Top 5 BusinessOnBot Alternatives In 2024 (In-Depth Review)

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Are you facing issues with BusinessOnBot and looking for a WhatsApp marketing tool that offers advanced features at a reasonable price then this blog is for you. It will help online stores choose a mature and economical WhatsApp marketing tool that is better than BusinessOnBot. We have covered, Wati, Interakt, Gallabox, and Superlemon so that you can choose the best one out of these options. This blog will provide the necessary details to compare these tools effectively, ensuring you make a well-informed decision to enhance your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Understanding BusinessOnBot

BusinessOnBot helps D2C brands streamline their marketing efforts on WhatsApp, offering features such as chatbots, automated messaging sequences, and the capability to send messages in bulk. This India-based firm has the backing of Y Combinator.


  • D2C Focused
  • Omnichannel support
  • Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce Integration


  • Suitable only for e-commerce stores.
  • No chatbot builder
  • No dead audience filtering to boost ROAS.
  • Basic chat panel. No option to add tags or notes to customer chats.
  • No auto assignment of chats during non-business hours
  • The Shopify plugin is charged separately.

Top 5 BusinessOnBot Alternatives in 2024

BusinessOnBot provides WhatsApp marketing software services specifically designed for D2C brands, incorporating features such as customer segmentation and smart automation to support brand growth. While it serves as a useful tool, there are certain functionalities where it falls short. This review explores the top 5 alternatives to BusinessOnBot that provide more advanced features at a competitive price, making them popular choices among brands in 2024.

These alternatives have been selected based on their ability to offer advanced marketing capabilities that exceed those provided by BusinessOnBot. We will examine each option in terms of their enhanced feature sets, user interface, integration capabilities, and overall value for money. The aim is to offer clear insights into how these tools can better meet the evolving needs of D2C brands, facilitating more effective communication strategies and improved customer engagement through WhatsApp. This comparison will help you determine which tool aligns best with your marketing objectives and budget constraints. takes the top spot for its advanced features, excellent customer support (rated 4.9 stars on Shopify), and transparent pricing. It's focused more on solving the problems of D2C brands with WhatsApp marketing—for example, executing the entire buyer journey within WhatsApp, building complex workflows and chatbots based on custom requirements, and filtering out dead audiences to boost ROAS. Turn window shoppers into devoted customers by creating personalized, meaningful conversations that resonate. How? By getting to know each buyer using behavioral profiling.

1 -  Product Browsing Abandonment Recovery: A significant hurdle for e-commerce businesses is the high rate of website visitors who show interest in products by viewing them yet leave without taking action, such as adding items to their cart. This represents a missed opportunity for brands to engage with potential buyers at a crucial moment in their purchasing journey. built a new feature, Product Browsing Abandonment Flows, via WhatsApp to address this. This feature allows marketing teams to retarget visitors on WhatsApp, even if they haven’t added a product to their carts - the only caveat is that they must have shared their phone number and consent to be contacted on WhatsApp.

To learn more about this feature, check out our blog on - Introducing Product Browsing & Add-to-Cart Abandonment Flows via WhatsApp

2 - Dead Audience Filtering: Dead Audience Filtering helps brands get a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by ensuring your campaigns reach only those audience members who actively engage with your content and have a higher likelihood of conversion. Before launching your campaign, this feature lets you exclude non-responsive, inactive, or duplicate accounts from your broadcast list. Moreover, it aligns with maintaining the health of your WhatsApp account by adhering to WhatsApp's stringent guidelines against spam, a necessity in light of Meta's recent updates aimed at reducing unsolicited messaging.

Consider this scenario: Your brand specializes in eco-friendly apparel, and you're preparing to launch a new line. Utilizing Dead Audience Filtering, you target your announcement to consumers who have previously engaged with your content, perhaps those who have made purchases or regularly interact with your brand on WhatsApp. This precision in targeting increases the effectiveness of your campaign.

3 - Unified Inbox with Advanced Features for Agent Productivity: offers a clean chat panel where multiple agents can work together in sync with enough context to resolve queries quickly. One major issue pointed out by former BusinessOnBot customers was with their chat panel. Here are the common problems faced by the brands using BusinessOnBot -

  • Agents can not add tags or notes to the chat to provide better context. For example - the agent might not know whether the user came after an abandoned checkout or has a query about cash on delivery.
  • Chats don't get auto-assigned to agents during non-business hours, so they are more likely to go unanswered or get lost in the pile.
  • Source attribution is missing here, so the agent doesn't know whether a user has come from a WhatsApp widget, Click-to-WhatsApp ads, Broadcasts, or any other campaigns.

4 - Chatbot builder - has pre-built chatbots for almost every eCommerce industry and can be used by anyone looking for an easy way to build an interactive online shopping experience for their customers. This capability lets you provide instant 24x7 customer support and bag more sales. Also, you can create a custom bot from scratch in minutes without sitting down with the account manager, unlike BusinessOnBot. For example, if a customer asks on WhatsApp to cancel the order, a BusinessOnBot chatbot will reply with something basic like "Thank you for your query. We will get back to you." But with, you can build an entire flow based on different use cases. In this case, not only will QuickReply's intelligent chatbot ask the customer about the issue and its reason, but it can also offer a discount if the issue is price. This level of customization is only possible with

5 - A/B Testing of Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Campaigns - In e-commerce, it's just as important to boost sales from existing customers as it is to bring in new ones. Smart marketers use A/B testing to determine the best ways to recommend additional products. QuickReply helps them streamline this process, making it easier to see what other items might appeal to customers as much as their first purchase.

Imagine you've got a bunch of customers who just bought necklaces from your online jewelry shop. You're thinking, "Hey, maybe they'd like a bracelet or earrings to go with that." So, you use QuickReply to send out two types of messages to test the waters. One batch gets the scoop on your bracelets, and the other hears about your earrings.

The earring message hits the spot, with a whopping 80% of those folks deciding to buy, compared to 55% for the bracelets. This little experiment gives you a clear winner and a solid game plan for your next move. Now you know that earrings are the way to go for the necklace-loving crowd, and you can craft your upcoming campaigns with this insight. Less guesswork, more sales – just like that!

6 - Two-way Campaigns: WhatsApp is more of a 2-way conversational platform, not a one-way communication platform like SMS, where brands keep sending messages without any response from the other side, especially in growing economies like India. Two-way campaigns facilitate just that. But with a chatbot builder, this becomes possible. For example, a customer comes on WhatsApp from your website's product page and has a query. Using's smart chatbot builder, you can build a workflow that helps with their queries. In case of something complex, the chat gets transferred to an agent with enough context for what the lead is looking for. BusinessOnBot, on the other hand, offers a basic chatbot, which is not ideal for brands looking for complex workflows.

7 - WhatsApp Catalogue Recovery: Picture this: a customer browses your WhatsApp catalog and adds a bunch of bananas to their cart, but then, for some reason, they don't check out. Instead of letting those bananas—or any other product—slip away, an automated message reminds them, "Hey, you forgot some gems in your cart! Take another look." This kind of prompt is friendly and helpful, making it more likely they'll jump back in and complete the buy. It’s a simple, automated way to boost sales and connect your customers to their choices.

8—Revenue Attribution: takes the guesswork out of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns by providing detailed analytics that matters. With the platform, you're not just collecting data but gaining insights to drive your business forward. The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) feature allows you to see exactly how your ad spend translates into sales, ensuring your marketing budget is always an investment, not just an expense.

9—Partial Payment for COD to Prepaid: Since brands with high Average Order Value (AOV) require their customers to pay a partial payment amount upfront before dispatching the Cash on Delivery (COD) products, facilitates brands' sending a partial payment link to convert their COD orders to prepaid. This helps brands reduce RTO, NDR rates, and fake orders, which can cost brands a considerable sum in the long run.

10 - Messages on Lead Change Status in the CRM (LeadSquared & Zoho)

Staying on top of lead status changes can be a juggling act for sales teams. You want to ensure your team is on it and ready to take action when a lead gets hot. But if they’re not updated in real-time, a potential sale might just slip through the cracks.

That’s where WhatsApp notifications come into play. Imagine this: as soon as a lead’s status updates in your CRM, whether it’s LeadSquared, Zoho, or any other system, your sales team gets a buzz on their phone. They can see if a payment link has been sent and whether it led to a sale or if the lead went cold. This quick heads-up means they can jump on a call, send a follow-up message, or maybe send a little nudge if needed. It's all about ensuring no lead goes unnoticed and no sale is left hanging.


Another BusinessOnBot alternative is Gallabox, which helps businesses increase their lead generation and sales numbers using WhatsApp. With their services, you can set up chatbots to handle inquiries and have a team inbox so multiple staff members can jump in on customer conversations.

  • Shared inboxes for team collaboration.
  • Automated chatbots for efficiency.
  • CRM integration for a unified customer view.


  • The setup process can be complex for new users.
  • The chat analytics are a bit basic and could do with a deeper dive into metrics to really understand customer interactions.
  • The product catalog feature is missing, hindering your brand’s ability to showcase your products directly in the chat.


Interakt is tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises and is one of the most budget-friendly options among the official WhatsApp Business solution providers.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Automated WhatsApp messages for efficiency.
  • Team inboxes for collaborative customer support.


  • WhatsApp Chatbot is missing. A major drawback since most WhatsApp API platforms, like, offer WhatsApp Chatbot integration.
  • Initial setup and user segmentation can be challenging.
  • Response time for customer support is slow, as pointed out by customers.


SuperLemon is a Shopify plugin that facilitates rapid and straightforward customer support via WhatsApp. It helps boost referral sales and provides both automated and manual notifications for cart recovery, as well as updates on orders and deliveries.


  • D2C-focused
  • Simple setup for a quick start.
  • Basic features suitable for small-scale operations.


  • Limited advanced features for scaling businesses.
  • Less focus on personalized customer engagement.
  • Poor Shopify reviews by customers


Wati is a WhatsApp Business API solution provider that facilitates customer engagement, sales, and marketing conversations on WhatsApp. It's designed to help businesses automate conversations and manage customer interactions effectively.


  • Broad functionality catering to various business types.
  • Automation capabilities with chatbots.
  • User-friendly interface for managing customer conversations.


  • Limited personalization for D2C brands.
  • Support is available only through e-mail and chatbots.
  • Pricing can be a barrier for small businesses needing advanced features.


So, if you are a D2C brand looking for a WhatsApp marketing platform, stands out for its deep understanding of D2C brand needs, personalized support, and cost-effective pricing. Its superior Shopify integration and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and drive sales through WhatsApp.

While alternatives like BusinessOnBot, Ai Sensy, Interakt, and Superlemon have their merits, they each come with limitations that adeptly addresses. For D2C brands aiming for high-level customization and direct customer engagement, offers the most comprehensive and tailored solution in the market, making it the preferred choice for businesses looking to capitalize on the power of WhatsApp marketing.

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