Buy 1 Get 1 : A Great Tactic to Boost Sales For Your E-Commerce Business

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What can be more fantastic than getting an additional product for free or at least for half a price! That’s why BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offers can be a great way to attract customers. Sure, discounts & offers can be an effective way to increase your sales, but a majority of consumers prefer BUY 1 GET 1 (BOGO) offers. 

It’s not mandatory to give out just one product for free, many brands hold offers like, ‘BUY 2 GET 2 FREE’ or ‘BUY 3 GET 1 FREE’. 

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Allow us to help you to understand BUY 1 GET 1 (BOGO) technique in detail, how it can be effective for your business and how to apply it to your business successfully. 

How do BOGO Offers Work?

Everyone loves free products, a shopper would pick a deal containing free product anytime compared to a high quality product on discount. Our decision making process is completely changed when we hear the word “FREE”.  

For example, shoppers would choose a BOGO offer on a T-shirt of a lesser known brand anytime compared to a discounted T-shirt from Forever 21. This is why BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (BOGOF)  is effective and can be used in many different variations. 

The BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer creates an urgency among customers and nudges them to make purchases. Therefore, BOGOF is a great discount technique to appeal to the customers and increase sales, making it a popular tactic among retailers lately. 

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Who Can Use BOGOF Offers?

You might be wondering if the BOGOF tactic is useful for your business or not. Regardless of the types of products your business showcases, this technique might be effective for you. You can use BOGOF offers on your products whose costs are less. For example, if you are a beauty brand, you can offer BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer on certain lipsticks or nail polish or eyeliners, to boost your sales. 

The average transaction cost in your E-Commerce business can be regulated by using this BOGOF strategy. You can set certain limitations for particular products. This offer should be different from the offers you give when a user reaches a certain cart value. For example, you should give your customers a choice of getting a product for BOGOF offer based on its value and quality, rather than offering them a BOGOF offer when they reach a cart value of 45$ or a certain amount. 

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Advantages Of BOGOF For Your E-Commerce Business:

For obvious reasons, this tactic will increase your direct sales and create a huge traffic on your E-commerce website. But apart from that, this technique is advantageous for your overall e-commerce business. 

Customer Satisfaction 

It was found that 66% of shoppers prefer BOGO free promotions versus other promotions via AMG Shopper Panel. Every customer has at least once purchased products having BOGOF offer. The BUY 1 GET 1 FREE strategy is a win-win situation for both businesses as well as customers. Customers get a good deal from this offer and businesses get customer satisfaction in return, which creates a long-term relationship between both. 

Better engagement & profit sharing with customers

Not only Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers improve your brand but it also allows you to share profits with your customers, leading to better customer engagement. By offering BOGOF to your customers will motivate them to switch to your brand instead of their regular brand. You can offer BOGOF on trial products and increase your target audience. 

Inventory Clearance

Too many products in your inventory and no space for upcoming New Launched Products? BOGOF offers can be your solution. This technique would hardly cost anything, you can use it to boost your revenue. Your less in demand products can be cleared out quickly from your inventory as well as you can make profits from it. 

Offer a product free with another at their initial price or give 50% discount on a single product as a part of BOGOF offer. As said before, shoppers would pick a free product any time compared to a discounted product. If there’s a stock you are struggling to sell and would soon expire, leading you to loss, then you can hold BOGOF offers on them. 

How To Effectively Run A BOGOF Strategy:

There’s a huge difference in customer response when a BOGOF deal is poor or when it’s super good. According to a survey, more than 5.1 billion users are using smartphones with internet connection. Therefore, it’s more beneficial to run this strategy online on social media and WhatsApp is the best tool for it. 

You can use WhatsApp Marketing for running a good BOGOF strategy. Now, you might wonder why not just display it on your e-commerce website rather than sending alerts through WhatsApp. 

Here’s why you should opt for WhatsApp Marketing :

  1. Easy Customer Engagement
  2. Instant Customer Support
  3. WhatsApp Pricing is cost efficient
  4. Reaching wide audience
  5. Fast & secure messaging

BOGOF Strategy Through WhatsApp Marketing -

Targeting the right Audience 

After selecting what products you are offering BOGOF deals on, you need to target a specific & right audience to use this opportunity to its maximum limit. Rather than appealing to everyone, you can focus on what audience you are targeting. 

This step is important because BOGOF strategy can help you turn customers into loyal customers. Therefore, you can send BOGOF WhatsApp Chat Messages to your customers & subscribers who are more likely to buy from BOGOF offers. For example, if you are offering a BOGOF deal on makeup products, most of your target audience should be women. Accordingly, if you are offering BOGOF deals on school products like notebooks, pens, etc. your target audience should be students. 

Creating Urgency 

It’s beneficial to create urgency, and it works on every promotion technique. Therefore, you can create urgency on BOGOF offers by making them available for a certain period of time. By giving shoppers a deadline, you are creating a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect, which will nudge them to make purchases. 

You can send alerts to shoppers and give them a countdown of how much time is left for the deal. For example, you can include in a text message that there are only 24 hours left for this deal or it’s valid only for today, creating an urgency. 

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Duration of Offer

Planning on how much period of time the offer should be showcased is an important part of this strategy. The time period should be based on product availability your business has. You’ll have to calculate how much stock you have and accordingly hold BOGOF offers for a certain time period. 

E-commerce stores which are food outlets can hold BOGOF offers for specific hours, such as holding the offer from 9 am - 12 pm on breakfast beverages and dishes. You can send your subscribers alerts using WhatsApp Chat Templates. 

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Sending Alerts 

You can send alerts and notifications of your on-going Buy 1 GET 1 FREE offers by WhatsApp Chat Messages. Rather than sending them plain & simple notifications, you can send them different variations in text messages and attach clear images or videos of what you are offering. 

With you can even send your subscribers one time or recurring bulk messages announcing your BOGOF offers and provide a direct link to your E-commerce website. 

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Being Creative

Offering BOGOF offers in different creative ways to specific types of customers might enhance customers' experience. For example, you can offer loyal customers a BOGOF offer in the form of a giftcard or coupons. Similarly, you can send first time users BOGOF offers exclusively on their first purchases. 

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Get Started On Your BOGOF Promotions Today!

Turn BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offers into an effective technique to boost your sales by executing them in the right way. Carry out a well-planned BOGO promotion to benefit your business as well as your customers and dive into the BOGOF hype. 


Q1. What are the four most common ways to increase sales?
There are only four ways to increase your revenue, believe it or not:a. Increase your customer base.b. Increase the size of the average transaction.c. Boost the number of transactions per customer.d. Increase your prices.

Q2. what is the BOGOF technique in eCommerce business?
The BOGOF technique is known as "buy one, get one free" which gives the customer a free product in exchange for the purchase of another good or service of larger or equal value. In an online store, this is one of the most alluring price reductions for customers.

Q3. What makes a customer satisfied?
Customers who are happy with your brand value it beyond the initial purchase. They believe your company understands their needs and is dedicated to assisting them in achieving their long-term objectives. Any company can make its customers happy.

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