How to Use Videos to Make WhatsApp Broadcast Messages More Engaging

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WhatsApp broadcasts are a great channel for marketing and promoting sales, discounts, new products, etc. When used correctly, they can be a very profitable channel. The campaigns are inexpensive, and the ROI is great! 

And owing to this, we’re seeing more and more businesses incorporating WhatsApp as an integral part of their marketing campaigns.

Now the question is when everyone is doing this, how do you make yours different? How do you stand out? How do you deliver value to your customers?

Well, you can leverage video marketing within WhatsApp broadcast messages.

Videos are getting more and more popular because they are the easiest way to get information in the shortest amount of time. One of the advantages that drive us to use videos is that they attract attention, they are impressive and they generate credibility that your message can transmit.

In this blog, we talk about effectively using videos in WhatsApp broadcast messages

8 different types of videos you can send in WhatsApp broadcast message campaigns 

1. Sneak peek into new products/collections videos

This type of video is meant to tease your audience and get them excited about a new product or collection. The goal of this video is to build hype and intrigue around your brand, so it needs to be short and sweet. 

In this type of video, you can send broadcast messages on WhatsApp and show them what's coming up, give them a first look at your designs, and let them know when they can expect to see the new collection arrive in your online storefront.

Make sure you only include the most important details of your product in the video: for instance if you were a clothing brand, color, material, size, etc.

2. New product/collection launch videos

A product launch is when you're launching a new product or collection, and you want to let your followers know about it. You might have a sale on your current products, or you might be introducing something new to the market. 

While the sneak peek videos mentioned earlier would help create hype around your product, a launch video WhatsApp broadcast message would help in direct conversions immediately. This is when the launch has happened and you want your customers to make a purchase then and there.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that this isn't just about pushing stuff onto people—it's about creating a community around your brand where people feel connected and invested in what you're doing. That's why we recommend using WhatsApp broadcast for product launches - because it allows you to do just that!

3. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are the perfect way to get your audience up to speed on any new product, service, or information. Explainer videos are a great way to engage with your audience and provide them with valuable information. 

They're called "explainer" videos because they explain something—in this case, the product or information you want to share with your audience.

These videos can be as simple as a person talking into the camera about what you're offering or as complicated as an animated video with lots of moving parts and graphics.

These videos can be used to explain the features of the product in a short, entertaining way. You can also use explainer videos to educate your audience on how to use your product or service, or even as a tutorial on how to do something.

4. Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are another great way to use video in your WhatsApp Broadcast message. 

A testimonial video is a short video where a person talks about the experience they had with your product or service. These are typically used to show how satisfied customers are with your business and how much they would recommend you. This is a great way to build trust with potential customers and encourage them to purchase from your company.

These can be used to show a customer or client how much they love your product or service or to get a celebrity endorsement for your brand. 

You can ask customers to record their testimonials and share them with you, or you can ask your staff to record their own experiences with your product or service.

6. Behind-the-scenes videos

These are one of the best types of videos you can send in a WhatsApp broadcast. They'll give your audience a peek at what's happening behind the scenes at your company, and they'll make them feel like they're getting to know you (and your team).

You can use these videos to share about new products that are coming out or even just a quick tour of your office!

They're also super easy to produce! All you need is a camera (or phone) and some people who are willing to be in front of it.

7. Benefits of the product 

You can use this video to promote the benefits of your product. For example, if you're selling an organic skincare line, you could show how it helps with dry skin, acne, and other common skin conditions. This type of video is important because it shows people how your product will make their lives better.

8. Brand story videos

These types of videos are exactly what they sound like - a story about your brand and/or product. 

Brand story videos are a great way to show off your company's values and keep your audience engaged. They can be used as part of a larger marketing campaign, or as a standalone video. They're great for sharing with customers about your business, products and services, and mission.

Brand story videos can be anything from a simple "about" page narrated by an employee to a full-length documentary about your company's history and mission. They're usually short, but they should provide enough information for people to understand who you are, why they should care about you, and what you do.

Examples of brands using videos in WhatsApp broadcast messages  

1. Tanishq

Tanishq is a jewelry brand that uses video to explain the exchange offer for their customers. The video shows a woman who is wearing a diamond necklace, and she explains the terms of the exchange.

2. Trendy Tokari

Trendy Tokari uses videos to promote its new collection. The company uses videos to show the quality of its products, as well as the range of styles available in the collection. The videos also let customers see how Trendy Tokari's products are made and how they fit into an overall lifestyle.

3. Brillare

Brillare used videos in WhatsApp broadcasts to highlight the benefits of their onion oil in comparison to other onion oils—and they included a link so viewers can buy the product directly from the WhatsApp message.

Send videos in WhatsApp broadcast messages: Best practices to follow  

1. Have a clear objective 

A clear objective is key to any video message. What do you want your audience to know? What action do you want them to take? Keep it simple and direct, and make sure that it's something people can do right away.

2. Don’t overwhelm receivers with too much content

If you're going to do a WhatsApp broadcast video message, it's important you don't try to show too many things at once. Just one thing at a time will be enough. Your audience will be most engaged when you focus on one thing at a time. If you try to do too much in the same video, your audience will feel overwhelmed and lose interest.

3. Focus on optimizing the length 

The best way to optimize your video for WhatsApp is to make sure it's short and sweet. Longer videos can be unwieldy, and you don't want to bore your audience. So keep it short and to the point—no more than 30-45 seconds ideally.

4. Focus on the video dimension and mobile optimization

The number one thing to keep in mind when creating WhatsApp broadcast video messages is that they will be viewed on mobile.

This means that you have to think about your content in terms of how it will look on a small phone screen.

For example, if you're recording a video message for a product launch but the camera is zoomed out too far, it won't look good when it's viewed on a small screen. You want people to be able to read what you're saying and look at your products clearly without having to zoom in or squint too much.

5. Keep it relevant to the message going alongside 

If you want your audience to keep up with you, then make sure that your video is relevant to what's going on in the accompanying text. If someone is about to announce their new product line, for example, then the video should feature that product line. And if they're talking about their company's vision and mission statement, then the video should focus on those things as well.

This way, even though your viewers are distracted by reading at least some of what you're saying while they watch—and even though they may be tempted to skip ahead or close out altogether—they'll still have an idea of where things are going with your message.

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Wrapping up! 

Video has changed content marketing and traditional marketing for both B2B and B2C businesses. It's not only more engaging than other media, it acts as a pole that holds together everything you are doing in your marketing campaigns. 

Video is a powerful way to communicate. Marketers use video to get people's attention, inform them about a product or service, or connect on an emotional level.

And now you can leverage video marketing within your WhatsApp broadcast messages and drive better results.

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