Introducing Broadcast Auto-Retry Feature: Recover Failed Messages Automatically

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Meta recently introduced frequency capping on WhatsApp to enhance the platform experience for users and reduce spam. Before this change, brands often overwhelmed users with excessive marketing messages. According to's analysis of over 600 customers, open rates on WhatsApp had dropped to 60%, a significant decrease from previous highs of 98%.

This over-messaging was not just annoying for users but also detrimental to brands, leading to broadcast message failure rates climbing as high as 90%. Brands found themselves in a challenging situation, with no effective way to manage this significant issue affecting the entire ecosystem.

Understanding Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is a user-centric feature introduced by Meta to improve the WhatsApp experience by controlling the number of marketing messages a user receives within a specified period. For example, following this update, a user might receive messages from only a certain number of brands (e.g., 20) within a rolling 7-day window. The specifics of this window are dynamically determined by Meta and are not disclosed to businesses to safeguard user experience.

This boundary is not static; Meta continuously adjusts it, encouraging businesses to craft their messaging strategies more thoughtfully and effectively. This adaptive approach requires brands to be strategic in their outreach, ensuring that each message is meaningful and aligned with user interests.

The Challenge for Brands

The introduction of Meta’s frequency capping presented a major hurdle for marketers. WhatsApp broadcasts had been a powerful tool for driving big numbers, especially during festive campaigns like Diwali, Holi, and other significant events. These campaigns relied heavily on timely and effective communication to boost sales and engagement.

Marketers now faced a twofold challenge: adhering to Meta's new regulations while ensuring their messages still reached their audience. The high failure rates meant that many campaigns were rendered ineffective, resulting in wasted time, effort, and resources. The frequency capping severely restricted the number of messages that could be sent, drastically reducing the reach of these campaigns.

Previously, during festive seasons, brands would bombard users with a multitude of offers and promotions to capitalize on the increased consumer spending. However, with the new limitations, these messages often failed to reach the intended recipients, causing a significant drop in engagement and sales. The festive campaigns, which were once a surefire way to boost revenues, were now falling apart.

Manual intervention to track and resend failed messages was not only tedious but also inefficient, leaving marketers in a constant struggle to maintain campaign effectiveness and ROI. The process involved identifying which messages had failed, manually resending them, and ensuring compliance with the frequency capping limits—all of which consumed valuable resources and time.

This situation demanded a solution that could automate the resend process, ensure compliance with Meta's regulations, and still maintain high engagement and delivery rates. Solution: Broadcast Auto-Retry Feature

To address these pressing issues, we developed the Broadcast Auto-Retry feature. This innovative functionality is designed to automate the process of managing failed message deliveries, ensuring that your campaigns run smoothly and your messages reach their intended audience.

Introducing Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry Feature

Key Features

  1. Retry Setup: Marketers can now configure up to three retries for their broadcast campaigns directly on the Test & Schedule Page. This feature ensures that if a message fails due to temporary issues, it will be automatically retried without manual effort.
  2. Retry Configuration: The new "Retry on Message Failures" section allows you to easily set up retries, specifying intervals in days or hours. This flexibility lets you tailor retries based on your audience's engagement patterns.

3. Post-Broadcast Retries: Add retries to completed broadcasts with failed contacts, ensuring no message is left behind. This feature maximizes the reach of your campaigns by giving every message multiple chances to be delivered.

4. Detailed Stats: Access comprehensive statistics for each retry, including "Delivered" and "Failed" messages. These insights help you understand the effectiveness of your retries and make data-driven adjustments.

5. Clone Support: When cloning a broadcast, all associated retries will be cloned as well, simplifying the campaign setup process. This feature saves time and ensures consistency across campaigns.

Benefits for You

  1. Automated Resends: Save time and reduce manual effort by automatically rerunning failed broadcasts. This automation ensures a smoother, more efficient campaign process.
  2. Improved ROI: Higher delivery rates lead to better campaign performance and improved ROI. By ensuring your messages reach their audience, you maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.
  3. Enhanced Engagement: Ensure your audience receives your messages, improving overall engagement and satisfaction. This feature helps you build stronger relationships with your customers by maintaining consistent communication.
  4. Compliance and Efficiency: By complying with Meta’s frequency capping and reducing spam, user satisfaction improves, leading to better overall engagement with your brand.

Practical Application and Ease of Use

  1. Set Up Retries: On the Test & Schedule Page, add retries under the "Retry on Message Failures" section. This setup is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to all marketers.
  2. Configure Intervals: Specify the retry intervals, ensuring they are at least 24 hours apart to comply with best practices. This flexibility allows for optimization based on audience behavior.
  3. Monitor Progress: Track the delivery and failure stats for each retry in real-time. This feature provides valuable insights and allows for quick adjustments to improve campaign effectiveness.
  4. Edit or Delete Retries: Modify or remove retries before they run, and pause/resume retries as necessary to maintain control over your campaigns. This control ensures that your campaigns remain agile and responsive to changing conditions.

Smart Retry: Let AI Handle The Complex is excited to introduce the Smart Retry feature in its continuous effort to enhance your marketing campaigns. This advanced AI-driven tool ensures your broadcast messages reach their intended audience by intelligently managing retry attempts. Let's dive into how Smart Retry works and the benefits it brings to your campaigns.

How Does Smart Retry Work?

Smart Retry leverages historical data and real-time analysis to optimize the timing of retry messages. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Historical Data Analysis: The AI engine analyzes historical data in real-time to identify the best days and hours in a week when messages are most likely to be delivered successfully. This includes detailed hourly and weekly delivery trends and the brand’s overall failure-to-delivery ratio versus the messaging volume sent.
  2. Failure-to-Delivery Ratio: The system continuously monitors the overall failure-to-delivery ratio across WhatsApp, providing daily and weekly insights. This helps in understanding when and why messages fail to deliver.
  3. Optimized Retry Windows: Based on the data, the AI selects optimal windows with higher probabilities of successful message delivery. These windows are identified hourly to ensure that retry attempts are most likely to reach the recipient.
  4. Automated Configuration: Users can easily activate Smart Retry via the front-end interface. Simply toggle the Broadcast Retry option and let the AI handle the rest. The feature allows you to set retry intervals, start and end times, and track the progress of each retry attempt.

The heatmap below shows the best times for message delivery, highlighting high deliverability periods throughout the week. By leveraging this data, Smart Retry identifies optimal windows, such as Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings, to ensure your messages are sent when they are most likely to be successfully delivered.

Key Benefits of Smart Retry

  1. Increased Delivery Rates: Smart Retry significantly improves message delivery rates by analyzing historical data and optimizing retry timings.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: Messages sent at the right time are more likely to be opened and engaged, leading to higher customer satisfaction and interaction.
  3. Resource Efficiency: Automation reduces the need for manual intervention, saving your marketing team valuable time and effort.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Detailed statistics on delivery and failure rates provide valuable insights, allowing you to adjust your messaging strategy.

Isaac Luxe's Success with Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry

Isaac Luxe, a leading brand in the health and wellness sector, faced high message failures in their WhatsApp broadcasts due to Meta’s frequency capping policies. By leveraging’s Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry feature, Isaac Luxe was able to recover approximately 50% of their initially failed messages. This significant improvement allowed them to deliver an additional 1,432 messages, enhancing their campaign effectiveness and customer engagement.

For a detailed account of how Isaac Luxe utilized this feature to overcome their messaging challenges, read the full case study here.


The introduction of Meta’s frequency capping presented a significant challenge, but with our Broadcast Auto-Retry feature, brands now have a powerful tool to overcome these limitations. This feature not only automates and optimizes message delivery but also enhances engagement and ROI, ensuring that your WhatsApp marketing campaigns are more effective than ever.

Start using the Broadcast Auto-Retry feature today and experience the difference it makes in your WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Let’s keep your messages reaching your audience and your ROI growing.

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