Whatsapp Broadcast Messages to Increase Sales from Various Customer Segments

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Imagine receiving a promotional message from some eCommerce store that is completely irrelevant to your interest, something very remote from the product you are actually looking for. Annoying, isn’t it?

Or think of how you made a single purchase from a store, long, long ago in the days of yore or whatever, but now you are relentlessly being bombarded by their promotional messages.

In these kinds of scenarios, you will most likely ignore these messages like a pro or if your tolerance gets tested a bit more, you’ll probably block the sender.

The reactions to such messages can vary very much from one person to the next and from one customer segment to the next. This is why you need to segment your customers, and tailor your WhatsApp Business Broadcast lists and campaigns to appeal to these varied groups of customers.

Segmentation lets you focus on the quirks and taste of each segment and understand how to get their attention without seeming too pushy to make a sale - similar to the impact of personalization in communication.

So without further ado, let’s look into how you can use WhatsApp broadcasts for different customer segments - remember, the segments we have covered here are based on a typical online shopping journey of consumers; and it may vary depending on what your business sells.  

How to Use WhatsApp Broadcasts for Different Customer Segments

1. For New Subscribers That Haven’t Made a Purchase

New people who will become interested in your brand or business over time will give you their numbers to subscribe for various updates. Be it to be notified of the ongoing and upcoming discounts, a product that has been out of stock or to just know what you sell, this is a customer segment that hasn’t yet made a purchase from you.

These are new territories for you and them both. They don’t know the value you can bring to them and you don’t know of their purchase preferences.

Approach this customer segment with some irresistible offers using WhatsApp Broadcast campaigns. Promote your ongoing and upcoming discounts, a trending collection or even a first purchase discount to encourage them to buy from you.

Here are a few examples of WhatsApp broadcast messages for this customer segment:

- “Dear {Name}, we are happy to announce FREE SHIPPING for all first orders from our store. What better way to get initiated into our fold of happy customers!”

- “Hey {Name}, this might be the golden deal that you were waiting for! 35% Off on all First orders. Buy NOW using {CODE} and join our fold of happy shoppers!”

2. For Someone Who Made their First Purchase

Now you have here, buyers that have moved past the ‘get to know you’ stage and have made their first purchase. But one purchase does not guarantee that they will return to you for more.  These buyers are just as delicate in their brand choices as the ones who are yet to make the purchase, and could easily be moved to one side or the other.

Their choices in the end might be rooting from the quality of the product or maybe something that isn’t in your control but a major part in making them your own loyal customers lies in your hands. You can make or break the situation here to a certain extent so being strategically alert here is of key importance.

The loyalty of your new customers lies in the value you propose in your WhatsApp Broadcast messages. This should be your main priority; providing irresistible and exceptional value in your propositions.

This is where you need to be the elbow that nudges them to return to your store. And what better way to do it than with a well-made WhatsApp broadcast message reminding them of their first buy, while subtly hinting them about other great products that you have.

Here are a few WhatsApp broadcast examples for this customer segment:

- “Hello {NAME}! Thank you for the first purchase you made! We’re sure you’re going to like our new range of products. There is a 20% discount as well! Check them out today.”

- “Hi {Name}! How are you enjoying {PRODUCT} that you brought from us? If you liked it, check out our new collection of {SIMILAR PRODUCTS} which we believe you will adore. Thank you for shopping with us!”

3. For Customers Who Have Made Multiple Purchases

Some consumers will continue to buy from you post their first purchase. Be it the experience you offer or the value your products/ services bring to them, they choose to buy from you multiple times. While they are most likely to remain loyal to your brand and recommend you in their network, it is also important to keep them engaged.

The WhatsApp broadcast messages you send to this customer segment needs to keep in mind the trust they have shown in you. At the same time, it should also be kept in mind that their needs or expectations may change over time.

Here are some examples of different types of WhatsApp broadcast messages you can send to this segment:

- “Thank You for being a loyal customer! In order to show our love we are giving you exclusively a 25% discount on any Product!”

- “Thank You for being a true and loyal customer! We genuinely care for your experience with us. Would you like to give us feedback on our product and/or services?”

- “Hey {NAME}! Thank you for being a loyal customer. We are inviting you to our loyalty program for exclusive deals and early access products! Welcome to the Family!”

4. For Someone Who Hasn’t Bought From You in the Last 30 Days

These customers are the ones in your WhatsApp Broadcast list who made a purchase a while back from your store - in this case, 30 days; which may be enough for them to have forgotten about that purchase or your store in general.

This happens inevitably to every brand as people have varying interests and could move on to the next best thing, be it consciously or not. But this shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to them with fresh and new deals and products.

You should structure your WhatsApp Broadcast message in a way that's relevant to this particular segment. Here are some examples:

- “Hey {NAME}! Remember the last buy you made from us and how much you loved it? We miss you so we have a sweet 20% Off on your next purchase along with free shipping!”

- “Hello There! We here at {BUSINESS NAME} miss you. Come back to us for a 35% discount on your next purchase. We’ll take care of the shipping charges! Love.”

Sometimes you will need a good follow up for this particular segment of customers to make them come back to you. This is a pretty slick way to get your customer’s attention.  After the messages above, send a follow up message to ensure they have read the first one. Try something like this:

- "Looks like you missed our message, but we won’t let you miss this deal; Grab a 20% off on all our products now!”

5. For Someone Who Hasn’t Made A Purchase In 60 Days

Someone who hasn’t visited your store or bought from you in 60 days, is the least likely to come back to you. This segment of buyers would most likely have forgotten about your brand after having made a purchase a couple months ago, owing to the 5000 ads they are exposed to in the digital landscape.

To reach out and re-engage these buyers, you need to jog their memory instead and encourage a micro-conversion like visiting your store instead of buying from you directly.

Here are a few examples of WhatsApp broadcast messages you can send to this segment:

- “Hey there, We missed you. You have shopped from our Pre-loved Bookstore a while back. We have a great collection of both used and new hardcovers and paperbacks with ZERO Shipping cost. We are inviting you to check them out! Love {STORE NAME}.”

- “Hey {NAME}! Remember the {PRODUCT} that you bought from us. We here at {BUSINESS NAME} miss you dearly. Return to us for an exclusive 30% Off on any purchase you make! Use code {CODE} to avail this exceptional offer. Thank you!”

6. For Someone Who Reaches Out to You For Customer Support

The customers that reach out to you for customer support can be your most loyal customers, those occasional visitors, one time buyers or new customers browsing your store. It doesn’t matter whether they have already completed purchases or not, they have now established a communication channel with you and you can leverage it to get more sales.

Here are some examples of WhatsApp broadcast messages you can use to reach this customer segment:

- “Hey {NAME}! We hope you have received a satisfactory reply from our support team. For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And while you are here, don’t forget to check our Black Friday collection with up to 40% Off!”

- “Hey {NAME}! Sorry for the discomfort caused by the delay of {PRODUCT}! Our team is trying to resolve the issue and we will get back to you in no time. We hope the product will reach you safely. Don’t forget to check our new collection of {PRODUCT TYPE}, which are selling like hot cakes right now!”

Segment Your Customers for Effective WhatsApp Broadcast Marketing!

By segmenting your customers, you can personalize your WhatsApp Broadcast messages to a whole new level.

This way the WhatsApp broadcast messages will be more contextual to the buyer's journey, leading to higher chances of driving more conversions and sales for your business.

But to be able to run segmented WhatsApp broadcast messages, you need a powerful WhatsApp marketing app for your eCommerce Shopify store. That’s where QuickReply.ai comes in.


Q1. What can I do to increase my WhatsApp sales?
Here are seven practical tips for increasing your sales using WhatsApp:With the WhatsApp Business API, you can get an official WhatsApp number.Utilize WhatsApp Web.Share Your Store's URL.Promote Your Company on WhatsApp.Acquire User Loyalty.Send Valuable Content.Take Customer Service to the Next Level.

Q2. What is the benefit of broadcasting on WhatsApp?
Ans: Y
ou can send a message to multiple contacts at once using the broadcast list feature. Broadcast lists are saved lists of message recipients to whom you can send broadcast messages without having to select them individually each time.

Q3. Do people know if they're on a WhatsApp broadcast list?
The primary distinction between a WhatsApp Broadcast and a WhatsApp Group chat is that recipients are unaware of the other people on the broadcast list. Everyone in a standard WhatsApp Group is aware of everyone else in the group.

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