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Sales and conversionCustomer FeedbackSale Kit ‑ Sales Pop Up
Sale Kit ‑ Sales Pop Up

Sale Kit ‑ Sales Pop Up

SOCIAL PROOF, SCARCITY, Sales Pop, Promotion Popup, etc.

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Sale Kit ‑ Sales Pop Up
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All About Sale Kit!

Developed by Qikify, Sale Kit is a Shopify expert app which is simple yet efficient. The app provides you with powerful solutions for Social Proof and Urgency. Sale Kit has the perfect tools you need, to help you boost sales, reduce abandoned cart rates, and build trust in your shoppers. Qikify has around 35000+ active customers, and is dedicated to help you increase your conversion rates and enhance your store design. Sale Kit is trusted by lots of merchants to run their businesses successfully.  

Why should you choose Sale Kit – Sales Pop up?

Powerful tools to boost sales

The Sale Kit app provides the following essential tools for you:

  • Sales pop
  • Visitor counter
  • Cart countdown timer
  • Announcement bar
  • Pop-ups
  • Social Proof
  • Promotion Bar
  • Scarcity

You can be a new store, or an established brand, Sale Kit will help you in the best way possible. If you are a new store, take as much as possible from the app: optimize your entire store management process, boost conversion rates and build a sense of trust in all your store visitors and shoppers. This will encourage them to purchase from you. You can get all this done – without any coding skills.

Simple & customizable campaigns

Setting up a new campaign is super easy. The Sale Kit app provides a simple and intuitive interface through which you can quickly create social proof, urgency, announcement bar, countdown timer, and newsletter popup. You can use the different themes and templates available to creatively display your social proof. The app also lets you display sales pop information by importing real-time data or customizing manually.

Free plan available for all apps!

There’s no limitation when it comes to Sale Kit. You can use all apps you need such as Social proof, Urgency, Scarcity etc for FREE until you feel that their potential performance has been reached.

Sale Kit – Tour of Available Features:

1) Create Social Proof with Recent sales pop

Do you want to build trust and trigger every customer’s FOMO?  

Sales Pop (Social Proof) is exactly what you need. Increase your brand’s credibility and awareness by showing recently purchased orders of customers. You can either create your own data or choose specific products to promote sales pop and boost your new store.

Online visitor count notifications (Social Proof)

Show your customers how popular your store is, by customizing the number of visitors at a specific time. Seeing more visitor count will motivate visitors to buy from your store.

Sold count notifications (Social Proof)

Build and increase trust in your customers by showing the number of recent successful orders.

2) Create Urgency & Scarcity  

Fear of missing out (FOMO) triggers most customers today to buy products. Take this to your advantage and create a sense of urgency and scarcity. This will motivate your visitors to buy and checkout quickly.

Cart countdown (Urgency, Scarcity)

Do you want to create scarcity and nudge your customers to quickly check out? Sale Kit app lets you show countdown timer on the cart or show a sticky timer on all your pages. This will create urgency and customers will buy immediately.

Announcement bar (Urgency, Scarcity, Promotion)

You can create 3 types of promotion bars with Sale Kit app.  

  • Announcement bar – You can use this to deliver messages to your customers  
  • Countdown bar – Before the offers end, motivate your visitors to make a purchase.
  • Newsletter bar – Using this feature, you can collect emails from your visitors.

3) Increase Engagement  

Sale Kit app helps you collect more leads and promote your campaigns.

Newsletter popup (Collect email)

To collect customer’s email and phone numbers, you can create a newsletter popup. This will help you to contact them in the future for your promotion and campaigns.

Discount popup (Promotion)

Coupon codes are always exciting to customers. Using the app, create a coupon code popup which will urge customers to check out more.

Exit popup (Engagement)

Whenever a customer is about to leave your store, show an exit popup with a discount code. This will make them stay a while longer and make a purchase.

4) Pricing options

  • Free plan
  • Starter plan – From $4.99 a month.
  • Basic plan - From $12.99 a month.
  • Growth plan - From $39.99 a month.

If you are looking to increase your store’s sales using social proof, Sales Kit is a must have app for your business. Download the fantastic app now and use the FREE plan to try out the amazing features. Using the app, create Sales Pop, Scarcity, Announcement Bar, and Popup for FREE!!

ELEMEN Athletic Wear

Easy to use, and a bunch of different styles and options! I am sure it will help close many future sales.


I used this app to help me boost conversions and so far I am loving it! Highly rcommend if you own a small business and looking for that extra help!


GOOD APP. Thank you for this app this app makes it very easy to build trust for the customers. So they buy faster from your shop.


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