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Custom Fields

Metafield Editor & Page Builder: Tabs, Sliders & so much more!

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Custom Fields

About Custom Fields

Custom Fields lets you do so much more than Shopify’s Metafields. The app is trusted by more than 10,500 stores for all their custom fields needs. Since 2016, the app has been a favourite amongst Shopify merchants.

Do you want to add more fields apart from a simple HTML description and you don’t know how to do it? Do you have specified data points that you require to manage?

Custom Fields’ up-to-the-minute features make it a hit among Shopify merchants. It is advanced, extensive, adaptable and clever. The app can do everything necessary for the Shopify stores, hassle-free.

  • We work for every thinkable field type from rich text to references.
  • Install our Chrome Plugin and control your data right in Shopify's forms.
  • Comfortable Import & filtered Exports.
  • Integration with Shopify's Bulk Editor
  • You can even edit the already existing Metafield, created with another app.
  • We have an amazing support team, to make sure you are satisfied with us. Contact us in case of any problem. You can also provide your feedback as we strive to improve ourselves always!

Major Features

Page Builder

We provide Prebuilt widgets such as accordions, tabs, product references, sliders, image galleries and many more. You can personalize in code or use just the way they are.

Proven Stability and Scale

Many popular brands that use Custom Fields include Polaroid, Fossil Watches, and Death Wish Coffee. You just have to focus on expanding the business. We will add more fields when your Shop grows.

Code and Template Generation

The app generates theme code and templates to help you start. Our built-in code editor helps you edit code for fast updates and modifications.

Sections Enabled

Our latest widget system & our present field system are integrated into Shopify's theme editor. Create flawless layouts that are backed by metafields and effortlessly customized in code. In fact, Custom Fields has powered the design of the site.

Hassle-free import and powerful export

You can easily manage and sync your data. Import in bulk using our bulk upload. Plus, tweak exports with our robust filter system.

For smart store owners

Build structured fields to save and showcase your custom data points.

The app will get underway as soon as you install the app. Set it up once and you don’t have to worry about it again. Have queries regarding the installation process? Follow our set by step tutorial and get going. The installation is super easy with just one click.

You can use our FREE file image and hosting. Additionally, take advantage of our fabulous image editor, the same one that Shopify uses.

Create Custom Fields for anything including Products & Product Variants, Orders, Collections, Pages Blogs, Customers, Global/Shop (for use anywhere)

For top-grade Shopify Designers and Developers

Our app is free till your development store is actually up and running.

Secure your field setup and reduce bad data entry with data validation and field settings that only need to be set up once per type. Say adios to defining over and over again or remembering what the "key" was for a field.

We get search results in real-time whenever possible. No old results.

Files are hosted on Amazon S3 for durability and scaling. We don’t charge any extra cost to you.

Dependable and Enterprise-ready. Custom Fields is used by Polaroid, Fossil Watches, Death Wish Coffee and other name brands.

Get started quickly with convenient snippets of code for every field, customized to whatever field type you created and named it specifically. Do just one thing- copy and paste.

Visit our Help Center to check out articles and guides.

Utilize extensive format options: * Images – includes image editor * HTML fields – includes a WYSIWYG editor * File uploads – make PDF's, Word docs, and other files available for instructions or other product documentation * Embed codes – Youtube, Vimeo, javascript snippets, etc. *Dates – time, in any format . \* Field Groups * Links * Select lists * Checkboxes * Radio buttons * Number lists * Text fields * Emails * Phone numbers * Numbers

Leverage Custom Field references: * Product reference * Collection reference * Article reference * Blog reference * Page reference

Integrates with Google Chrome (Browser Extension)


Génial ! La meilleure application du Store Shopify ! Elle permet de personnaliser ses fiches produits en quelques clics, ses collections ... Je l'utilise notamment pour avoir une fiche produit plus complète et plus "sexy" que les simples champs de base de Shopify. Quant au support, rien à redire, l'équipe de Bonify est au top et est toujours disponible pour nous aider.

Douglas Lynn

This was exactly what I was searching for! My current theme wouldn't allow for tabs and customization like I wanted and this solved the problem. Easy to use and great support too!

Dance ED Tips

We are launching a brand new website and so many of its amazing features are thanks to the Custom Fields app. We even needed help getting a few things ready on certain pages and their support team was quick and efficient. They were able to...
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