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WhatsApp is and, most likely could remain one of the biggest messenger apps in the world.

With over 2 billion active users all over the world and 390 million active monthly users in India alone, WhatsApp is HUGE! Today it’s one of the easiest and most accessible ways to communicate with people. Everyone is on WhatsApp because everyone is on WhatsApp.

Having said that, it is very important for your eCommerce venture to be where the people are. To state the obvious, it’s the people that are going to boost up your sales and currently the one platform that can reach them efficiently is WhatsApp.

Think about it. How many “special offer” or “discount” notifications hit your phone every day and how many of that would you actually consider checking out? While other platforms and channels for eCommerce struggle to catch the attention of buyers, using WhatsApp and its features can enhance your business, allowing you to promote your deals, discounts and sales, in a manner that it can actually reach your audiences.

That’s where a WhatsApp broadcast campaign comes into play.

But just sending a plain WhatsApp broadcast message for business, won’t have much of an impact, and the chances of it being read are even lower - think about all the messages you receive from your friends, families and groups on WhatsApp; and how many of them you actually read.

Your WhatsApp broadcast practices ought to be strategic with a fair bit of creativity and flair. Only then can your message stand out among the countless messages a WhatsApp user will get from friends and family.

We are talking about the “preview text messages” for WhatsApp broadcast campaigns.

What Is A Preview Text Message in a WhatsApp Broadcast?

The preview text is the first line of the WhatsApp Broadcast message that shows up without opening the chat, when you receive a message. It’s usually not more than 10-12 words and gives a sneak-peak at the overall content of the message.

And this seemingly “little” part of the message actually plays a not so little role in getting your WhatsApp Broadcast message read. A well-crafted preview line will ensure better open rate for your business’s broadcasts, and more importantly, it could positively impact the reply you are going to receive - similar to how subject lines impact the open rates of email marketing campaigns.

After having worked with thousands of online businesses, analyzing the ways in which WhatsApp Broadcasts are used to promote their products and services, we have learnt that there are quite many ways one can use to craft and sharpen a decent and impactful preview line.  

In this article, we’re sharing some of the best subject lines for WhatsApp broadcast campaigns.

Template Examples for WhatsApp Broadcast Preview Text Messages

We are providing you with some preview templates based on the type of content or the expected effect it needs to make on the customers. You can use them right away, or tweak it to your liking or better, take inspiration and create your own winning templates.

1. The Simple Preview

This is a simple, direct one-look summary of what the message is going to be about; simple enough to compel the audience to check it out. Here are some WhatsApp broadcast message preview examples of this kind.

-> There’s a 50% Off site-wide in our Store
-> Shop now for Free Shipping!
-> Hurray! 30% Off on all orders above Rs.799
-> Over 40% Off on Your Favorite Brands!
-> Yes! Black Friday Sale is On!
-> Hey. Buy now and get 20% Off on all products!

2. The Informative Announcement

This kind of broadcasts ought to be simple and straight, informing any features or changes that a buyer should be aware about. So the preview should also be in the same tone. For any informative announcements, crispness is the preferred WhatsApp Broadcast best practice.

-> We have changed our return policy
-> You can now exchange items within 30 days
-> Your orders are eligible for COD now
-> The COD feature will be suspended for 30 days
-> We have changed the Replacement period to 14 days
-> We have updated the Terms And Conditions for Return and Replacement services.

3. Curiosity Trigger

A quirky and creative preview line that triggers curiosity with a little information gap will seem irresistible and could actually work. Your humor can finally come handy outside of those weird social situations! Keep in mind that after a very promising preview you should be able to deliver the hype in your main content.

-> Black Friday Secrets!
-> What is happening out there?!
-> We have been waiting to reveal this for MONTHS!!
-> Something special coming your way!
->This is why you will not regret opening this..
-> Notifying your chance of initiation into our Secret Cult of Customers!

4. FOMO/ Urgency

FOMO previews can get immediate response from audiences as it can create a feeling of urgency about various products and convince the buyer to get there first. After all, 40% of millennials surveyed state that FOMO is what made them make a purchase.

-> Over 90 people have wish-listed items from our on-going sale!
-> 50% site wide discount ends in 24 hours
-> Shop now before someone snatches your product
-> Rs.300 Cash-back offer ends at Midnight.
-> Hurry up! Festive Season sale ends tonight.
-> {FESTIVAL} offer period lasts only till 12 AM! Get set. Go!

5. Scarcity

These messages are similar to FOMO but it plays on how the product has a limited stock and that it might run out soon. (And no, this isn’t evil. It’s just human psychology paired with business strategy.)

-> Our products are selling like hotcakes! Buy Now!
-> The 50% off products are almost sold out. Hurry!
-> {PRODUCT} is selling fast. Don’t be late. Grab the Offer now!
-> We are selling out and selling out fast. What are you waiting for?!
-> Only 7 of {PRODUCT} left in stock. Hurry up!
-> Don’t be too late! {PRODUCT} is nearly sold out!

6. Include Purchase Motivators

Including freebies, offers and similar purchase motivators will keep your customers happy as well as give them a reason to open your Broadcast messages. Promotions and offers can also retain customers and bring in new ones if you get your WhatsApp broadcast message right.

-> FREE SHIPPING on all Orders!
-> Enjoy 30% off this festive season.
-> Buy 1 get 3! Grab this offer right away!
-> 40% Off for our favorite customer! Use {CODE}
-> Use {CODE} for a cash-back of Rs.299
-> We love you! So here, a Coupon of 30% Cash-back!

7. Personalized Subject Lines

Personalized lines will create a sense of closeness between the buyer and you and feel genuine which they will appreciate. One pro tip here is that instead of the usual “Hey {Name}”, use something catchier, that way it will be authentic and compelling, and get your WhatsApp Broadcast message a higher chance of being opened.

-> For your love of all things Pink! We have handpicked a list of things you will love.
-> Hi {NAME}, we love you here! 35% off on the items in your cart!
-> Hello {NAME}! We have something just for you!
-> Great news {NAME}! Now we have Free Shipping on all products.
-> Hurry up {Name}! We don’t want you to lose this Golden Offer!
-> We know you loved {PRODUCT}. We have some similar products for you.

8. Social Proof

Buyers tend to trust something that others like them have trusted, or bought in this case. Using your sales experience with celebrities, age groups etc. can help establish that your WhatsApp Business is a trusted ecommerce establishment and this will motivate people to come to you.

-> 107 people bought {Product} and were happy with the result! 107 Happy Customers!
-> 15 people from your locality loved our Product!
-> {Celebrity Name} thinks our {PRODUCT} is cool! We are positive you will too!
-> Everyone thinks {PRODUCT} is cool! Check out our highly-rated product!
-> Buy {PRODUCT} and join the family of 267 happy Customers!

Now Get to It!

WhatsApp Broadcast preview messages benefit you in a way that they can significantly help your business grow sales and customer base.

However, you should continually test out different kinds of preview text messages, monitor the response you get, and see what works for your business. Eventually, you will find something that clicks instantly with your customers.

But just sending out a monotonous Broadcast message won’t change much.

Establish your brand presence as a solid eCommerce store by sending the WhatsApp Broadcast message from an official account. Recipients will see who the message is from and you can improve brand recall as well.

This is where using a WhatsApp marketing app like comes in handy. It uses the official WhatsApp Business API, and combines it with other powerful marketing automation to help you run WhatsApp broadcast campaigns that convert.

Ready to set up your first WhatsApp broadcast campaign or need help understanding how it helps? Reach out to us for a demo today.


Q1. What does the WhatsApp Broadcast Preview Text Message look like?

Ans: The preview text message will show up as a link in your phone's main screen, or as an alert on your device. It will have the same name as the broadcast title and will have a green button that reads "Open."

Q2. What are the benefits of WhatsApp Broadcast Preview Text Messages?

Ans: You can send a text message to all your contacts without having to type out each individual message. This is particularly useful if you want to send an urgent message, but can't be bothered to type out every single person's name.

Q3. How to write Personalized Subject Lines in WhatsApp Preview Text?

Ans: The way to write personalized subject lines in WhatsApp preview text is to make sure that you're using the person's name.

You'll also want to make sure that you're using their name in the first sentence of your message because if you don't, they might not notice it until they get to the end of the message.

If you want to add a little extra personalization, try sending them a GIF or two as well. This can help make it clear which message is for them and which one isn't.

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