Why QuickReply.ai Is The Best Alternative To LimeChat

May 23, 2023

LimeChat vs QuickReply.ai - Why QuickReply.ai is the best alternative to LimeChat

Using WhatsApp for business is no longer just a good-to-have strategy. With the uptick in the number of people using WhatsApp across the globe, it has quickly become one of the leading channels for brands to keep their customers engaged on.

But customer engagement requires timeliness and hence automations to reach the right person, at the right time. That’s where the need for using the WhatsApp Business API comes into the picture; for which you require a solution provider.

In this article, we’re evaluating the two leading WhatsApp Business API solution providers that cater to an ecommerce business’s communication needs - LimeChat and QuickReply.ai.

Why QuickReply.ai is the best alternative to LimeChat for WhatsApp Business API

In the following sections, we compare the features and capabilities of the two WhatsApp Business API solution providers - LimeChat and QuickReply.ai, keeping in mind the requirements of an ecommerce business, their features, learning curve, price and other parameters.

Ease of use and time to get started

If you’re just getting started with using the WhatsApp Business API for automations across marketing, sales and support, you’re ideally looking for an easy-to-use solution provider. This includes both the app interface as well as the learning curve that the solution has to offer.

If you compare LimeChat and QuickReply.ai, you will see that every set up or change required in the WhatsApp automations, requires the former app’s team involvement. It takes anywhere between a few days upto a week for LimeChat to be able to set up the campaigns or the workflows you require.

On the other hand, QuickReply.ai is a clear plug and play solution. With a deep integration with Shopify, the app offers an easy-to-use dashboard. From highlighting the next steps to the features that let you make the most of the WhatsApp Business API, QuickReply.ai makes everything easy to get started with. It takes less than a day for a Shopify store to set up, automate and run their first WhatsApp broadcast campaign or cart recovery WhatsApp reminders.

Use case and purpose addressed

LimeChat is more focused on chat automation across channels and customer support. Their goal is to simplify making use of WhatsApp as one of the channels to offer a conversational approach to offering support and service to online shoppers.

On the other hand, QuickReply.ai aims to solve the complete online shopper’s journey through conversational commerce. From enabling an ecommerce business to run promotions and marketing campaigns using WhatsApp broadcasts to setting up support, abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase transactional alerts, order status and engagement campaigns, QuickReply.ai addresses them all.

Pre-built WhatsApp automation workflows

Similar to popular email marketing tools, having pre-built automation workflows is the fastest way to set up campaigns and keep them running. This is where having a WhatsApp Business API solution provider that comes with workflows is important.

While you can set up different workflows and automations on LimeChat, it does require setting them up from scratch. On the other hand, QuickReply.ai comes with 40+ pre-built chatbot workflows to address the entire buyer cycle that can be further edited to suit your business goals and objectives. Some of the workflows being:

  • Welcome bot
  • Product browsing bot
  • Discount bot
  • Shipping charges bot
  • Abandoned cart recovery bot
  • Order tracking bot
  • Order cancellation bot
  • COD availability bot
  • Repeat order bot
  • Payment options bot
  • Contact bot
  • Transfer bot
  • And more to help set up drip campaigns with ease!

Ready-to-use and editable WhatsApp templates

To set up the above automations for the above workflows - pre, during and post purchase of an online shopper’s journey, you will require setting up high-converting messages; in this case, WhatsApp templates.

With LimeChat, you will have to create new WhatsApp templates based on your campaign type and goal; which then gets sent for approval. While the team at LimeChat assists you with the same, QuickReply.ai makes the entire process even simpler.

QuickReply.ai comes with pre-built, ready-to-use WhatsApp templates. Their WhatsApp template library includes messages for all key occasions that an ecommerce business typically runs marketing and promotional campaigns around - seasonal, celebrations, etc. You can check out all the WhatsApp templates here.

Built-in WhatsApp opt-in tools and widgets

Getting online shoppers to subscribe to a list is no easy task; but getting them to opt in to receiving alerts and notifications on a channel they use for personal communication, is harder. This is where a business is required to employ different tools and tactics to get more WhatsApp opt-ins.

QuickReply.ai comes with a number of tools and widgets to grab WhatsApp opt-ins across a buyer’s journey. From the live chat widget to getting subscriptions from the product page or after checkout, each tool can also be further customized. On the other hand, LimeChat does not come with any opt-in tools; you may require using an additional app or building them out from scratch.

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Advanced customer profiling and segmentation

More than 80% of consumers expect personalization of conversations and communications from brands. They expect brands to personalize their shopping experiences as well as the communication going forward, once an interaction has been made. This is where the importance of learning from consumer purchase behavior and patterns comes into play for better segmentation of lists.

QuickReply.ai leverages AI to proactively segment the consumers in a WhatsApp list based on their demographics, psychographics, purchase patterns, preferences and other similar parameters that define an individual. This helps with better personalization of campaigns.

On the other hand, LimeChat does not enable customer profiling or segmentation; while the tool has the capability to use AI to learn from patterns, segmentation is not their active feature.

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Cost effectiveness of using the WhatsApp Business API provider

LimeChat targets mid size companies and hence offers custom pricing based on which modules of the solution they make use of. This cost typically also includes the set up time and effort of the team to be able to implement the solution based on the business goals and objectives.

On the other hand, QuickReply.ai is an app that is marketing focused and hence offers a lower price to use the WhatsApp Business API. The pricing model is easily scalable, making it a good fit for all sizes of businesses.

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Multi-agent collaboration and shared inbox

As you start to use the messaging platforms for communicating with your customers, the need to rope in more team members may arise. It’s important to maintain timeliness to keep conversations going and that’s where multi-agent collaboration and shared inbox comes in.

Both QuickReply.ai and LimeChat come with the ability to give access to multiple agents and set up a shared inbox. But because LimeChat also caters to other channels, their inbox then consists of conversations from them all, making it a tad bit tougher to keep up with WhatsApp-only chats. On the flip side, QuickReply.ai is focused on WhatsApp alone and hence the inbox is streamlined on the basis of the nature of conversation instead.

WhatsApp Business API automation analytics

To be able to optimize your WhatsApp campaigns for better engagement, you will need to keep a close watch on how your opt-ins interact with the messages and the actions they take after receiving the same. This is where having access to analytics comes in handy.

While both the WhatsApp Business API service providers come with an analytics dashboard, QuickReply.ai offers a comprehensive report on WhatsApp broadcasts, promotions, cart recovery campaigns and other automations. This helps also optimize the campaigns with clear actionables on consumers, engagement type and hence, lead to a better ROI overall from the channel.

Additional information about the WhatsApp Business API service providers

What is LimeChat?

LimeChat is a multi-channel ecommerce communication platform that enables businesses to use channels like email, live chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram for conversational marketing. Their broad level focus is on catering to marketing and support requirements of online businesses across all the channels. They enable the same with the help of chatbots and automations.

What is QuickReply.ai?

QuickReply.ai is a WhatsApp app that enables online businesses to leverage the WhatsApp Business API with a plug and play solution. It is a popularly used Shopify app that helps ecommerce businesses across different industries to set up automations for running broadcast campaigns, follow-ups for customer engagement and retention, abandoned cart recovery, transactions and order status alerts.  

Designed keeping in mind the needs of an ecommerce business, QuickReply.ai comes with the following features:

  • WhatsApp opt-in tools and widgets to grow an owned audience
  • 40+ pre-built ecommerce chatbots for different use cases - welcome, cart recovery, order status, re-engagement and more
  • Smart integrations with Shopify stores, logistics solutions and other marketing apps
  • Ability to customize automated workflows for better customer engagement
  • Plug and play solution to get started within a day
  • Limit of 100k messages per day
  • 24/7 customer support and success for set up

You can get started with QuickReply.ai here or install the Shopify app.

QuickReply.ai vs LimeChat - Which is the best WhatsApp Business API service provider?

We’re firm believers that any ecommerce solution you make use of, should cater to the entire journey of an online shopper. This is where QuickReply.ai wins when it comes to leveraging WhatsApp for business.

From acquisition of customers to keeping them engaged and driving loyalty as well as repeat purchases, QuickReply.ai is built keeping in mind the business goals and objectives of an ecommerce business. With a total focus on WhatsApp, QuickReply.ai is also continually building out features and capabilities that help tap into the platform’s features to enable better marketing for online businesses.

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