Why QuickReply.ai Is The Best WhatsApp API Service Provider Alternative To BusinessOnBot?

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QuickReply.ai vs. BusinessOnBot: Why QuickReply.ai is the best BusinessOnBot alternatives

To send marketing and promotional WhatsApp messages to customers, brands have to use the WhatsApp business API solution.

There are many WhatsApp business API solutions available on the market, but choosing the most efficient one is easier said than done.

You’ll have to assess and compare a lot of factors. In this article, we make it easier for you to choose the best BusinessOnBot alternative by comparing its features with those of QuickReply.ai.

In the following sections we take a comparative look at the capabilities of QuickReply.ai and BusinessOnBot. To share a quick summary at the outset, QuickReply.ai demonstrates better capabilities for eCommerce use cases. Let’s dive into the features.

1. Advanced customer segmentation capabilities

89% of marketers say personalization leads to higher ROI. Customers, too, have become used to personalized experiences on eCommerce websites. Impersonal experiences fail to hold their attention.

To create personalized experiences for customers, you have to first “know” them—who they are, their demographic details, what they like, buying patterns, etc. That brings us to customer segmentation

To be able to send bulk messages to customers, you’ll first need to create segments so that you can send only relevant messages to each segment. Sending the same WhatsApp message to your entire list could be damaging—customers might block you as they don’t find your messages helpful.

QuickReply.ai helps:

  • Create customer segments based on behavior
  • Send personalized messages according to relevance to segments
  • Create personalized engagement
  • Send broadcast messages to maximum one lakh contacts per day 
  • Track WhatsApp campaigns and optimize them

2. Bulk and broadcast messaging 

Depending on the nature of the products and services you sell, you might need to run promotional and marketing campaigns on WhatsApp. But sending bulk messages on WhatsApp requires a WhatsApp business API provider.

Using QuickReply.ai WhatsApp business API provider is a reliable way to send bulk messages. You can automate bulk messages for various campaigns such as for sales, discounts, brand announcements, etc. 

Moreover, depending on your campaign, you can either send one-time or recurring bulk messages. Some QuickReply.ai capabilities that particularly lend well to eCommerce businesses:

3. One WhatsApp account, multiple users

Typically, different teams or members of a company might need to access customer information. This means that different team members might have to interact with the same customer/s. 

In such cases, if your WhatsApp tool allows a limited number of team members to use the same number, it would be difficult for your brand to provide efficient or fast customer service.

For example, if your logistics team needs to respond to a customer complaint but doesn’t have access to the WhatsApp messages the customer sent, the process of communication might become tedious. 

The benefits of using QuickReply.ai, which make it a better BussinessOnBot alternative:

  • Multiple team members can use the same number to chat with customers
  • Multiple members can access the chat history of the customer
  • It saves time of team members as customers don’t have to repeat their concerns
  • Customer support agents can respond faster

4. Built-in WhatsApp opt-in tool

WhatsApp has a 98% open rate and most brands would want to use the platform for marketing and promotions. But the problem is if people haven’t opted in for your WhatsApp messages, you’d be spamming them. The result: they could block you forever.

Hence, for brands to be able to send WhatsApp messages to customers, it’s important for them to have a WhatsApp business API provider. It can help you set-up the opt-in feature that enables customers to join your WhatsApp list.

QuickReply.ai has a built-in opt-in feature. It helps:

  • Set up customer opt-in
  • Send automated welcome messages when customers opt in
  • Manage WhatsApp contact list

5. In-built WhatsApp chatbots

Customers expect a two-way conversation with brands—they have questions, queries, complaints, and want to know more about products before they make purchases after chatting with brands. 

But it’s practically impossible for brands to have customer support agents to chat with customers all the time. And that’s why, chatbots are a preferred way of communication with customers.

With QuickReply.ai’s built-in WhatsApp chatbot feature, 

  • Customers can reach out at any time and get their questions answered
  • Customer support agents can step in whenever they are needed
  • Basic and routine questions can be answered via chatbots instantly

QuickReply.ai provides many built-in AI chatbots:

  • Welcome chatbot
  • Product browsing chatbot
  • Discount chatbot
  • Order tracking chatbot
  • Order cancellation
  • Payment chatbot
  • Contact chatbot
  • Shipping charges chatbot
  • COD chatbot

6. Set up WhatsApp automations 

One of the best ways to set up marketing and promotional messages is a drip campaign. In a drip campaign, you can send WhatsApp messages based on customers’ actions. 

The best part, messages can be automated—your WhatsApp tool will send messages and drive customers to the end goal while you work on other aspects of your business.

You can set up WhatsApp drip campaigns for different use cases by using QuickReply.ai, for example, abandoned cart recovery campaigns, sale and discounts, conversion campaigns, etc.

Setting up drip campaigns via QuickReply.ai helps,

  • Keep customers engaged
  • Driver conversions and reach goals
  • Improve customer experience
  • Track results and optimize
  • Know the customer journey stage of customers
  • Bring back abandoned cart customers
  • Increase customer retention rate

7. WhatsApp Business API pricing

Digitally savvy customers like to buy from brands that provide a high-quality experience. And to create that experience, brands have to take a tech-first approach—they have to integrate a lot of tools on the website, which adds up to expenses. 

QuickReply.ai offers competitive pricing. Compared to BusinessOnBot, QuickReply.ai plan prices are cheaper and offer more features and benefits. 

Take a look at the screenshots of BusinessOnBot pricing and QuickReply.ai pricing: 

8. Higher customer engagement

QuickReply.ai provides many features that help boost customer engagement. For example, merchants that use QuickReply.ai particularly praise its customer support. The brand provides 24/7 support—automated bots and instant updates help enhance customer experience.

QuickReply.ai provides these customer engagement features:

  • Order status alerts and updates
  • Abandoned cart reminder messages
  • Discounts and offers
  • 24/7 instant automated chatbot support
  • Supports sharing media such as image, video, document, etc.

9. Improve customer support agent productivity

QuickReply.ai gives access to multiple members and teams—different teams can access information and chat with customers. This makes it easy for everyone to be on the same page.

Customer support agents can see the chat history of customers and understand the situation. This helps them provide relevant support and solutions to customers. As a result, both customers and customer support agents save time and are able to find quick resolutions. This is another factor that makes it the best alternative to BusinessOnBot.

What is QuickReply.ai?

QuickReply.ai is a WhatsApp business API provider. It is a WhatsApp marketing app for Shopify. The app provides features for marketing, customer support, automations, and two-way conversation. QuickReply.ai is one of the best WhatsApp tools for eCommerce businesses, making it a better alternative to BusinessOnBot.

What is BusinessOnBot?

BusinessOnBot is a WhatsApp tool that helps businesses boost sales. BusinessOnBot features help acquire new customers, re-target customers, among other capabilities. In comparison with QuickReply.ai, the app has a limited number of features and has more expensive plans. This makes QuickReply.ai a BusinessOnBot alternative to consider for vendors.

Which WhatsApp Business API provider should you choose?

In conclusion, QuickReply.ai seems to be a better BusinessOnBot alternative given the many features discussed above. It is designed to boost the performance of eCommerce businesses to help them scale and grow. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to BusinessOnBot, reach out to the QuickReply.ai team to help you migrate seamlessly. 

Explore and install QuickReply.ai for your Shopify store.

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