How to Manage Your Customer Loyalty Program on WhatsApp

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“Engaged consumers buy more.” 

Said the CEO of Nike, a brand with a whopping 83% of loyal customers who’d prefer it over its competitors any day. But such impressive numbers don’t stem from simply creating loyalty programs. 

You need to keep your customers engaged with the program they signed up for. And most brands miss out on this crucial step. Due to this, even when an average consumer belongs to 14.8 loyalty programs, they are only active in 6.7 of them. That’s where brands that maintain customer loyalty with WhatsApp get an extra edge. 

So, let’s walk you through the right ways to boost your customer loyalty with WhatsApp and create an engaging customer base that keeps coming for more. 

How to manage your customer loyalty program on WhatsApp? 

People love browsing and shopping with their mobile devices, and WhatsApp is one of those apps they open quite frequently. With the right message at the right time, you can boost your customer loyalty with WhatsApp. So, here are some easy actions you need to take: 

1. Create a list of your repeat customers 

Start by collecting customer purchase data like date of purchase, items purchased, and other relevant details that indicate repeat interactions. Next, filter the purchase data to find customers with multiple purchases in the last 3-6 months. These repeat buyers are essential to focus on because they demonstrate a positive experience with your brand and show a higher likelihood of becoming loyal customers.

Once you identify repeat buyers, you can further segment them based on their purchase frequency, the types of products they purchase, average order value, the time intervals between purchases, etc. This analysis will help you understand their preferences and behaviors.

Next, take note of what may appeal to the different segments of your WhatsApp list. These can include loyalty points, store credits, additional discounts, speed shipping, etc. Each segment may display different preferences, so pay close attention to what they have availed before. 

2. Send out a WhatsApp broadcast  

Now that you have a segmented list of repeat buyers, it’s time to send a WhatsApp broadcast. 

Start composing your message by introducing your loyalty program and the benefits it offers to customers who join. As we already have a segmented list, we can personalize the message based on the patterns identified earlier. 

For example, you are a women's fashion brand with a high demand for your exclusive imported trousers. Here’s a WhatsApp broadcast you can send to customers who have repeatedly purchased your product in demand. 

Exclusive Fashion Loyalty Program for Our Valued Customers! 

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our loyal customers who have made us their go-to destination for fabulous female trousers.

To show our appreciation, we are thrilled to introduce our Fashion Loyalty Program, designed exclusively for you! 🎉✨

🛍️ Benefits of Our Loyalty Program 🛍️

1Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on all our imported female trousers to be part of our loyal customer family.

Sneak Peeks: Be the first to discover our latest arrivals and upcoming collections before anyone else.

VIP Access: Gain priority access to limited-edition releases and sales events, ensuring you never miss out on your favorite styles.

Personalized Recommendations: Receive fashion-forward recommendations tailored to your unique taste and preferences.

✨ How to Join Our Exclusive Fashion Loyalty Program ✨

Reply "YES" to this message to opt into our loyalty program.

You will receive a personalized loyalty card with a unique code.

Present your loyalty card or provide the code during your next online or in-store purchase to avail yourself of the exclusive benefits.

Remember, the more you shop, the more rewards and benefits you'll unlock! 💃

Our dedicated customer support team is always here to help if you have questions or need assistance. Simply reply to this message, and we'll gladly assist you.

Thank you once again for choosing us! Stay stylish and keep shining. 

With love, 

(Brand Name)

Now imagine receiving such discounts on products you already keep coming back to. Again, remember that personalization is the key here. 

3. Allow them to sign up on WhatsApp

Imagine this: your customers are excited about your program, eagerly anticipating the exclusive benefits and rewards you offer. But here's the catch—they won't go the extra mile to visit your website and endure lengthy forms. That's where your secret weapon comes in.

Present an irresistible offer and invite them to join your loyalty program by replying YES. And then use automated messages to collect relevant details. Remember that the lesser efforts there are in the sign-up process, the more sign-ups you will get. 

And the automation is easy - all you need to do is use the customizable WhatsApp chatbot workflows designed by 

4. Send a confirmation message  

Once your customer has signed up for your program, establish a positive and welcoming connection with them. One effective way to achieve this is by sending a confirmation WhatsApp message to acknowledge their signup and extend a warm welcome. 

Here’s an example of a welcome message you can send along with explaining how customers can use their benefits: 

"Hi [Customer's Name]! We're delighted to inform you that you're now a member of our exclusive loyalty program! 🎉 

To make the most of your membership, simply continue shopping with us as usual. Your loyalty points will automatically be added to your account with every purchase. In addition, you can track your points balance and explore available rewards through our website or mobile app. Remember to keep an eye on your inbox, too, as we'll send you regular updates about new offers and exciting perks exclusively for loyalty program members.

Thank you for being a part of our loyalty program, and we look forward to serving you better than ever! Happy shopping, and enjoy the perks! 😊🎁🛍️"

The idea here is to send a gentle reminder that it’s time to start shopping and enjoy the numerous benefits coming along your way. 

5. Share updates on loyalty points

Customers often forget to keep track of their loyalty points through the website, app, or email. So, what if they receive regular updates straight into their WhatsApp inbox? 

It’s like a straightforward way of keeping them updated with their rewards journey. You can also show your customers how they have used their points in the past. Lastly, based on their purchase history, you can suggest the right ways to spend those points. 

Make sure that with your WhatsApp updates, customers are free from worrying about their progress, missing out on exclusive offers, or questioning their current reward status. 

Moreover, you can include what differentiates your loyal customers from the new ones by providing exclusive benefits like free shipping or priority service. As Tim Cook once said:

"Customer loyalty programs are not just about discounts and rewards; they're about creating an emotional connection with our customers. When we understand their needs and exceed their expectations, we build trust and loyalty that lasts."

- Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

6. Send timely reminders 

Sending WhatsApp reminders to customers about their remaining loyalty points and how they can utilize them for discounted purchases is a great way to engage and retain them. 

Firstly, it's essential to have a robust customer loyalty program in place that tracks and manages loyalty points effectively. Then, once the system is set up, you can integrate it with your WhatsApp business account to automate the reminders.

Secondly, set up automated reminders at regular intervals, such as once a month, to customers who have accumulated loyalty points but have yet to make a redemption. You can highlight the savings they can enjoy and the value they receive as loyal customers. Here’s an example: 

“Hi, You have 500 loyalty points with us, and we don't want you to miss out on the savings! 🎉✨ Redeem your points now and enjoy a whopping 20% off on your next purchase. 💃💰 Visit our store or website, select your favorite items, and choose 'Redeem Points' at checkout to apply the discount automatically. Happy shopping! 🛍️❤️”

You can also personalize the message based on your customer’s browsing history. For example, show them the discount they will enjoy on purchasing a specific item they are eyeing. 

7. Send a WhatsApp newsletter informing what’s new

Your repeat customers will always be happy to know your store's new and trending items. Like an email newsletter, you can send them a WhatsApp message with your latest collection. 

In addition, you can create WhatsApp catalogs or share some images with your store link to ensure easy browsing. Moreover, you can mention the new addition to your loyalty program to give them the boost they need to be a part of it. 


If you want to make the most of your customer loyalty program, then it’s crucial to keep customers engaged. This is where WhatsApp automation can play a significant role, and using can effectively support brands in implementing such strategies., with its advanced automation features and seamless integration with WhatsApp, empowers brands to manage their loyalty programs efficiently. It allows for automated responses, personalized messaging, and targeted promotions, enabling brands to deliver a superior customer experience. 

So, if you are ready to enhance your customer loyalty with WhatsApp, book a demo today!

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