindi ad.

This message isn't just friendly chit-chat, though. It deep dives into what makes Meadbery's products so special. But wait, there's more! The user then gets to play a bit. They're invited to click on one of the Quick Reply buttons – it's interactive, engaging, and keeps the conversation flowing.

As soon as they hit one of those buttons, it's like stepping through a portal – they're on their way to buying the product, all within the confines of WhatsApp. There is no need to jump through hoops or switch apps. It's all right there, in one smooth flow.

Meadbery Whatsapp Screenshot

Not Just Sales, Engagement + Sales

So, what happens if someone's almost ready to buy a Meadbery product but then, well, doesn't? That's where a bit of human magic comes in. If a prospect hesitates and doesn't finish their purchase, it's not the end of the story. A Meadbery agent gives them a call. It's all about making that personal outreach.

See, when it comes to buying vegan and organic alternatives to the usual allopathic medicines, people often have a bunch of questions. They're curious, maybe a bit unsure. That's why these follow-up calls are so important. It's a chance for customers to have a real conversation, get their questions answered, and feel more confident about their choices.

This approach goes beyond what you'd get from a standard Facebook or Instagram ad, which sends you to a website. This approach makes prospects feel like having a friend guide them right to their WhatsApp, where they can chat, ask things, and get a feel for what they're buying. This blend of personal touch and direct communication worked for Meadbery.

Spends and Returns: The Big ROI Question

Using Click-to-WhatsApp ads was a smart financial move, too. This approach didn't just catch people's attention; it also helped the brand build a solid list of 5,280 potential customers. These folks can be targeted later with tailored WhatsApp messages and campaigns at a fixed cost.

Using Click-to-WhatsApp ads turned out to be a smart financial move too. This approach didn't just catch people's attention; it also helped the brand build a solid list of 5,280 potential customers. Contrast this with traditional Meta ads where Meadbery would just have collected pixels. Just this shift in strategy is worth Meadbery’s overall spends.

And let's talk about the results! In just 15 days, these ads brought in 214 new orders. That's a total earning of Rs 3,57,583, which is impressive considering they only spent Rs 4,831. We're talking about a return on investment (ROI) of 74 times!

Meadbery's Whatsapp Analytics Dashboard
Meadbery's WhatsApp Game Plan

More importantly, a total of 947 chats were initiated between Meadbery and its audience. A fat portion of this pie would eventually buy too, once Meadbery’s agents have answered their questions.

It's worth noting that these numbers include interactions from various buttons like 'Ingredients,' 'How to Use,' and 'Buy Now.'

Here's a kicker – the first message sent to prospects on WhatsApp had a 41.80% click-through rate (CTR) and a conversion rate of 6.20%.


Meadbery's successful utilization of Click-to-WhatsApp Ads (CTWA) is a testament to the effectiveness of interactive and personalized marketing. By aligning their CTWA strategy with QuickReply.ai's easy-to-customize flows, they showcased how direct engagement on WhatsApp can dramatically boost sales, especially in a market like India, where consumers prefer personal interaction before purchasing health products.

Their campaign, blending local language nuances and relatable content, led to a remarkable increase in orders and a high return on investment, proving that WhatsApp is not just a messaging platform but a potent tool for conversion-centric marketing. This approach of balancing technology and personal touch offers a playbook for brands aiming to deepen customer connections and drive sales in the digital ecosystem.

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