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Learn how to set up the Shopify WhatsApp integration using QuickReply.ai.

The WhatsApp Business API has opened new doors for online businesses in the ecommerce industry to not just market their products and deals better, but also keep customers engaged throughout their lifecycle. But no marketing channel works effectively in silos - unless you’re able to manage orders coming through WhatsApp seamlessly, you’re not tapping into the power of conversational commerce. That’s where the importance to integrate WhatsApp Business API with your Shopify store comes in. 

What is the Shopify WhatsApp Business API integration? 

Owing to the potential of the messaging platform, many ecommerce businesses on Shopify have set up their WhatsApp Business accounts. But with the WhatsApp Business API rolling out, businesses are further exploring the potential of the messaging app by setting up automations that help them not just keep customers engaged, but also drive more sales for them. 

This is where the need to connect the WhatsApp Business API account to your Shopify store comes into play. An integration is basically when you establish a connection between two platforms in order to enable easy flow of data and information. 

For example, if a consumer asks for more information about a product on WhatsApp, the integration enables pulling the data from your site to answer the same on the messaging platform. Similarly, if someone places an order on WhatsApp, an integration enables you to update the backend of your store, keeping order data and inventory data well managed and up-to-date. 

Learn more about the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. 

Why do you need the Shopify WhatsApp Business API integration? 

While ecommerce businesses can make the most of Shopify and the WhatsApp Business API in silos too, here are some benefits of getting the integration in place: 

1. Create comprehensive consumer profiles 

Whether it’s a subscriber or a new customer, keeping the two silos means capturing and storing their data on different platforms. To create a comprehensive view of your consumers, you will then need to pull data from the two channels and then work on consolidating the same manually. When you implement the Shopify WhatsApp Business API integration, you connect the dots to create one place for storing all consumer data. You also reduce the risk of losing crucial consumer information. 

2. Manage online orders effectively 

Another benefit of the WhatsApp Business API and Shopify integration is how it also enables easy sharing of order data between the two platforms. Typically, businesses have to update orders taken on WhatsApp manually to their Shopify store’s backend, making it more prone to errors or missing out on order data. This further results in not being able to deliver a good customer experience in case a consumer reaches out for information. 

3. Plan your inventory better 

With the Shopify and WhatsApp Business API integration, you get to deep dive into product analytics. From being able to identify your most asked for products to best-selling items, fast-selling products and more, the integration helps capture a comprehensive view of consumer demand. This in turn helps with better inventory planning and management. 

4. Never miss a conversation 

The integration also further helps ensure you have captured consumer queries and reverted to them in a timely manner. This also includes how you engage them on other communication channels apart from WhatsApp or how you direct them from your website to the messaging platform to serve as a support channel. 

5. Enable conversational commerce 

Instead of using WhatsApp only for running promotional broadcast message campaigns, you can actually use the integration to enable conversational commerce. You can leverage the WhatsApp Business API to send checkout links on WhatsApp with the help of a solution like QuickReply.ai, and enable customers to place an order on the messaging platform itself. 

How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with Shopify? 

The good news is that to set up the integration, you do not need to get into the code of your website or the WhatsApp Business API. But you do need a WhatsApp Business account and should have requested access to the API. 

If you have access to the API, getting started with WhatsApp automations using QuickReply.ai is a matter of minutes. If you do not have access to the API, the QuickReply.ai team can assist you with the same in getting the API approvals. 

With the Shopify WhatsApp Business API integration, you can use QuickReply.ai for: 

  • Setting up WhatsApp automations: From welcome messages to abandoned cart recovery sequences, order and shipping status alerts and more, you can use the automations to keep customers engaged across the lifecycle with contextual messages. Learn more about automations here.¬†
  • Send promotional broadcast messages: Promote your new product and collection launches, offers and discounts to your subscriber and customer lists on WhatsApp with one push. Learn more about WhatsApp broadcasts here.¬†
  • Automate and schedule campaigns: Prep-plan your campaigns for sales and seasons by leveraging automations and scheduling WhatsApp messages on the QuickReply.ai dashboard.¬†
  • Shared inbox: Keep all your customer queries and conversations in one place, tagged and labeled well to stay on top of things.¬†
  • Analytics: Measure how your campaigns are performing, optimize for better engagement and drive better results from the messaging platform to get more sales for your business.¬†
  • Free WhatsApp templates: QuickReply.ai has built high-converting and customization WhatsApp templates for all types of occasions, sales and business objectives. This makes it much easier for businesses to get started with using WhatsApp for Business. Explore them all here.¬†

Book a demo today to know more about the integration. 

Ready to set up the Shopify WhatsApp integration? 

The Shopify WhatsApp integration opens doors for businesses to scale their communication across a consumer’s journey. At QuickReply.ai, we want to make this integration simpler. 

If you have been waiting to get started with WhatsApp for Business and leverage automations, reach out to us for a demo today. 

It’s time to power your business with the official WhatsApp Business API! 

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