How Important is Adding WhatsApp to your Shopify Marketing Strategy?

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How well have you fared in coping with the new market environment? With all the pesky competitors snatching customer attention from right under your nose? It must be frustrating to say the least. And this could be your cue for bringing in a major modification to your Shopify marketing strategy.

In a time where eCommerce ventures are rising to meet the demands of an ever changing customer base, it is only natural that you will be struggling with competition from every side. But your company’s survival depends on the way you meet these challenges and adapt your marketing strategies likewise.

The most important aspect of your business will be the relationship you maintain with your customers. And as the competition tightens it becomes even more important that your eCommerce business should find new ways to stay in touch with the customers proactively.

And here, with all the potential that eCommerce WhatsApp Marketing brings to the table, your business can really stay on top of the game with peak-level customer engagement.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Marketing?

The answer to this cannot be more obvious!

WhatsApp has the largest user base among all the online messaging apps that exist today. Be it in India or other nations, the popularity of the messaging app continues to grow, owing to its intuitive interface and engaging experience.

And with WhatsApp Business providing valuable tools to large and small eCommerce ventures, we’d say why not!

Messages sent on WhatsApp are known to show wonderful open rates, close to almost 99% - exceeding what channels like emails, SMS and Messenger offer.

Most WhatsApp users like to check the app at least once a day, that is, leaving out those of us who are in it all the time.

WhatsApp is a more conversational and casual platform. The flow of conversation that it enables between a business and a consumer, helps build trust and makes people want to interact actively with the brand.

And we all know, the more the interaction, the higher the number of conversions.

But that’s not all.

The same conversational nature of the messaging app is what enables businesses to also build stronger relationships with their existing customers, leading to higher retention rates, more loyalty and of course, a higher number of repeat purchases.

How does WhatsApp marketing help your business grow?

There are a number of ways in which WhatsApp’s conversational medium adds value to businesses when it comes to keeping customers engaged and nurturing them to make purchases.

But let’s cover some of the important use cases of WhatsApp marketing:

1. Better Relationship With Customers

You are a business person and much of what you do depends on how well you maintain customer relationships. You should definitely be professional and dependable, and more importantly be able to connect to your audience, that is, your customers.

Your customer relations can surely make or break your company’s conversion rates because the way you reach out to your buyers have more impact than we might think, viewing it from the surface level.

Almost 50% of the customers have reported to have felt more comfortable connecting with a brand that approaches through a messaging app. And since WhatsApp is the crown jewel of online messaging apps it should be your obvious choice. It is a golden strategy when it comes to maintaining a long and thoughtful business relationship with your customers.

And moreover, such long lasting relationships with buyers are easier to maintain than acquiring new customers. Brand loyalty that you inspire, hence, can save you a lot in terms of customer acquisition expenditures, as it can be 5-25 times cheaper.

Another key prospect that WhatsApp marketing opens up for you to create profound and meaningful customer relations. Advertising your products in a very personalized manner can have a powerful impact, with many tools and features that facilitate effective interactions with customers.

This personal touch that you add to your WhatsApp messages can make a huge difference as more people respond to such approaches.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

Of all the ways to connect or make first contact with customers, the most effective way would be to message them in a casual tone. Usually brands approach customers with an email, or a call and when the first one gets ignored the second approach might seem bothersome. Hence it is crucial for you to look beyond these traditional means towards a more effective platform.

Email and social media can aid you but to get instant improvements when it comes to receiving responses WhatsApp is the way to go. The conversational nature that we have repeatedly praised about the app will come in handy here.

But more than that the tools that WhatsApp marketing will equip you with can do more than just seem friendly and trustable. With the right strategy and creative handling, you will see exceptional growth in your brands conversion rates. The keyword here is “convince”.

With WhatsApp you will be in a position where you can actively guide and influence your buyers purchase decisions and convince them towards making a buy. This little nudge will often be needed after you make first contact, and you will need to strike a chord with your potential brand loyal customer.

Businesses have received responses for almost 40% of their messages on WhatsApp. That is way more than one can expect from other means like emails or social media campaigns. Though these two are important aspects of your marketing, you can definitely add WhatsApp into your marketing strategies for a more trustworthy and hands on approach.

Since messaging directly influences your conversion rates, use WhatsApp to maximize your brands performance and drive conversion in an optimized way.

3. Improved Sales

Fundamentally, what matters for your brand to outlast your competition will be your sales score. Your marketing strategies aren’t marketing strategies if it fails to impact positively on your sales.
Sounding and seeming nice can only get you so far. And that’s why WhatsApp marketing with all its handiness and accessibility can work wonders for you. There are many things about WhatsApp that will help you sell better.

First would be accessibility. WhatsApp like we have already established is the most accessible platform for most people and the marketing potential it holds is unparalleled. There is a higher chance of WhatsApp marketing to motivate buyers than normal methods as people feel WhatsApp to be more accessible. So do add your WhatsApp number on your website so your customers can contact you there.

Secondly, you can instantly incentivize your customers for purchases by offering discounts, giving free shipping among other treats that you would normally give out on any online store.

The interactive messages and good feedback opportunities will be a great plus for the customers, and this will reflect in the sales numbers. Being active on a messaging app made 66% of online shoppers more comfortable trusting that brand while purchasing.

Both as a marketing aid to your website or a stand-alone sales platform, WhatsApp has a growing potential for improving sales.

4. Low Cost Marketing

And now the most wonderful thing about WhatsApp; it's more feasible as compared to the running costs of other marketing channels like email!

Unless you are living under a rock or in the heartland of the Antarctic, you will be able to access it. All you need is a network connection and the app installed on your device.

Even with plugins or other tools that improve your WhatsApp Marketing potential like, this is one of the most affordable marketing platforms available out there, which makes it ideal for any online businesses, especially the small up and coming ones. The cost for any campaign when it comes to customer acquisition or sales driving events can be cut short by using WhatsApp in more than one facet of your business.

You can use the messenger for sending out WhatsApp broadcasts, abandoned cart alerts, feedback requests, discount notifications, special sale alerts and much more.

The amount of versatile ways you can implement WhatsApp in your marketing is just staggering and all this can be done with minimal expenditure. Cutting costs while you improve your sales ain’t a bad deal at all, right? Well now there is more you can do with better pay-off!

All the features of WhatsApp marketing can be further improved with tools that help automate your business and increase customer engagement.

This is Where You Get To It!

With the way things are rapidly changing, with trends and tastes constantly evolving, WhatsApp is a platform where you get to actively converse with your customers. This gives you the very needed insight into the changes in the market and the customer’s ever changing preferences and needs.

Your messages and promotions stand a better chance of being received and responded to in a trustworthy and conversational environment that WhatsApp Marketing provides you with.

WhatsApp is a platform where most of your buyers are already active. That is precisely why you need to be there too. You will be actively communicating with your audiences in a more hands-on way, with a special “insider” knowledge of what will tick the boxes for your customers. Communication is key and being one step ahead on that major area of your business, means that you are one step ahead of your competitors.


Q1. Why is WhatsApp marketing crucial?

Ans: It supports automated systems and FAQs. Businesses are able to provide quicker customer service because of WhatsApp marketing. Businesses may contact clients directly on their phones when they opt in.

‍Q2. How can I include the WhatsApp icon in the Shopify footer?

Ans: Please try the following to add a WhatsApp icon to your footer: To edit HTML or CSS, go to Admin -> Themes. Upload a 32x32 pixel Whatsapp icon or image under "Assets" and give it the name "WhatsApp-icon."

Q3. Why use WhatsApp with Shopify marketing strategy?

Ans: There are many reasons why you should use WhatsApp for your Shopify marketing strategy. The main reason is that it is a great way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. You can easily send them messages about new products, sales, and more!It's also easy to create a WhatsApp group and promote your products there. You can also talk about other things such as events in the local area or anything else that might be relevant for people living nearby.

Don’t wait any longer!

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