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Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals

Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals

Customer loyalty program: points, rewards, tiers and referrals

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Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals
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About Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals

LoyaltyLion is a top-rated loyalty provider for Shopify stores. Thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs have shown their trust in the app to boost customer retention and engagement.

The award-winning app is a favourite of popular stores like Vitabiotics, Astrid & Miyu, Skinnydip and Lively to connect and speed up marketing endeavours. The app helps in maximising revenue from current customers.

LoyaltyLion helps you design points and referrals programs effortlessly! Easily bestow points for:

  • Purchases
  • Sign-ups
  • Referrals/ refer-a-friend
  • Social media follows, likes and tags
  • Birthdays
  • Custom activities
  • Site visits
  • Reviews

Award the customers with not just discounts, but also offer them to redeem loyalty points for:

  • Free or discounted shipping
  • Percentage of money off vouchers
  • Advance access to VIP sales
  • Free products
  • Custom rewards

Key features

Rewards, Referrals and points

Give away loyalty points to customers for purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions, birthdays, reviews, referrals, SM likes, follows and tags.

VIP Loyalty Program

Design and use customer retention programs to boost growth. Create the programs as you like. The app supports customisation. Give away points to customers seamlessly. There is technical knowledge needed.

Free plan

We offer a free plan to online stores which includes up to 800 orders each month and limitless loyalty members. Start creating your loyalty and referrals programs from today!

Major Advantages of the loyalty program

  1. The app helps you boost repeat purchases by awarding points to customers for on-site activities.  
  2. Keep adding new customers through our inbuilt feature of refer-a-friend and review to referral emails.
  3. Increase your social media presence by awarding points for SM follows, shares and likes.
  4. Motivate satisfied customers by rewarding points for happy reviews.
  5. Keep a tab on the data regarding the loyalty program.
  6. We offer loyalty tiers for your brand’s most faithful customers.
  7. Personalise to match the heart and soul of your brand through a widget or a totally integrated page.  
  8. Motivate customers to come back with loyalty emails within LoyaltyLion or through an ESP.
  9. Reward subscriptions
  10. Your rewards program and POS and can integrated totally.

Loyalty Programs for Shopify Plus

Do you know what’s amazing news? Our app is Shopify Plus certified and the only loyalty app that comfortably integrates with all the features available in Plus. Our app integrates with all the important tools such as:

  • ESPs such as Klaviyo, Omnisend, Ometria, etc.
  • Reviews providers including Loox, Okendo, Reviews.io, Stamped, Yotpo, etc.
  • Helpdesks such as Gorgias, Re: Amaze & Zendesk
  • Many other tools including ReCharge Payments, SMSBump, Plobal, Glew.io
How to choose the correct plan for yourself?

We offer a free plan that works perfectly fine for businesses that process less than 400 orders every month. Design a personalised  rewards program without paying for anything! Additionally, it is optimised for all devices such as mobile phones, desktops, POS, etc. Let the customers fetch and redeem points for visits, signups, and purchases.

Many stores using our free plan usually add individual enhancements as soon as their store sees success. You can enjoy the enhancements for 14 days free of cost after installing then it is added to your loyalty program for a meagre monthly fee. Reach out to us at help.loyaltylion.com. We also provide customer support via Email and other modes. 

We can customise the programs for you through LoyaltyLion’s paid plans. Just let us know!

 Don’t waste a minute and start your loyalty program with points and rewards. If you have any doubts visit our website or reach out to one of our team members. You can also join the LoyaltyLion Academy!

Integrates with ReCharge, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, stamped.io, Loox and zendesk.


Loyalty Lion is a great App. Everything went very easy. The customer service is on point and the onboarding managers had an answer for every problem.

Urth (Canada)

Amazing, would highly recommend it if you are wanting to set up a points/rewards system for your customers. The customer service team is extremely helpful aswel!

Grow Organic

Our onboarding experience was great. Ellie was very helpful in getting our questions answered and we were up and running in no time. There was a little glitch on the slider disappearing after our developer had installed the code, but your support was great to get it loaded again.


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