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Today the biggest challenge for brands across the world is to grab customer attention.

Customers are bombarded with thousands of marketing emails and messages, and it’s a tough job for brands to stand out. Fortunately, companies now realize this and explore new marketing strategies to reach out to customers. Not only has the way brands promote themselves changed, but so have the platforms they use to market themselves. Today they look for more personalized and direct modes of communication such as Email and WhatsApp.

Companies have been sending marketing emails for a long time and have learned that experimenting with subject lines is the best approach to stand out.

The more appealing the subject line, the more likely the email will be opened and read. What about newer platforms, such as WhatsApp?

To get the best results from WhatsApp messages, pay attention to the structure and format, just like you would when sending an email.

Below listed are a few ways for formatting your WhatsApp message to get the most out of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Whatsapp Message Formatting Tips For Better Marketing

Even if WhatsApp has a 99 percent open rate, that doesn't mean you don't try to improve it. It doesn't end with your message being opened. You must take care of a few elements if you want customers to take action after reading your message.

Here are some ways to format your WhatsApp messages so that they are more appealing:

1. Make The First Line Bold

When you receive an email in your inbox, what is the first thing that holds your attention? The subject line of the email. Right?

You select whether or not to open it after reading the subject line. If the subject line intrigues you, you open it to read; otherwise, it goes to spam.

Similarly, if you want to increase the open rate of your WhatsApp message, make the first sentence bold.

Try writing something more engaging instead of the standard 'Hi, Hello <name>.' Because only the first line of the message will be visible in the WhatsApp message preview, make it more intriguing if you want people to open and read it.

Here are some examples of good subject lines/ preview texts used by brands:

Bold Message
Number Message

Sample template:  

Get ready to shop your heart out🛒

Hey <brand name> fam,

We have a special offer for you which you can’t ignore. Get Rs.500 Cashback on orders above Rs.999

Use Code: FLAT500.

Shop Now. Limited time offer!

2. Personalize Your Message

Personalization is key to WhatsApp marketing practices because people like to be treated as individuals. Customers feel valued and special when they receive personalized messages. The chance of customers taking action after reading your messages is high when you personalize them.

Having said that, 52% of consumers presume all offers or messaging received from brands to be personalized. The most effective way to personalize your WhatsApp messages is to include the recipient's name in the subject line, i.e, Hello <customer name>.

Here’s an example of the same:

SMS, a WhatsApp Business API solution provider, allows you to personalize your messages quickly and send personalized broadcast messages to up to 100k contacts.

Sample template:

Hey <name>,

We just love your choice!

The products in your cart are in high demand and are selling out super fast.

Hurry! Complete your order before your cart expires.

3. Use Short Messages

Consider receiving a long WhatsApp text message. You'll likely ignore it.

Why? Because WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows people to communicate with friends and family. It is used for fun and casual conversations. When sending a WhatsApp marketing message, keep this in mind.

Consumers may be checking WhatsApp on the go or looking at their phones periodically while completing other things. As a result, it's recommended to keep WhatsApp messages short, taking no more than 8-10 seconds of your customer's time.

To increase the engagement of your WhatsApp messages, keep them brief and easy so that everyone can read them. Try adding space to paragraphs and keep the tone casual.

Here’s a good example of the same:

Short Messages

Sample template:

Hi <name>,

Today is our special day. It’s our anniversary.

Last year on the same day you placed an order with us for the first time and today we hold a special place for you.

Here’s something to celebrate this special day.

FLAT 15% OFF on minimum purchase of Rs.1999.

Use code: ANVRSRY15UYWFP3.

Redeem now!

4. Bold Your Value Proposition/ Offer

If there is anything in your WhatsApp message that you believe is particularly important for customers, make it bold. When you highlight a word or a sentence, your messages are less likely to be ignored. But be careful not to overdo it, as this may deter people from reading your message.

Here’s an example:

Bold Your Value Proposition/ Offer

Take a look at your message and highlight anything important that you don't want customers to miss. Let's say - "Change in shipping policy," "limited time sale," "discount subjected to terms and conditions."

Put an asterisk on both sides of the text to make it bold: *text*

Sample template:

We’re granting your wish.

Hey <name>,

Items in your wishlist are at prices you’d hate to miss.

*FLAT 20% OFF* on all your favorite items. *Use Code: 20GRANTWISH.*

Hurry! Offer Valid for *Today Only*

5. Use Italics To Highlight Parts  

Another great way to make sure that your customers don't miss the most vital information in your message is to use Italics. Italics is used to emphasize or draw attention to a specific part of your WhatsApp message. It helps to distinguish the word or sentence from the rest of the message. The second most significant part of the message can be written in italics.

Place an underscore on both sides of the text to make your message italic: _text_

Sample template:

Summer Season Sale is LIVE!

Hey <name>

We have got a special offer. Get Rs 500 OFF on shopping of Rs 1999.

Fresh season available in stores. Use Code - SUMMRG6VIF33202.

*Valid till March 31*. Rush now. T&C

6. Make Use Of Emojis

Isn't reading plain text boring? Why not use emojis for WhatsApp messages to make them more engaging?

Take a look at this message:

Make Use Of Emojis

Emojis fill in the gaps where words fall short of conveying feelings. They make the communication more lighthearted, fun, and engaging.

Consider how people use emojis in their conversations with friends and family. Not only this, but emojis make your WhatsApp messages appear less promotional and, when used properly, can help to highlight a specific part of the message.

For example: If you're sending a WhatsApp message announcing ongoing discounts or sales, you can put the discount code or use the lightning emoji around the words' Sale'.

You can use features like stickers, emojis, gifs, images, documents, and location with WhatsApp Business API platforms like

Sample template:

Hi < name>,

We miss you at [business name], so we’d like to offer you an exclusive 10% off storewide 🥳

Click to check out our latest products at [URL] and apply the code YAY10OFF to avail the discount 🛒

7. Smartly Use Strike-through

This feature is unknown to a large number of people. Even if they are aware of it, they have no idea how to use it. Strikethrough is a horizontal line drawn through text to indicate the deletion of an error or the removal of text from a text.

You can use it in your WhatsApp message in a number of ways, such as reducing a product's MRP and displaying the new price, and so on.

Place a tilde on both sides of the text to strikethrough your message: ~text~

Sample template:

Hi <name>,

Your favorite product is now available for ~INR 899~ INR 599 only!

Stocks running out fast. Buy now! 🛒

8. Add Rich Media

Sending promotional messages on WhatsApp alone will not help you drive results.

For that, your messages must be both creative and contextual. Adding rich media to your WhatsApp messages, such as photos and videos, can be more interesting. The images in the message might grab people's attention and help them quickly understand what the message is all about. It makes it easier for clients to grasp the message than a few words clustered together.

You can easily add rich media like images and videos to your WhatsApp messages using the WhatsApp Business API partner, When responding to customer inquiries, this feature comes in handy.

Instead of writing everything out in a text message, you can just use a picture or a video to guide them.


Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making your WhatsApp marketing messages stand out and generate results.

When you use all of the elements stated above, it helps to improve your WhatsApp marketing campaigns. But for that, you need to continually learn and optimize your strategies.

Install WhatsApp marketing apps like and follow best practices to establish a marketing strategy focused on quality conversations with your customers and set up high-converting campaigns.


1. How do I create a WhatsApp marketing message?

Ans: Here are some pointers to help you create an effective WhatsApp marketing strategy.

a). Define your objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

b). Determine your target audience.

c). Obtain the business app.

d). Create a brand persona.

e). Create a contact list.

f). Plan your communication.

g). Provide excellent customer service.

2. What is an example of a marketing message?

Ans: "Our world-class engineering team designed our product set to be both usable and flexible," for example. Brilliant marketing messages address the customer's concerns. "It takes no more than 10 minutes to learn our product," for example.

3. What is the definition of message structure advertising?

Ans: PROMOTIONAL MESSAGE STRUCTURE. The structure of a message for sales promotion is one of the factors to consider. This refers to the message's body. The marketer must determine whether the message will lead to a conclusion for the target customer group.

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