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Sales and conversionUpselling and cross-sellingLanguage Translate ‑ Transcy
Language Translate ‑ Transcy

Language Translate ‑ Transcy

Translate store in multi languages, GEO auto currency switcher

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Language Translate ‑ Transcy
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What is Transcy all about?

Are you a Shopify store owner looking for a language translation app? Transcy app is the perfect fit for your business. It is a top-rated Shopify Translation and Auto Currency Converter app. The Transcy app helps you translate any type of content into multiple languages. Transcy is a lot more than just language translation. You can also use the app to convert currency based on your visitor’s location. This way, you can build a store that supports multiple languages and sell your products in multiple currencies. To increase the quality of language translation, the app makes use of the best services from Google Translation API and Shopify Translation API. Transcy app flawlessly integrates with Ali Reviews, Shipping Bar, Reviews Widget, Language API, Convert Currency API and Google Translate.

Here’s why you should get Transcy!

Super simple translation

The app lets you translate and manage your store easily into different languages so that you can reach multilingual markets. This will help you to increase sales.

  • Transcy supports over 100 languages. Translate your store into multiple languages now, with integrated Google Translation and Shopify Translation native API. This ensures high quality translation.
  • The app lets you manually edit the translation content manually and manage all translations in a single place effortlessly.
  • Without even preparing your dictionary, you can instantly translate content.
  • Transcy makes the migration process so easy from Weglot, Langify, LangShop and other apps.

Smarter, faster and bulk translations

Transcy has exclusive third-party app features to translate any content in front-end apps such as Reviews, Notification, Pop ups, Shipping Bar, Mega Menu etc.

Image Translation  

  • Transcy is the one and only Translation app which lets you translate the homepage banner, product images, image with text section, etc. It helps you convert text and makes the translation process easier.
  • You can also add specific image for every translated version of your store's content.

Auto Update Language Translation

  • Do you want to save your valuable time and effort? Don’t worry. An exclusive feature called Auto Update Language Translation helps you to refresh your translation content. It also daily updates your store content.
  • The app detects and translates the latest products and content automatically for your store within minutes.

Currency Converter  

  • The Transcy app provides the best currency converter service for you. It supports over 167 currencies and uses live exchange rates. This feature lets you use exchange rates in the native currencies to engage more shoppers.
  • In just one app, you will be able to use both the Convenient Language Selector and Automatic Currency Selector for your Shopify store.
  • Based on the visitor’s geolocation, the Currency switcher automatically modifies and switches currency price.  
  • You can send a bold currency converter notification to your shoppers before checkout.
  • The Transcy app is seamlessly integrated with Shopify Payments to support multi-currency during checkout.

Friendly Language Converter and Auto Currency Changer  

  • This is an exclusive feature to make sure it fits your store themes.
  • Auto-detect mobile/tablet device feature is available to display responsive language switcher and currency.
  • The language translator and currency converter appears in the header bar of your store which acquires your choosing positions.

24/7 Customer Support

  • Transcy app is available in:
  • English
  • French (Traduire, Traduction, Langue, Devise)
  • German (Übersetzung, Sprache, Währung)
  • Spanish (Traducir, Idioma, Moneda)
  • Portuguese (Língua, Moeda)
  • Italian (Lingua, Valute)
  • Russian (язык, валюта)
  • Turkish (Dil, Para)
  • Dutch (Vertaling, Taal, Valuta)
  • Japanese (言語, 通貨)
  • Chinese (翻譯, 语言, 货币, 本地化)
  • Arabic
  • Colombia
  • Hebrew
  • Hungary

Pricing options


Starter – From $17.90 a month.

Essential - From $39.90 a month.

The Transcy – Language Translator is FREE to install. Use the free plan to see the app in action. What are you waiting for? Download the app now and try out the fantastic features!

Oslo Apparel

It's the best translation App I have used. Really intuitive and easy to use. The integration works really well and the help Support is excellent.

Kamala Stores

Easy to Use app with good translation engine as well and Great Support team easy to work with. Offered additional Features to help my store


The interface is very simple. The setting is more user-friendly. I compared several translation apps of shopify. It is the most convenient to operate. But its highest price package is also the most expensive. If you do the market in many countries, it is very suitable. Overall, this is an excellent service, thank you.


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