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The e-commerce revolution has obliterated the limitations set by the 20th-century business. Subsequently, practices such as geographical zone, economic spheres, and verticals. However, It has only been possible with the advent of digital technology. Further, the new and old generations have embraced the digital form of business. On the other hand, it has led to the market for e-commerce firms to rapidly expand. Above all, the most useful tools for assisting big and small players alike are Shopify Chatbots. AI chatbots help merchant sellers feature at top ranks on Shopify. In return, It also helps their websites become more interactive, engaging, and more customer-centric. The website also improves ranking on google as well.

Advantages of using Shopify chatbots

Below are some advantages of using Shopify Chatbots:

  • Firstly, Chatbots enable customers to place product orders via chat. Such a feature makes the seller profile much more interactive and thus engaging. So, it directly enhances the conversion rate.
  • Secondly, AI chatbots assist customers in selecting the best products by inquiring about customer preference. The chatbots showcase the most suitable products that meet the specific needs of the customer without the customer having to manually browse through hundreds of products. So, it saves the customer’s valuable time and makes shopping much easier.
  • Thirdly, Top AI chatbots render stellar customer support service by automating the answering system for FAQs. So, customer queries are addressed in a jiffy and it leads to a more satisfied and loyal customer base. Hence improves brand visibility.

Want to see a LIVE chatbot in action, watch the video below:

This chatbot is used by one of our client ML Delicate to engage with their customer who landed on their website.

Top 4 Shopify Chatbots

Hope you are excited to install chatbot for your Shopify store. So, we have done the hard work already in researching which one is the best available in the market.  However, the choice is yours which one to choose. Below is the list of best and most efficient available chatbots for your Shopify store: is a ready-to-use conversational commerce solution for online stores. Such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. Soon after plugging in, QuickReply syncs information about the store’s products, inventory, coupons, customers, and orders. Firstly, It comes pre-trained with 40+ common e-commerce use-cases such as abandoned carts, order status, refunds, replacements, etc. Secondly, QuickReply can attend to more than 70% of customer queries over multiple channels (Web, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc) - All Automated. Most importantly, the rest 30% are transferred to one-inbox (for all channels) where human agents also get all the required information about the customer. Hence they can see their orders within the same panel. Nevertheless, They do not have to open multiple tabs to seek information to help the customer. This helps them to reply to their customers quickly and most efficiently.


  • Order via chat
  • In chat payment
  • Re-ordering
  • Cart recovery through chat and additional channels
  • CRM integrations
  • Sales analytics
  • Automated query answering
  • Product discovery
  • Additional channels such as FB messenger and WhatsApp
Grow Sales on Shopify Store


  • No leaving intent feature
  • Post-purchase feedback


Gobot offers seamless integration with your Shopify store. It also helps your customers find the perfect products within moments. But all you need to do is populate your bot’s product carousel with all the listed products on your seller account, with a click of a button. Hence boosting your sales.


  • Product discovery
  • Easy integration with Shopify store to get products
  • Revenue tracking
  • Order status
  • CRM integrations


  • Does not offer Order via chat or in the chat payment system.
  • Does not offer Upsell and cross-selling features
  • No post-purchase feedback
  • Not Omnichannel

Tidio Live Chat

The live chat app enables merchants to communicate with customers easily. Moreover, Tidio chatbots and Shopify connect seamlessly to help e-commerce merchants to boost their sales.


  • Send targeted discounts
  • Greet new and regular customers alike
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Engage visitors of a specific product
  • Prevent visitors from leaving the store (leaving intent feature)
  • Generate leads while offline
  • Notify about promotional offers.
  • Provide delivery status.
  • Additional channels in FB messenger.


  • Order via chat and in-chat payment system not available
  • Lacks sales analytics
  • More focused on live chat
  • Lacks CRM integration

The platform offers personalised turn-key solutions for retailers. It also provides the branded conversational voice-shopping meant for e-commerce retailers. It also serves its customers through popular voice assistants such as Google, and Amazon Alexa.


  • Automated query answering
  • Cart recovery
  • Product discovery
  • Re-ordering
  • Voice e-commerce


  • Lacks order via chat
  • Lacks in chat payment
  • Basic Analytics
  • No post-purchase feedback system
  • Not Omnichannel

Performing a comparative analysis to choose the best one for your radiant. Also, Shopify experiences can be a hassle-free way to handle your works. So, make sure to choose only the best AI chatbots to build a wide and satisfied customer base. Which in return will give you more profits and more business.

Amazon Like Chatbot for Shopify

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