QuickReply.ai vs Interakt: Why QuickReply.ai is the Best Interakt Alternative

May 22, 2023

Why is QuickReply.ai the Best Interakt Alternative - WhatsApp Business API Service Provider

QuickReply.ai vs Interakt

WhatsApp has become one of the most preferred communication channels for brands to reach out to customers.

However, to send promotional and marketing messages, brands have to use the WhatsApp business API.

And for that you need a WhatsApp business API solution provider.

There are many options available, but which one is right for your business?

In this piece, we’re taking a detailed look at QuickReply.ai as an alternative to Interakt as a WhatsApp Business API solution provider for ecommerce businesses.

QuickReply.ai vs Interakt: Why QuickReply.ai is the best alternative to Interakt

The following pointers are a detailed comparison between QuickReply.ai and Interakt, and the features they offer to businesses leveraging the WhatsApp Business API and their technologies.

Enables advanced customer segmentation based on behavioral profiling

The buzzword for ecommerce brands is personalization. With a majority of online brands focusing on personalization, if you don’t, your competitors will leave you far behind.

And one of the first steps to offering personalized online shopping experiences is to know and understand your customers.

That’s where QuickReply.ai wins over Interakt.

QuickReply.ai’s personalization capabilities include the following:

  • With QuickReply.ai, you can personalize every individual buyer’s engagement as per their own persona
  • You can create customer segments based on behavioral profiling and send personalized messages relevant to different segments
  • Send personalized WhatsApp broadcast messages to upto 100k contacts per day
  • Helps you keep customers engaged with personalized order updates
  • Track campaigns and personalize messages to optimize for more conversions

Provides an efficient collaborative inbox

Imagine if a WhatsApp tool allowed only a limited number of users. Or if different team members had to use different WhatsApp numbers to interact with the same customer. It would be a really tedious and confusing process.

QuickReply.ai is designed to address this. The app allows multiple team members to use the same number to interact with customers. This feature makes it one of the best Interakt alternatives.

The result: better campaign management and clear communication in one single inbox.

  • Saves marketing agents time
  • Keeps everyone on the same page
  • Is less tedious
  • Lesser chances of repetition and mistakes
  • Faster responses to customers

Enables bulk messaging/notifications

Depending on your business, you may want to use WhatsApp for bulk messaging, a lot. WhatsApp is a tool that favors organic messaging. It restricts/bans businesses that send bulk messages. And that’s why you need efficient WhatsApp business API providers in India.

When you use QuickReply.ai WhatsApp business API provider, you don’t have to worry about your number being banned. It is a reliable solution with which you can automate and schedule messages.

  • Send bulk messages to promote sales and discounts
  • Send personalized messages
  • Track results of bulk messages and optimize
  • Automate order status alerts and engage customers
  • Provide customer support via chatbots

QuickReply.ai has built-in opt-in tools

WhatsApp prevents bulk messaging and has introduced terms and rules for doing so. You must ensure that you don’t spam consumers. To make your customers’ experience more enjoyable, you should make sure your WhatsApp list includes only those people who have opted in to receive your messages.

This is a critical factor and one that QuickReply.ai will sort out for your Shopify store. With QuickReply.ai, you can:

  • Set up customer opt-in features
  • Send them automated welcome messages
  • Manage your WhatsApp list

Helps in drip campaigns

Drip campaigns involve sending a set of WhatsApp messages based on the different actions that customers take on your Shopify store. The aim of drip campaigns is to drive customers to take an action favorable to you.

For example, when customers abandon carts, you can use WhatsApp messaging to bring them back. However, doing this activity manually for each customer is impossible. That’s where QuickReply.ai can help you.

The app sends multiple abandoned cart messages. Moreover, you can set-up the app to offer discounts to drive customers to the carts. QuickReply.ai has better capabilities to send timely follow-ups for drip campaigns, compared to Interakt.

For example Interakt does not have the capability to include product images to personalize abandoned cart messages. Images are a key part of enhancing messages and attracting customer attention. This makes QuickReply.ai the best Interakt alternatives.

Has agent productivity improvement capabilities

One of the biggest drawbacks of any tool or app would be if it functions in silos. QuickReply.ai addresses this gap. And that’s what makes it one of the best WhatsApp API providers.

With QuickReply.ai, your Shopify store’s customer support agents can see order and customer data along with chat history while interacting with customers. This brings more clarity to the customer support agents and improves their productivity, speed, and efficiency in addressing customer concerns.

In comparison, Interakt lags behind in providing efficient customer support. For businesses that want to build long-term customer relationships and engage customers, QuickReply.ai is a better alternative to Interakt.

QuickReply.ai has pre-built chatbots

Your Shopify WhatsApp messaging has to be a two-way conversational channel otherwise it won’t work. But you can’t always have customer support agents free to chat with customers. Moreover, when customers’ questions are basic, you might not want to waste your knowledgeable resources' time on basic chats.

This is where QuickReply.ai tops over Interakt. QuickReply.ai comes with in-built bots that can answer the toughest of questions. The result: instant 24x7 support to customers, and improved sales. On the contrary, Interakt merchants have to request for bots.

Here are the different types of in-built AI chatbots provided by QuickReply.ai:

  • Welcome bot
  • Product browsing bot
  • Discount bot
  • Shipping charges bot
  • Order tracking bot
  • Order cancellation bot
  • COD availability bot
  • Repeat order bot
  • Payment options bot
  • Contact bot
  • Transfer bot

QuickReply.ai is cost-effective in comparison to Interakt

There’s fierce competition in the eCommerce market. At the same time, customers are now more open to trying out new brands and exploring options. This means most online businesses consistently keep increasing their contact lists.

In such a scenario, your WhatsApp business API provider should be able to help your Shopify business scale in a cost-effective manner. Otherwise the tool may end up being a costly affair for your business.

And this is another factor in which QuickReply.ai steals the show over Interakt. QuickReply.ai’s competitive pricing allows merchants to send messages to unlimited unique contacts compared to Interakt plans that restrict messaging to a couple of thousand contacts only.

Here’s a look at the different plans and pricing of QuickReply.ai and Interakt.

QuickReply.ai enables high-level customer engagement

Designed with a customer-centric approach, QuickReply.ai has many features that can help you boost customer engagement.

  • Send customers timely updates and alerts such as order status
  • Send abandoned cart reminders
  • Offer discounts and offers
  • Provide instant 24/7 customer support
  • Send all kinds of media – image, video, document, etc.

One of the best capabilities of QuickReply.ai is its efficient customer support. With 24/7 automated bots to send WhatsApp messages, customers get instant updates and responses to queries.

This takes off the burden from your live chat support teams as the bots perform the task of sending responses to basic and as well as tough questions. At the same time, keep customer engagement at a high level.

Which WhatsApp Business API provider should you choose?

Going by the above comparative study, QuickReply.ai is definitely one of the better WhatsApp business API providers in India. It is designed with a focus on boosting eCommerce sales. This makes it more suitable to Shopify businesses that want to grow their profits with the most efficient WhatsApp strategy.

If you’re already using Interakt and looking for a better alternative, we, at QuickReply.ai, can help you set-up and migrate without disrupting your business activities.

Get started with QuickReply.ai by simply contacting us and we’ll do the rest for you.

Additional information about WhatsApp Business API service providers

What is QuickReply.ai?

QuickReply.ai is a WhatsApp marketing and broadcast app for Shopify stores. The app enables Shopify stores to set-up and manage WhatsApp marketing and broadcast to increase customer engagement and boost retention.

Some features of QuickReply.ai include:

  • QuickReply.ai helps promote sales, discounts, and deals through personalized messages
  • The app has automated abandoned cart recovery capabilities
  • Helps convert cash on delivery orders to prepaid by sending incentives via WhatsApp
  • It allows multiple team members to chat with customers over a single WhatsApp number
  • It sends real-time order updates to customers
  • 40+ pre-built ecommerce chatbots for the complete customer journey

From maintaining customer relationships to generating leads to boosting engagement 10x, QuickReply.ai is designed to be the tool to grow your Shopify business.

What is Interakt?

Interakt is a WhatsApp business APIs solution provider. The app helps online businesses to increase sales and engage with customers. Among its features, the app boasts of automated notifications, auto responses and custom responses, bulk campaigns and broadcasts, enables multiple team members to use the same WhatsApp number, etc.

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