Contlo Pricing : Are These Plans Good For You?

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This blog is a review of Contlo's pricing plans. By the end of this review, you’ll know what you get in each of these plans. You’ll also learn about some gaps that may hinder your business operations. The aim is to help readers with sufficient information so that they can make informed choices. Contlo claims to offer a central engagement hub for varied digital business models.

So, let’s dive in!

💡Before we dive in, some important info - Contlo nearly doubles your pricing for any plan if you want to couple your mobile apps with websites. So if you want to subscribe to “Growth”, their base plan, you’d have to shell out 500$ vs 250$ without mobile app. Similarly, you’d have to shell out 800$ for their “Pro” plan if you want app coverage vs 500$ without app coverage.
A snapshot of Contlo’s pricing plans for websites only
A snapshot of Contlo’s pricing plans for websites only


A snapshot of Contlo’s pricing plans for websites + apps
A snapshot of Contlo’s pricing plans for websites + apps

Contlo’s Growth Plan

1. Email Credits:

  • Contlo: 100,000 email credits.
  • Competitors: Typically offer unlimited email sends (e.g., Mailchimp, Sendinblue), which is more favorable for high-volume senders.

2. Segmentation and Automation:

  • Contlo: Up to 15 live segments and 10 live automations.
  • Competitors: QuickReply, HubSpot and Sendinblue offer unlimited automation workflows with more advanced conditional logic and segmentation capabilities, providing greater flexibility and customization.

3. Content Creation and Support:

  • Contlo: AI-driven content generation, email, and chat support with resolution within 48 hours.
  • Competitors: QuickReply & HubSpot provides phone support, comprehensive onboarding services, and a dedicated account manager at similar or slightly higher price points, enhancing customer service quality and user experience.

4. Multichannel Communication:

  • Contlo: Supports Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Web push.
  • Competitors:  HubSpot offer additional channels like social media management, which is crucial for a holistic digital marketing strategy.

5. Analytics and Development Tools:

  • Contlo: Basic analytics and a drag-n-drop email/form builder.
  • Competitors: HubSpot and Mailchimp provide more advanced analytics, A/B testing, and customizable reporting features that help in deeply understanding campaign effectiveness.

6. Additional Tools and Integration:

  • Contlo: 200+ native integrations, 360° view of customer activity.
  • Competitors: HubSpot boasts over 500 integrations and also offers advanced CRM features integrated with their marketing platform, which are beneficial for in-depth customer relationship management.

Gaps in Contlo's Offering

Based on the comparison, several gaps can be identified in Contlo’s features at the $250 price point:

1. Email Credits Limitation:

  • Many competitors offer unlimited sends which can be more attractive than a fixed credit system, especially for businesses looking to scale communications without incremental cost.

2. Customer Support and Onboarding:

  • The absence of a dedicated account manager and only basic onboarding assistance might make it challenging for businesses without prior marketing platform experience to maximize the use of Contlo. Competitors' offer of phone support and dedicated personnel could be more reassuring and helpful.

3. Advanced Marketing Features:

  • Contlo’s basic analytics and automation may not meet the needs of businesses looking for deep insights and highly customized user engagement. Competitors’ offerings of advanced analytics, detailed campaign reporting, and extensive A/B testing fill this gap.

4. Communication Channels:

  • The lack of integrated social media management tools is a significant gap since platforms like HubSpot include these, allowing companies to manage all digital marketing centrally.

5. CRM Integration:

  • While Contlo offers a 360° view of customer activity, its CRM capabilities may not be as robust or seamless as those provided by platforms that integrate CRM deeply with marketing services (e.g., Salesforce integration with email marketing on HubSpot).
💡 If you are big on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook advertising, check out QuickReply. Its built for engagement on Meta channels. Categories like e-commerce who need deeper Meta workflows typically like to deploy specialist platforms like QuickReply who boast of deeper integrations with supporting tech stack like Shopify and Meta Ads.

Contlo’s Pro Plan

1. Email Credits and Automation:

  • 250,000 Email Credits
  • Up to 50 Live Segments
  • Up to 30 Live Automations
  • These allocations allow for extensive segmentation and automation capabilities which are ideal for mid to large-scale operations needing to manage complex customer journey mappings and interactions.

2. Content and Support Enhancements:

  • Content Generation using Brand AI
  • Priority Support (including an Account Manager and Monthly Business Reviews)
  • The inclusion of an account manager and strategic reviews significantly enhances customer support, providing businesses with tailored guidance and actionable insights.

3. Advanced Communication Tools:

  • Voice Call Integration
  • This feature, which is not commonly included in basic plans of competitors, allows integration of voice communications into the customer interaction strategy, broadening the scope of engagement channels.

4. Advanced Analytics:

  • Standard Analytics (Basic Analytics + RFM + Cohorts)
  • The addition of RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value analysis) and cohort analysis provides deeper insights into customer behavior, enhancing strategic decision-making based on customer lifecycle segmentation.

5. Omnichannel Communication:

  • Omnichannel Agent Inbox: WhatsApp, Email, Voice Call & Instagram
  • This comprehensive communication setup ensures that all customer interactions, regardless of channel, are managed centrally and seamlessly, enhancing customer experience and service efficiency.

6. Onboarding:

  • Advance Onboarding Assistance (one-time)
  • Improved onboarding support ensures that businesses can effectively implement and utilize the platform from the start, reducing the learning curve and potential setup hitches.

Comparison with Competitors at $500 Price Point

HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Sendinblue Offerings:

  • Unlimited Email Sends: Competitors often offer unlimited email sends, which might be more appealing than a capped credit system.
  • Advanced Automation and Segmentation: Similar or sometimes more advanced functionalities with easier customization and additional triggers/actions based on user behavior or other integrative data points.
  • Integrated CRM Features: Competitors especially HubSpot, integrate deep CRM features seamlessly with marketing platforms, providing superior data utilization and customer interaction capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: More advanced than Contlo’s standard analytics, including predictive analytics, detailed customer journey analytics, and extensive reporting features.
  • Extended Multichannel Support: Competitors typically include more channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, facilitating a truly comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Offering 24/7 support, dedicated success managers, and in-depth periodic reviews that go beyond just monthly business reviews.

Gaps in Contlo's Pro Plan Offering

Based on the comparison, the following gaps can be identified in Contlo’s Pro Plan features:

1. Limitation on Email Credits:

  • The email credits are generous but still capped, which may not suit all businesses, especially those looking to conduct high-volume campaigns frequently.

2. CRM and Integrations:

  • Lacks deeper CRM functionalities that are integrated with marketing efforts as seen with platforms like HubSpot, which might hinder businesses that heavily rely on CRM-driven strategies.

3. Channel Limitations:

  • While Contlo includes several key channels, the absence of full social media integration (like Twitter, LinkedIn) limits the scope of direct marketing and customer engagement through these popular networks.

4. Advanced Support Features:

  • Despite offering advanced onboarding and an account manager, the support might still fall short compared to the 24/7 support systems with more comprehensive technical and strategic help offered by some competitors.

5. Advanced Analytics:

  • Contlo’s enhancement on analytics is a step up but still lacks behind in offering predictive insights and real-time data processing capabilities that competitors might offer, which can significantly empower proactive business decisions.

Contlo’s Pro Plan at $500 a month offers robust features suitable for mid to large-sized businesses with complex needs particularly in terms of segmentation, automation, and omnichannel communication. However, when considering competitors at this price point, the plan might fall short in areas like email send limits, advanced CRM integration, comprehensive channel support, and the depth of analytics and customer support provided. Businesses should weigh these factors based on their specific needs and the value these features bring to their marketing and customer relationship strategies.

Contlo’s Enterprise Plan

Contlo's Enterprise Plan, priced at $1000 a month, is designed for large-scale businesses that require extensive marketing tools and personalized support to manage and enhance their customer engagement strategies effectively. This plan includes advanced features and support options, tailored for organizations needing high-level capabilities in automation, analytics, and integration.

Features of Contlo's Enterprise Plan

1. Email Credits and Automation:

  • 500,000 Email Credits
  • Unlimited Segments and Automations
  • These features allow for extensive and highly customized marketing campaigns, suited for businesses with large customer bases.

2. Content and Support Enhancements:

  • Content Generation using Brand AI
  • White Glove Support (including a Customer Success Manager and Weekly Business Reviews)
  • Dedicated support and frequent strategic reviews ensure that businesses can continuously optimize their marketing efforts and receive prompt, tailored assistance.

3. Integration and Onboarding:

  • Integration with Third-Party Mobile App Builder
  • Facilitates the creation of mobile apps that can integrate smoothly with marketing efforts, particularly useful for businesses focusing on mobile-first strategies.
  • Advanced Onboarding Assistance + 1 Month Campaign Assistance
  • Comprehensive support from the get-go ensures that businesses maximize their platform use without significant teething problems.

4. Advanced Analytics:

  • Advanced Analytics (Standard Analytics + Event Tracking + Conversion Funnel Builder)
  • These analytical tools offer deep insights into customer actions and campaign effectiveness, allowing businesses to finely tune their funnels and strategies.

5. Benchmarking:

  • Content & Design Benchmarking
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • These features are crucial for businesses to understand their market position and optimize their content and strategies based on data-driven insights.

Comparison with Competitors at $1000 Price Point

HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Sendinblue Offerings:

  • Email Sends: Competitors at this level often offer unlimited email sends which is advantageous for businesses that engage in frequent, large-scale campaigns.
  • CRM and Marketing Automation: They provide deeply integrated CRM systems and highly sophisticated automation capabilities that may offer more triggers and actions than Contlo's offerings.
  • Advanced Multichannel Marketing: Includes comprehensive social media tools, ad management, and personalized customer journey options.
  • Superior Analytics and Reporting: Offer predictive analytics, comprehensive real-time reporting, custom dashboards, and more extensive data processing capabilities.
  • Dedicated Support and Consultation: Often include dedicated personnel (like a success manager), 24/7 support, and in-depth consulting services that cover all aspects of marketing and sales strategies.

Gaps in Contlo's Enterprise Plan Offering

1. Email Credits Limitation:

  • Although 500,000 credits are substantial, the cap might limit very high-volume senders, whereas competitors offer unlimited sends.

2. Advanced CRM Features:

  • Contlo focuses more on marketing automation and analytics but may not offer as robust CRM features as competitors like HubSpot, which could integrate sales, customer service, and marketing more seamlessly.

3. Integration Capabilities:

  • While integration with a mobile app builder is highlighted, broader integration capabilities with ERP systems, other third-party apps, and custom API functionalities are often crucial at this level and might be more comprehensive in competitors.

4. Comprehensive Multichannel Support:

  • Missing elements might include advanced social media tools and ad integration which are crucial for holistic digital marketing strategies.

5. Predictive and Real-time Analytics:

  • Competitors might offer more advanced analytics features, including AI-driven insights, real-time adjustments, and more detailed predictive analytics that can anticipate market trends and customer behaviors more accurately.

6. Enhanced Support:

  • Competitors typically offer more than just campaign assistance, extending into continual strategic advice, technical support, and proactive account management that might outpace Contlo’s white glove support in breadth and depth.

Contlo’s Enterprise Plan at $1000 a month provides robust tools and support for large businesses, particularly those focused on utilizing extensive email campaigns, advanced segmentations, and integrations. However, when measured against competitors in the same price bracket, the plan might fall short in areas like unlimited email sends, integrated CRM capabilities, broader channel support, and the depth of analytics and real-time data usage. Businesses should consider these gaps critically, especially if their operations require intricate multi-channel strategies and deep data insights to drive decisions.

Wrapping up

Contlo's suite of plans—Growth, Pro, and Enterprise—present a well-structured tiered offering that caters to businesses of various sizes with escalating scales of marketing needs. Starting at $250 for the Growth plan, businesses are equipped with essential tools like email credits, live segmentation, and automation capabilities, but might find the offerings slightly limited particularly in terms of email volume and advanced features when compared to competitors such as HubSpot or Mailchimp. At the $500 Pro level, Contlo enhances its support and analytics services, introduces voice call integrations, and provides more comprehensive onboarding assistance, making it a strong contender for mid-sized businesses looking for robust marketing automation tools with good support systems.

However, the $1000 Enterprise plan is where Contlo aims to offer a complete solution with half a million email credits, unlimited segmentation and automation, advanced analytics, and premium support including a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Despite these extensive features, there are noticeable gaps especially when it comes to the flexibility of unlimited email sends offered by competitors, deeper CRM integration, and broader multi-channel capabilities which are critical for holistic marketing strategies at large enterprises.

Overall, while Contlo provides a competitive array of features across its plans, businesses should weigh these against their specific needs considering potential limitations in email volume, CRM capabilities, and real-time, predictive analytics insights which are pivotal for driving sophisticated, data-driven marketing strategies in today's digital landscape. The decision to select Contlo should be informed by a consideration of these factors in the context of the enterprise's operational demands and strategic goals.

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