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How Isaac Luxe Recovered 50% of Failed Messages with Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry

Isaac Luxe faced high message failures in their WhatsApp broadcasts. Discover how they used QuickReply.ai’s Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry feature to recover 50% of failed messages.


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Broadcast Retries Setup
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Health & Wellness
Broadcast Failures Auto Retry


Isaac Luxe, a renowned brand in the health and wellness sector, offers a comprehensive range of services and products, from routine skin and hair exams to beauty and cosmetic procedures and the treatment of skin disorders.

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Isaac Luxe ensures patients receive top-notch care and results and is known for providing a comfortable and contemporary environment.

The Challenge

Isaac Luxe faced a significant challenge with their WhatsApp broadcast campaigns: high message failure rates. Recent Meta’s frequency capping updates made the problem even worse leading to more frequent message failures. This impacted their ability to reach their audience effectively and deliver important updates and promotions.

The Solution

Isaac Luxe leveraged QuickReply.ai’s Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry feature to address this challenge. This feature was designed to automatically resend failed messages, ensuring more comprehensive reach and improved campaign success rates. Here’s how they configured their broadcast:

  • Retry Setup: Isaac Luxe set up 3 retries for their broadcast campaigns.
  • Retry Intervals: They configured retries at 24-hour intervals.
  • Post-Broadcast Retries: The retries were added to completed broadcasts with failed contacts, ensuring no message was undelivered.
Isaac Luxe WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign Configuration Screenshot

This setup allowed Isaac Luxe to resend messages to contacts that initially failed, significantly improving their overall message delivery rates.


The impact of using the Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry feature was substantial: Isaac Luxe recovered approximately 50.56% of the initial 2,832 failed messages and delivered an additional 1,432 messages.

Isaac Luxe WhatsApp Broadcast Retries Setup Results
  • Broadcast: Out of 8,276 contacts, 5,163 messages were delivered, and 2,832 failed.
  • Retry 1: Of the 2,810 contacts, 733 additional messages were delivered, reducing failures to 2,038.
  • Retry 2: Of the remaining 2,038 contacts, 337 more messages were delivered, reducing failures to 1,683.
  • Retry 3: Finally, of the remaining 1,683 contacts, 268 messages were delivered, reducing failures to 1,400.


Isaac Luxe’s experience with the Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry feature from QuickReply.ai highlights the importance of automated solutions in overcoming message delivery challenges. By implementing this feature, they significantly reduced message failures, ensuring their communications reached a larger portion of their audience. This improved their campaign effectiveness and enhanced their overall engagement with customers.

Isaac Luxe’s successful use of this feature demonstrates the potential for other brands facing similar challenges to enhance their WhatsApp marketing strategies and achieve better results.

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