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Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Product Reviews App - Photo Reviews, Ratings, Referrals & UGC

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Loox Product Reviews & Photos

What is Loox all about?

Loox is one of the leading reviews and referrals app in Shopify. Loox can create an amazing Social Proof that will look great on your website.

Loox is a fully-featured product review app. It helps small and large businesses to collect customer reviews with photos automatically and also displays joyful customer content. Thousands of Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants use the Loox app to setup reviews plugin easily to create a sense of trust, increase word of mouth and referrals, and drive customer retention and sales. The Loox app has verified reviews and photo reviews which can be a great asset for you to increase brand awareness and boost conversion rates. The app integrates with Klaviyo, Recart, PushOwl, Google Shopping, Aftership, Facebook tab and pixel.

Brilliant Features Specially Designed for You!

  • Loox app is available in English, French (Avis) and 15 other languages.
  • Loox has a world-class customer support team made available for you 24/7.
  • You can import reviews and photos from any source easily. AliExpress reviews importer can be used to import in one single click. The app has built in imports from Yotpo, Judge.me, Stamped, Ali Reviews and many other apps.
  • Customization and branding – You can define your email timing, review form questions, widget colors, looks, font, size and position.
  • Moderation – It is up to you to decide which product reviews get published when.
  • Reply to reviews – You can also add a public response to published customer reviews.
  • Textual product reviews – Loox lets you submit a review without a photo, but it provides you with the option to add it later.
  • Inline SEO – You can display product reviews and ratings on search results with Rich Snippets available in the app.
  • You can use Google Shopping to display ratings, reviews and photos.
  • FB pixel – Custom and look-alike audiences of happy customers. You can measure what actions people take on your online site.
  • Happy Customers page – You can show off all your product reviews in one place
  • Loox app is compliant with the GDPR.
  • The Loox app is agency friendly app, you can contact the team for any details.

Why should you use Loox?

Customer Reviews and Social Proof can be very powerful!

Potential customers always get help from others for an opinion, when they are considering making a decision. Customers can gain a sense of trust from social proof, especially photo reviews and user generated content. High growing brands and businesses have started using social proof in every stage of the customer funnel. The Loox app makes the entire process simple and easy.

Easy Email Campaigns

Original product reviews are gathered by Loox by using smart and fully customizable review request emails.

  • You can schedule by delivery time or order status.
  • You can offer a discount for photo reviews.
  • You will be able to review request reminders.
  • Loox lets you send review requests up to 3 months back upon installation of the app.

Customizable Product Review Display

The Loox reviews app for Shopify provides merchants with beautiful and attractive widgets which can be used to showcase happy customer content.  

  • The Loox app has galleries in list/grid layout, product review carousels, photo reviews popups, and review sidebars.
  • It looks great on any theme, it is mobile-friendly and 100% responsive.

Loox Discounts and Referrals

With discounts and referrals available, you can sell more with the Loox app. Use photo review incentives and referral discounts to motivate word of mouth purchases. Also bring back repeated customers to your store.

  • Post-review and post-purchase referral requests are available in the Loox app.
  • You also get discount codes for photo reviews.
  • Use the app to increase brand discovery via social media and Google Shopping.

Different plans offered:

Basic – From $9.99 a month.

Advanced - From $29.99 a month.

Pro - From $59.99 a month.

Unlimited - From $99.99 a month.

Loox app is free to install. It also has a 14-day free trial. Download the app now and try out the amazing features! Get Loox now to turn your happy customers into the best marketers!

The Solution Skincare Company

So easy to use and looks great. Very happy with how easy it is to send reviews to customers and for them to complete them.

Lebanon Candle Company

Amazing app! I have collected so many reviews using it and customer service is top notch! I highly recommend this app. If you're debating on adding this app and need to really see how it works look at our website and under the customer reviews. www.lebanoncandle.com

JerseyBird Customs

Loox is the best review app out there. Easy to use, fully customizable, and a support team that is very helpful. The automations, different ways you can display reviews, and overall ease of use are what make this app great. I would definitely recommend Loox to any store owner!

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