AISensy Pricing Plans in 2024|Are these plans good for you?

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We wrote this literature for brands eager to learn about AISensy's pricing plans. Like most software providers, AISensy publicly displays its feature-wise pricing tiers on its website. However, customers often become frustrated when they fail to read the fine print and eventually realize they have received an unfavorable deal.

Decoding AISensy Pricing Tiers

AISensy has 3 plans - Basic, Pro and Enterprise. Basic and Pro have publicly listed price points along with a 14-day trial. Their enterprise plan sits behind a sales wall and you have to get in touch with their Account Executives who will build a custom plan for you, based on your requirements.

Decoding AISensy Pricing Tiers


💡The “1000 Free Service Conversations/month” is a standard industry offer. Almost everybody in the WhatsApp communication category offers 1000 free service conversations. This is because Meta offers 1000 messages for brands to experiment with WhatsApp.

AISensy’s Basic Plan

Their basic plan is good for brands getting on the WhatsApp bandwagon for the first time. It offers a taste of the capabilities of WhatsApp as a medium and AISensy as an enabler of exploiting the medium. However, some categories like eCommerce may find this plan (and the product) to be limiting for the following reasons

  • 10 tags and 5 custom attributes: Just 10 tags and 5 custom attributes are not enough to build a strong personalization program. Personalization needs segments to work and segments in turn, rely on tags and attributes. If you sell 10 products and apply 1 exclusive tag for customers who bought these 10 products, you will exhaust your tag limit and will not be able to build new segments. In our opinion, this is a huge limiter even for small businesses.
  • No out-of-the-box automation: If you run an e-commerce store, chances are that you would be using WhatsApp to deliver messages for abandoned carts, COD to prepaid, order alerts, and repeat purchases. AISensy does not offer these out-of-the-box implementations in their starter plan.
  • No Revenue Analytics: The starter plan does not offer conversion and revenue analytics. The plan offers basic analytics like messages delivered, messages read, links clicked, etc. which does do much for decision-making.
  • No drip campaigns: This plan does not let you set up drip campaigns for your business. You will be limited only to one-and-done campaigns.

What’s good in this plan?

  • Unlimited agent logins: If your business model relies on lead generation, you’ll get unlimited agent seats to interact with these leads.
  • Ability to create chatbots: AISensy offers Dialogflow, a chatbot builder on top of Google’s AI. Mind you, you’ll have to build the bots yourself, AISensy just provides the front-end layer. Also, building chatbots using Dialogflow has a steep learning curve.
💡If you want more firepower in your entry-level plans, check out QuickReply. It offers advanced segmentation, verification (”green tick”), drip campaigns, and conversion analytics in the base plan.
Plus, account support that works. You’ll get a WhatsApp marketing specialist in a dedicated WhatsApp group who’ll do the implementations for you.

AISensy’s Pro Plan

What does the plan offer?

  • 100 Tags & 20 Custom Attributes: Enables advanced contact segmentation and personalized messaging based on specific criteria like purchase history or demographics.
  • Campaign Scheduler: Facilitates the pre-planning of marketing campaigns, optimizing for peak engagement times.
  • Campaign Click Tracking: Measures campaign engagement by tracking link clicks, aiding content optimization.
  • Smart Agent Routing: Directs incoming messages to the appropriate agent automatically, improving response times and customer satisfaction.
  • Campaign Budget Analytics: Provides insights on campaign spending and ROI, supporting smarter budget allocation.

What does the plan lack?

  • No Welcome / Exit Popups or QR Code Scan to WhatsApp options for immediate customer engagement.
  • Lacks Dead Audience Filtering and Promotional Message Frequency Control to maintain communication relevance and avoid message fatigue.
  • Missing automated reminders for welcome offers, cart checkout abandonment, and COD confirmation, key for sales conversion and retention.
  • Does not include Order Alerts or Repeat Purchase Reminders, important for post-sale engagement and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Absent features for collecting feedback directly through WhatsApp, crucial for service improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • No explicit tools for Cross-sell / Upsell opportunities or setting Campaign Exit Conditions, which could help increase average order value and control the marketing funnel.
  • Lacks comprehensive analytics like Conversion Analytics, Engagement Analytics, and Chatbot Analytics, essential for measuring and optimizing WhatsApp marketing performance.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, AISensy offers a robust platform for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to streamline their operations through software. While it provides a valuable set of features and transparent pricing, larger enterprises with more complex WhatsApp use case requirements may find it necessary to explore additional solutions that cater to their in-depth needs.

h:t: Check out QuickReply. It offers depth in WhatsApp use cases evident from the many case studies listed here.

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