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MarketingDirect marketingFirepush SMS, Email Marketing
Firepush SMS, Email Marketing

Firepush SMS, Email Marketing

Email & SMS marketing. Push notifications. Cart recovery

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Firepush SMS, Email Marketing
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What do you know about Firepush?

Firepush is the complete marketing automation platform for your Shopify store. Hundreds of Shopify Plus stores, such as Pura Vida Bracelets and Intelligent Blends trust and use Firepush to run their businesses successfully. Firepush is an all-in-one package with 3 major channels in one: SMS, Email and Web Push in a single dashboard. Using this app, you can reach your customers easily. The Firepush app boosts your sales and helps you retarget customers by sending automated email, web push, SMS marketing campaigns. Firepush seamlessly integrates with Loox ‑ Photo Reviews, Growave ‑ Reviews, Privy, PageFly, GemPages and SMS.

How does the Firepush app work?

You can connect your Shopify store with the app and get started within minutes. Set up and installation is extremely easy. Firepush app helps you to increase conversions and sales through its unique features. So, what are web push notifications? They are nothing but instant messages which you can through the web browser to your customers. Even if your customers are not on your website, they can receive messages via push notifications. SMS messages will be delivered straight to your subscriber’s mobile phone through a cellular network.

Why should you get the Firepush app?

Improve your conversion rates!

The Firepush app boosts your conversion rates using abandoned cart SMS reminders and emails across all channels. By doing this, you can also capture would-be shoppers. Use the app now to re-engage your shoppers by sending SMS, Email and Push notifications. This brilliant app lets you send a sequence of 3 automated Emails, SMS or push notifications – which is a strategy proven to work.

Consistently drive more sales

The Firepush app makes it extremely easy for you to send promotional SMS, Email and Push notifications to your customers about special offers or latest products. You can also retarget your customers with SMS. Upselling and Cross-selling has been made super simple with Firepush.

Customers’ lifetime value increased with SMS, EMAIL, Web Push

Firepush app helps you improve your service and also retain customers for a lifetime. Wondering how? You can use ‘win-back customer’ texts, creative EMAIL campaigns to extract more value from your existing customers. This also helps you in increasing their lifetime value to your Shopify business.

Reports and Analytics

Firepush app has special tools for analytics which does not only tell you what is happening, but also why it happened. You can use this data to further optimize your campaign’s performance next time.

Subscriber growth tools

The Firepush app also offers you with high quality tools for growing your subscriber list quickly, by also being fully compliant with GDPR and TCPA.

Effective targeting through segmentation

Firepush app provides intuitive segmentation tools that help you to target highly specific audiences in a single click. It's very easy to send email and SMS to your subscribers using the app.

What’s in it for you?

Firepush app is already being used by hundreds of Shopify Plus stores. Given below are some of the benefits.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Priority support
  • Free migration
  • Personalized strategic sessions

What types of web pushes/SMS messages can you send?

  • Abandoned cart SMS alerts
  • Welcome SMS messages
  • Order SMS confirmations
  • SMS Delivery updates
  • Promotional SMS messages
  • New product launches
  • SMS Review requests
  • SMS Wish list pushes
  • Special offer SMS countdown or price drop messages
  • Loyalty SMS discount messages
  • Back in stock SMS notifications

What are the Email capabilities?

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Bulk email delivery
  • Win back customer emails
  • Reward new customer emails

What are the pricing options?

Free plan – Up to 100 web pushes.

Basic plan – From $15 a month.

Pro plan – From $29 a month.

If you want your Shopify store to win big and drive sales, get the Firepush app today. Around 20,000 Shopify stores are using Firepush across 130 countries all over the world. Install the FREE app now and use the 14-day trial version to know more about the fantastic features. What are you waiting for? Download Firepush and build your success story today!


The best customer service ever! The app is also fantastic !!!! Easy to use ! Good experience ! Customer support is very pro.

The Noble Caballero LLC

Great app all around! They offer so much in this one app such as order confirmation, web pushes, promos creation, refund confirmation, etc. for both SMS and email. It is well worth the purchase.

Dari Mooch

i used this app for web push. excellent service their customer support is top notch. I have had a recent experience with increasing web push messages, and i get great rate and help.


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