Setting up Virtual Assistant for Shopify Store in 5 mins

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Running an e-commerce store on Shopify?

One of well known method to increase conversion is to provide best in class customer service. You would have probably given your contact information on Shopify Store, so that they can call you or email you in case they need any help. But most of the customers hesitates to contact the business for pre-sales queries.

Grow Sales on Shopify Store

Here is a Virtual Assistant which can will prompt users to ask any questions via chat. Many of you might have tried live chat or chatbots. But not just that, it comes pre-trained to handle most common e-commerce related queries. With the deeper Shopify integration, it won’t just answer in textual format. But if someone asks about discounts, it can create special discount coupon in your Store and share the same with customer over the chat. Below are the examples

  • Order related queries - It can provide order details, tracking information.
  • Refund & Replacement - It can take replacement requests or process refunds with your payment gateway integration.
  • Cancellation - User can ask the Virtual Assistant to cancel their order
  • Shipping related queries - It can let users know whether product can be delivered at their location.

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These are just few examples. It is trained with 40+ e-commerce queries. You just need to connect your Shopify store and its ready to answer in 5 minutes.

Not running your ecommerce on Shopify?

No problem you can take the similar chatbot service from IntelliTicks where they can use similar AI models and build custom integration with your store.

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