4 ways to Boost Sales via Shopify Live Chat

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Most people prefer doing their shopping online rather than going to a store. However, an inefficient online portal can lead to bad customer experience and reduce traffic for the shopping site. Hence, Shopify makes things simpler and more appealing to customers. Hence it is advised to use Shopify LiveChat to further enhance your customer interactions and build brand value for your store. The Shopify eCommerce software enables businesses to get a platform to showcase their products and services and reach global customers.

Why you should have LiveChat on Shopify Store?

Let’s imagine a situation in which a customer enters a real-life, physical retail shoe store. A salesman starts pitching a popular pair of shoes at the very moment they pass the doorstep. It doesn’t work that way.

It is better to be gentle and offer assistance, ask a few questions to address customer concerns, and take a personal approach. Similarly, live chat is not meant to be used by pushy salesmen, but by customer support agents who understand the needs of their customers. It is no longer about selling, but turning the process of buying into a pleasant and frictionless experience.

Live chat is both direct and unimposing. The millennials have grown up with the Internet and responsive on-demand services. Hence, they often cite phone calls as being overly intrusive. Thus, they prefer texting.

Unlike the other communication platforms, Chatbots easily engage customers with prebuilt automated queries that your customer might have. A tiny little chat widget in the corner of your website can do wonders for your customer’s engagement level. It also boosts your conversion rate without taking anything away from your customer’s browsing experience.

Below are the 4 ways by which you can create an unforgettable customer experience via Shopify LiveChat and boost your sales.

1. Personalized Shopify LiveChat

Whether you invest in digital ads, loyalty programs, and/or nurture emails, online retailers spend a major portion of their budget drawing people to their online stores. Once a website visitor arrives, though, they often lack guidance on how to go about using the features the website has to offer.

The Shopify live chat software gives your team the framework to be proactive in the e-commerce market, providing instant and direct support to customers within your e-commerce store. So, customers experience that level of personal support that they are used to in brick and mortar stores, but from the comfort of their own home (in their favorite pajamas and bunny slippers).

2. Creating a Smooth Customer Journey

A smooth customer journey is something that drastically boost up your shopify sales. Any customer do not decide to buy in very first shot. They browse different pages and products on your store. While they browse, they might have questions which need to be answered. This is the point where you need to hook up your customer. There is no better way than to provide them the Live Chat assistance. LiveChat helps you to build a quality customer experience, to rank better on google and to build brand value.

Shopify live chat software allows your team to answer questions on the spot. Widgets let shoppers continue browsing while they chat. The chatbots allow customers to engage in genuine conversations and clarify their queries and get answers to the same even while shopping. Unlike emails, customers can ask follow-up questions, and get answers immediately. The more smooth this journey for your customer would be , the more chances of them to become your loyal customers.

3. Increase Conversions by Optimizing Resources

By proactively chatting with customers on your site, your team can provide potential purchasers the support and guidance that they need to make the purchase. Hence more purchases and less abandoned shopping carts.

The Live chat option turns to be less expensive as compared to building a customer reach and service using the regular calling methods.  Live chat software is also more efficient than phone or email because agents can work on multiple chats at once. Hence, Shopify optimizes resource usage.

4. Build Website Credibility and helps you rank better

If your brand is not a household name, then customers will not recognize it. Hence, you need to make sure that your website looks absolutely professional and credible. The number of fake online stores and scam companies has made it more difficult to gain customers’ trust. Hence, adding a live chat widget can instantly add to your credibility.

When a prospective customer or client visits your website but can’t find your online rating, other customers’ opinions, or any online record of your activity apart from the website itself, a live chat can be your badge of authenticity. When customers know that there is a person on the other side who is addressing their concerns, all doubts will eventually be dispelled.

Today, not being able to get in touch with an online business and get a response within a single minute raises eyebrows. By providing live chat customer service, you assure your visitors that everything is legitimate, in order, and fully operational. This helps you build brand credibility and helps you rank better on google, which automatically helps you boost sales for your store. Google notices the time a visitor spending on your website. This gives Google an indication that people are interested in your products and it suggests people about your brand while they search on google. You need to work on your SEO keywords, focus key phrases, meta tags etc to optimize the sales boosts.

How QuickReply.ai enhances your Shopify LiveChat experience

QuickReply.ai is a ready-to-use conversational commerce solution for online stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. Within minutes of plugging in, QuickReply syncs information about the store’s products, inventory, coupons, customers, and orders. It comes pre-trained with 40+ common eCommerce use-cases such as abandoned carts, order status, refunds, replacements, etc. QuickReply can attend to more than 70% customer queries over multiple channels (Web, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc) - All Automated. The rest 30% are transferred to one-inbox (for all channels) where human agents also get all the required information about the customer and their orders within the same panel. They do not have to open multiple tabs to seek information to help the customer. This helps them to reply to their customers quickly.

QuickReply.ai also facilitates the expansion of your business’ reach. Our live chat solution is integrated with an AI feature that notifies support agents when a customer is about to leave the site or abandon their shopping cart. When it comes to sales, your team is set up for success to solve customer problems in a jiffy!

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