WhatsApp Business Description Examples and Best Practices To Follow

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Businesses have now realized that WhatsApp is the way forward for staying in constant touch with their customers. Knowing that WhatsApp's CTR and open rate are 5x more compared to emails and SMS, it's clearly a channel that can skyrocket sales and revenue. In this article we will talk about how to write the best WhatsApp Business Descriptions on your account.

WhatsApp began as an easy-to-use communication tool for family and friends. But with new features coming every now and then, it has now become a successful business communication platform.   

Brands are exploring every feature, implementing WhatsApp Business best practices, and going all in on automation to convert more customers. But they miss something that ruins their first impression — their WhatsApp business profile. 

Other than your display name, the first thing a customer notices on your profile is the business description. It's an opportunity to create a positive impression on your customers. And this description can be a push they need to take the next step. 

In this blog, we're going to talk about WhatsApp business description and its best practices. We'll also share some examples and templates to give you a head start. 

Let's jump right in! 

What Is WhatsApp Business Description? 

When customers open your profile on WhatsApp, they see a couple of important details like your email, business address, working hours, website, and WhatsApp business description. You don't need to be creative while filling in the rest of the details, but the business description is different. 

It's a short and crisp summary of your business that encourages your customers to take the next step. WhatsApp Business description essentially creates the first impression on your customers. So for the impression to be great, it's important to get the description right. 

Moreover, you can't just say anything in your description. It should always convey your core message and should align with your website and marketing content. 

Take Myntra, for example, an Indian fashion eCommerce store. Their WhatsApp business description aligns quite well with what they've shared on their store website. It concisely summarizes what they sell and gives them a genuine appearance. 

Myntra's business description is quite good. But guess what's missing? We'll tell you in the "WhatsApp Business Best Practices" section. Let's first see why it is important to have a good WhatsApp business description. 

Why Is WhatsApp Business Description Important? 

Here's what having a good Whatsapp business description can do for you: 

Makes a Strong First Impression 

Your business description provides all the details about your business in a very concise manner. It serves as a reliable source of information which helps build credibility with your customers. 

And because it's one of the first elements of your profile that customers see, it can help create a positive first impression too. When the first impression is positive, customers find it easy to trust the business. 

Prospects are More Likely to Reach Out 

When the WhatsApp business description is clear, customers get a better understanding of your brand and what it does. If you've mentioned the products/services they are looking for, they will be more likely to start a conversation. 

Moreover, you can also use a CTA and direct customers to explore the catalog. This will give you the option to sell directly through WhatsApp and reduce the number of steps to complete the transaction, which also results in a higher conversion rate. 

Helps Improve Brand Recall 

Imagine reading something once and then coming across it again. The blurry image of what you read becomes clear again. This is the effect of recall. It can help brands make a strong presence in customers' minds. 

By keeping the message of your WhatsApp business description the same across different platforms, you can trigger the recall effect and get a better hold of your customers. 

WhatsApp Business Description Best Practices 

So now know how an impactful WhatsApp business description can pump your conversion rates. Let's see some best practices you can follow to ensure that your description is impactful. 

Keep It Short and Crisp 

Customers neither have time nor patience to go through huge paragraphs about some business. And when they come across such long descriptions, they are more like to ignore them than pay attention. And this might become a lost opportunity for you to draw their attention toward your business. 

Therefore, you must stay on point with your WhatsApp business description. Try to give an overview of your business using fewer words and short statements. 

Use Simple Language 

It's a good practice to avoid jargon and technical language as much as you can. Try to keep your language simple and calm. You can, in fact, use a conversational tone in your WhatsApp business description. 

When you use simple language in your description, you make it easier for your customers to understand the message, and they'll be able to decide if they need your products/services or not quickly. It also makes your business more approachable, which means more conversation and conversion. 

Include Your Unique Selling Points 

As we said, you have very limited time with your customers, and you might not wanna waste it by giving them information that doesn't help you. 

Therefore, you should consider adding unique selling points of your business to the WhatsApp description. With this, you can tell your customers how your products/services are superior to your competitors. 

For example, if you are a skincare brand selling chemical-free and handmade products, adding keywords like "natural" and "handmade" will help you stand out. 

Up the Pitch 

There's no fixed rule that your business description has to be informative only. Just because it's called a business description doesn't mean that you've to give a boring overview. 

With your business description, you can tell your customers the values and benefits they can expect by using your products. You can also use the description field to deliver a sales pitch. It shouldn't, however, look like a desperate attempt to get a sale. Just up the stakes to get the complete attention of your customers. 

CTA Always Works 

After using elevator statements, you want your customers to take some steps. You can ask them to do something (that shows an expression of interest) or directly ask them to visit the store or catalog. 

Remember the Myntra example? We said something was missing. And no points for guessing. It was CTA. Their description was almost perfect, but by not including CTA, they couldn't push their customers to make the purchase. 

So, it's a good idea to put a CTA at the end of your WhatsApp business description. 

These were some of the WhatsApp business best practices that'll help you make your description impactful. That said, let's have a look at some WhatsApp business description examples you can take inspiration from. 

WhatsApp Business Description Examples and What Is Good About Them 


Flipkart is an India-based eCommerce store for all types of products, from electronics to furniture. It's one of the leading choices of online shoppers in India. And they didn't fail to boast about it in their WhatsApp business description. 

They also used numbers to throw the trust card at customers. After all, who would not trust the service of a brand that offers over 30 million products across 70+ categories? 


Dr. Sheth's is a skincare brand offering products in an affordable price range. Apart from mentioning that the products are formulated by Dermatologists (which is a great trust factor), they also mention that their products are backed by 90 years of dermal experience. 

When your claims are so strong, customers are interested in at least trying the product. And if it works well, they will surely come back. The only thing missing here is a CTA to drive customers to make purchases. 

Nat Habit 

Nat Habit is an internet-first brand offering beauty and skincare products like face masks, face packs, deep cleansing lotions, hair products, bath products, and much more. 

Unlike other examples mentioned in the blog, Nat Habit has a very casual business description. They have used emojis and native language to make a personal connection with customers. This casual tone makes them more approachable. Moreover, by using keywords like “natural” and “fresh,” they stand out from their competitors. 


Lenskart is a B2C Indian multinational eyewear retail chain. They operate on an inventory-driven business model and are highly sales-oriented. 

They use their WhatsApp business description to let their customers know how big a brand they are and yet affordable. By mentioning the keyword “affordable,” they instantly capture the attention of their customers. 


NOTO is a company with a motive to spread happiness through healthy desserts. They sell low-calorie ice creams and other sweets with zero added sugar. 

Their WhatsApp business description is very relatable for customers who feel guilty after eating sweets and then go on crash diets. By addressing the pain point through their description, NOTO lets their customers know that they have a solution. 

WhatsApp Business Description Template 

As we promised, we'll give you templates to give you a head start. Here are they: 

Be the friendly neighborhood business 

Unlike businesses, customers still use WhatsApp for their casual communication. So your WhatsApp business description must show some level of friendliness. Using humor and avoiding jargon is one of the best ways to achieve this. 

Here are some templates: 

  • We are the one-stop destination for all your skincare demands. Dry, oily, acne, or dark spots — we are there for you. Take our free survey to get product recommendations from world-class skin doctors! 
  • Explore the wide variety of foods from your favorite restaurants. Pick the meal, confirm the order, and leave the rest to us. We get it delivered on time. Go order now! 

Show your creativity during special events 

Templates to use during special events: 

  • Want flowers delivered on the same day? We got you covered. This Valentine's send fresh and gorgeous flowers to your loved ones. Order now! 
  • (Business Name) is the largest beauty retailer in the world. We're busy with orders this wedding season. You might have to wait a little for the reply. But you won't have to wait while ordering. Try it now! 

Let customers know they are special 

People love to buy from brands that deliver great customer experience. You can show in the description that your brand prioritizes providing good customer service. 

Here are some templates: 

  • Customize your glasses. Pick a frame that suits your personality. Need help? Skip the queue and drop the message to make an appointment. 
  • We provide handmade luxury watches. Drop a message to know more about our products. You can also reach out for repair-related queries. We're always there to help. 

Show them you're the best 

Customers love to shop from brands that are confident about their products and customer service. You can throw some numbers (actual) to make customers feel confident about their decision to purchase from you. 

Here are some templates: 

  • With 100% original products, over 250k happy customers, and exclusive offers, we are Philippines' biggest skincare brand. Come shop, now! 
  • Toronto's most-rated Chiropractor. Send a message to book an appointment and say goodbye to any sort of pain! 

Final Words 

To sum it all up, WhatsApp business description is an opportunity to entice your customers and get a sale out of them. 

Therefore, it's essential to write it thoughtfully, with enough details to stimulate customers to want to reach out to you. 

WhatsApp business descriptions are even more effective when there's a green tick next to your WhatsApp display name. Want to get verified on WhatsApp? Reach out to QuickReply.ai. 

We provide an end-to-end WhatsApp business solution for eCommerce brands which helps them generate more sales and revenue. 

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