Gupshup vs - Why Is The Best Alternative To Gupshup

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Gupshup vs - Why Is The Best Alternative To Gupshup

When’s the last time you received WhatsApp messages from your favorite brands? 

Most probably today or yesterday. That’s how common it is for eCommerce brands to use WhatsApp to communicate with customers.

Moreover, customers prefer WhatsApp to interact with brands, too. Why not? It’s fast and they can get quick, short notifications. 

But to send promotional and marketing messages, brands have to use the WhatsApp business API.

With so many options available, how do you know which is the best WhatsApp business API provider?

That’s what we’ll talk about in this blog. We take a comparative look at as the best alternative to Gupshup. vs Gupshup: Why is the best alternative to Gupshup

In this section, we compare the features that and Gupshup offer to eCommerce businesses using the WhatsApp Business API and their technologies.

1. Advanced segmentation features

According to Forrester, 71% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized experience. 

So, if you're looking to offer personalized products, services, or shopping experiences in your eCommerce store, the first thing you must do is know your customer. 

Once you know your different types of customers based on demographics, etc., you must segment them into different categories so that you can approach them with personalized campaigns. 

The WhatsApp tool you use for your Shopify store must have advanced capabilities to help you with segmentation and thus, personalization. And this is where earns more points over Gupshup.

  • enables you to create personalization for each individual customer based on their persona
  • The app helps with customer segmentation based on behavioral profiling (customers’ actions and behavior on your website). This helps create different personalized campaigns for each segment
  • Automates sending personalized order updates to keep customers engaged
  • enables you to track campaigns and optimize to increase conversions
  • Send WhatsApp broadcast messages to up to 100k customers per day

2. One inbox, access to multiple teams

For eCommerce stores, it’s important for the different teams and departments to work in collaboration. And for that, a key aspect is access to customers’ interactions with your brand.

For example, if a customer reached out to your customer support team with a product query, the conversation should remain recorded in such a way that your marketing team can also access it.

This is where the capabilities of come in. The app provides a collaborative way for multiple team members to use the same number. This way, multiple teams have access to customers’ interaction history and can chat with the same customers. This makes the app one of the best alternatives to Gupshup.

This collaborative access has many advantages:

  • Teams can manage campaigns better
  • Clear communication between customer and your teams
  • Saves time as all the information is in one place
  • Makes things simpler and less confusing
  • Helps avoid repetition and errors
  • Faster response time to customers

3. Broadcast messaging and notifications

Worldwide, 50 million businesses use WhatsApp to interact with customers. It’s the best way to send out broadcast messages and ensure a 99% open rate. 

If you’re not using WhatsApp to communicate with customers, your competitors are definitely using it. 

The number of messages you’d need to send out depends on your business, the purpose, and your contact list, too. 

The only problem, while WhatsApp favors organic messaging, it doesn’t allow bulk messaging by businesses. Your WhatsApp contact number will get banned if you send unauthorized bulk WhatsApp messages. 

That’s why you need an efficient WhatsApp business API provider like Here are the advantages of the platform:

  • Automate and schedule messages
  • Send bulk messages for different purposes
  • Personalize messages and send them in bulk to different segments
  • Monitor and track bulk messaging performance
  • Automate regular messages such as order status, etc.
  • Enable chatbot customer support for fast responses and resolutions

4. Enable customer opt-in feature

Sending WhatsApp messages to customers who haven’t opted-in to receive your messages could backfire. Customers might block your number and/or report it as spam.

To make it easy for customers to join your WhatsApp list, QuickReply provides a built-in opt-in feature. The tool enhances customers’ experience and ensures you send messages only to those customers who opt-in, avoiding spam. 

Here’s how this feature helps:

  • Set up opt-in for customers
  • Send automated welcome messages to customers
  • Easily manage your WhatsApp list

5. Helps with drip campaigns

As your business scales and the number of customers increases, it can get difficult to keep a track on every customers’ actions. That’s why you need to automate tasks for your eCommerce store.

One of the reasons is considered to be a good Gupshup alternative is the app’s capability to help in managing drip campaigns.

When customers take a specific action to your WhatsApp message, you have to be ready with the response or your next step in driving the customer to your goals. That’s where setting up drip campaigns helps.

With, you can automate sending multiple messages, for example, abandoned cart messages, follow up messages, automated responses, etc. 

What is more, you can even set up discounts and deals based on customer actions so as to drive them to your goals. ticks off more use cases than Gupshup does for drip campaigns. For example, you can include product images, videos, etc. in your WhatsApp messages for better recall and appeal. 

6. Improves customer support team productivity

When you enable WhatsApp communication with customers, your customers may reach out for different purposes. And it’s possible that the customer support team may need to forward the query to other departments or get other team members involved.

At such times, if the different departments in your company work in silos, it would be extremely difficult to bring everyone on the same page. Customers might have to repeat their queries every time a new team member chats with them. This is not only time-consuming but also frustrating for the customer.

This is another area where wins over Gupshup. Here’s how:

  • QuickReply enables all team members to see customers’ data and chat history
  • Multiple team members can use the same number to chat with customers
  • Multiple team members can have access to the inbox and hence, know the chat history
  • This features brings clarity and keeps confusion away
  • Improves speed and efficiency of team members
  • Improves productivity and efficiency

One reason is considered as the best alternative to Gupshup is because it makes customer support more streamlined and team members more productive. 

7. Automate messages with built-in chatbot

Customers expect to receive responses instantly. But it’s practically impossible for your customer support team to be available all the time. That’s where helps to make two-way conversations efficient. 

The app’s built-in WhatsApp chatbots support many use cases. For example, customers might have simple questions, which do not require responses from a human. In this case, an automated chatbot can respond with pre-set answers. 

Moreover, you can have 24/7 customer support with the built-in chatbot. Let’s look at some other use cases and the different built-in chatbots provided by, making it one of the best Gupshup software alternatives. 

  • Welcome
  • Product browsing
  • Discounts
  • Shipping charges
  • Order tracking
  • Order cancellation
  • COD option
  • Payment options
  • Contact 

8. has competitive pricing 

As your business scales over time, your WhatsApp contact list is going to get bigger. You’ll have to send more messages. And this will also add to your marketing and communication costs. 

So, you require a WhatsApp business API provider that allows you to scale your business without worrying about the costs. Or else, it could significantly add to your marketing costs.

This is another reason why is a better Gupshup alternative. allows you to send WhatsApp messages to unlimited contacts, and has different plans to cater to a wide range of merchants.

Here’s a look at the pricing plans of for using the WhatsApp Business API: 

9. enables better customer engagement

In the eCommerce space, customer engagement is the buzzword, and rightly so. If you don’t engage your customers, other brands will. And you might lose customers. 

Customers too, expect brands to engage them in various ways and give them excellent customer experience. 83% of customers expect immediate engagement when they get in touch with brands. 

And so, it’s critical to have a WhatsApp business API provider that enables engagement opportunities. That’s where tops Gupshup, and here’s how:

  • automates timely updates and alerts
  • Abandoned cart reminders 
  • Useful for drip campaigns
  • Offers discounts and deals
  • Provides 24/7 support
  • Supports all types of media - image, video, PDF, etc.

Choose the best WhatsApp business API solution provider for your Shopify brand

You undoubtedly want to have the best WhatsApp business API provider on your Shopify store. And by now you’d agree that is the best Gupshup alternative.

If you’re using Gupshup or any other WhatsApp solution and looking to migrate to, you can reach out to

Book a demo or contact for more information.

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