The Best Superlemon Alternative for WhatsApp Business API - QuickReply.ai

May 16, 2023

The Best Alternative to Superlemon for WhatsApp Business API - QuickReply.ai

Superlemon vs QuickReply.ai for WhatsApp Business API‍

WhatsApp is empowering online businesses to streamline consumer communication at scale. From using the messaging app for running promotions, marketing campaigns, sales efforts or even offering support, there is an uptick in how the platform is being used owing to the release of the WhatsApp Business API.

But to put all the capabilities and features of the WhatsApp Business API to work, ecommerce businesses need more than just a business account. They need access to the ability to use the API with ease, in a plug and play format.

This is where a WhatsApp Business API solution provider comes into play.

To help you choose the right service provider, this article does a deep dive comparison between two popular WhatsApp Business API apps - QuickReply.ai and Superlemon.

Superlemon vs QuickReply.ai - Why QuickReply.ai is the best alternative to Superlemon for WhatsApp Business API

In the following sections, we’re doing a quick yet detailed comparison between the two WhatsApp Business API solutions. Our comparison is made on the basis of the app usability, use cases and the ease of putting them to work.

Pre-built and customizable WhatsApp chatbot workflows

Powerful email marketing tools come with pre-built workflows to enable businesses to set up automations faster. Having the same ability on WhatsApp can help tap into the platform’s potential to drive more active conversations on all campaigns across the buyer journey/ lifecycle.

Superlemon requires setting up the workflows, while QuickReply.ai comes with 40+ pre-built ecommerce automation flows that can further be customized to suit business goals and objectives. Here is a glimpse at some of them:

  • Welcome bot
  • Product browsing bot
  • Abandoned cart recovery bot
  • Discount bot
  • Shipping charges bot
  • Order tracking bot
  • Order cancellation bot
  • COD availability bot
  • Repeat order bot
  • Payment options bot
  • Contact bot
  • Transfer bot

Ready-to-use and customizable WhatsApp templates

Apart from automation workflows, a business also needs templates to be able to set up key messages for campaigns at different stages of the buyer cycle. Superlemon requires creating templates, while QuickReply.ai comes with ready-to-use and editable pre-approved WhatsApp templates for everything you can think of - from welcome messages, celebratory messages, cart recovery, reminders, replenishment or even key festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Years and others, there’s a WhatsApp template for them all.

You can also request the QuickReply.ai team to create custom WhatsApp templates for your business. The WhatsApp Business API service provider has a team of experts that can help implement all the best practices required to make the most of a template. You can browse through all the WhatsApp templates here.

Built-in WhatsApp opt-in tools and widgets

WhatsApp is still a messaging platform that most people use for personal networking. That’s why it can be slightly challenging to get online shoppers to opt-in to business WhatsApp lists to proactively receive promotions and updates from brands. This is where you require different types of opt-in tools and widgets so you can set them up across the consumer’s buying journey, for higher conversions.

From widgets that you can set up as a live chat bubble on the website to encourage conversations to opt-ins on blogs, product pages and the thank you page, QuickReply.ai comes with them all. Each widget can be further customized to match the look and feel of your store, the placement and the strategy you want to implement to drive higher opt-ins.

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Advanced customer segmentation and behavioral profiling

About 80% of consumers expect personalization from brands in the communication they set up. While most businesses have a well-segmented list on channels like email, a lot of them use WhatsApp to run generic campaigns instead when setting up broadcasts or promotions. This is where they start to lose out on the potential engagement they can drive.

While Superlemon does let you categorize conversations running on WhatsApp, QuickReply.ai offers advanced customer segmentation. It is able to track user engagement on campaigns in real-time, and segment them based on their behavior - their response to campaigns and the next action they take after receiving a message.

This helps businesses run segmented campaigns for better personalization, leading to higher engagement rates. For example, campaigns for active, inactive based on time span, churned, purchase patterns, etc.

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Cost effectiveness of scaling WhatsApp functions

WhatsApp costs can skyrocket as you start to make use of the messaging app to cater to automated updates, broadcasts and engagement campaigns. While WhatsApp essentially remains free, businesses need to pay for the conversations they have and each type of campaign can result in replies from consumers owing to the conversational nature of the messaging platform.

Superlemon offers a free plan but the costs add up quickly as you create follow-up series on your campaigns:

On the other hand, QuickReply.ai pricing is more detailed and business friendly to help scale efforts without burning your resources. Each pricing plan can be easily downgraded from or upgraded to depending on the requirements of the business.

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WhatsApp Business API app interface and ease of use

The two WhatsApp Business API Shopify apps offer plug and play solutions to ecommerce businesses. Both the apps have an easy-to-use interface that enables online stores to set up their required campaigns quickly across marketing, sales and support.

QuickReply.ai comes with advanced features and automations as compared to Superlemon to be able to offer the entire customer lifecycle campaigns. But when it comes to the dashboard, it is also consciously designed to make it simpler to understand, navigate and use - irrespective of the person making use of it; the learning curve is optimized to help get started easily.

Multi-agent collaboration and shared inbox

As you start making use of WhatsApp for business purposes - marketing, sales and support, you will need to involve a number of people in the process. This may include roping in and sharing the WhatsApp Business account between different departments to keep conversations going.

While both QuickReply.ai and Superlemon come with a shared inbox and multi-agent access, QuickReply.ai’s shared inbox also includes additional features to make it much more simpler and effective to use. From pre-trained AI assistant WhatsApp chatbots to the ability to set custom automations and tag/ label conversations, QuickReply.ai shared inbox is a favorite for fast-scaling teams.

WhatsApp Business API automation analytics

Just like other communication channels that a business puts to work, it is important to keep a close watch on the performance metrics as you start using WhatsApp. The idea is to closely watch the number of opt-ins you get, the churn from your list, engagement rate, response rate, open rate and click through rate on the campaigns you run.

This is where you need the ability to track WhatsApp metrics and a smart analytics dashboard. QuickReply.ai comes with an easy-to-understand analytics dashboard that tracks campaign performance in real-time, and makes it easy to keep track of the same. It also comes with advanced segmentation based on the tracking to enable easy optimization of campaigns.

Superlemon too comes with an analytics dashboard to track WhatsApp campaigns; but the data becomes trackable after the campaign is completed.  

Additional information about the WhatsApp Business API service providers

What is Superlemon?

Also known as a WhatsApp plugin for Shopify stores, Superlemon is commonly used by online businesses to set up a live chat button and enable customer support conversations on the messaging platform. It is powered by Gupshup’s WhatsApp Business API to help set up automations.

What is QuickReply.ai?

QuickReply.ai is a WhatsApp app that enables online businesses to leverage the WhatsApp Business API in a plug and play format. It is a popularly used Shopify app that helps ecommerce businesses across different industries to set up automations for running broadcast campaigns, follow-ups for customer engagement and retention, transactions and order status alerts.

Designed keeping in mind the needs of an ecommerce business, QuickReply.ai comes with the following features:

  • WhatsApp opt-in tools and widgets to grow an owned audience
  • 40+ pre-built ecommerce chatbots for different use cases - welcome, cart recovery, order status, re-engagement and more
  • Smart integrations with Shopify stores, logistics solutions and other marketing apps
  • Ability to customize automated workflows for better customer engagement
  • Plug and play solution to get started within a day
  • Limit of 100k messages per day
  • 24/7 customer support and success for set up

You can get started with QuickReply.ai here or install the Shopify app.

QuickReply.ai vs Superlemon - Which is the best WhatsApp Business API service provider?

While both the WhatsApp Business API service provider apps offer an easy to use interface and have an established market, we recommend using QuickReply.ai for its diverse use case and capabilities.

Superlemon is a WhatsApp app that is designed keeping in mind the customer support and service requirements of an online business. On the flip side, QuickReply.ai is developed to address comprehensive business needs - this includes everything from marketing, sales, customer support to transactional updates, follow-ups and more, helping online businesses address the complete customer lifecycle on the messaging platform.

That’s why leading Shopify and Shopify Plus brands are using QuickReply.ai to make the most of the WhatsApp Business API.

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