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Auli Lifestyle Hits 96x ROI with WhatsApp Popup

QuickReply.ai’s WhatsApp pop-up solution was pivotal in transforming Auli's conversion rates.




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Quickreply's Welcome pop-up Whatsapp solution got us over 40,000 additional leads that we were losing in our business process! The ROI from the campaign has been a fantastic 93x.

Taniya Chakraborty
Performance Marketing Manager

The Problem

Auli is a skincare brand based in Kolkata with a global reach, focused on guiding people in choosing the right products for their skin. Despite high visitor traffic, the brand struggled with a conversion rate of less than 1%. This resulted in a significant loss of potential revenue, as most visitors left without sharing contact information.

Solution by QuickReply.ai

To resolve this issue, QuickReply.ai suggested implementing the WhatsApp popup solution.

(WhatsApp opt-in form on Auli's website)

The pop-up, designed to appear after a user has spent a fixed amount of time on the website (for example, 15 seconds), helped Auli capture 65,000 leads in the last three months. This equates to an average of approximately 22,000 leads per month. These leads were retargeted via WhatsApp, substantially increasing the brand's conversion rate.

(User receives coupon code from Auli on WhatsApp)


The strategy proved a tremendous success, with Auli experiencing an astounding ROI of 9,587%. The WhatsApp popup solution not only captured a large number of leads but also contributed significantly to the conversion rates and overall revenue.


QuickReply.ai's WhatsApp marketing automation solution was crucial in overcoming Auli's customer conversion challenges. The campaign captured and retargeted potential customers, achieving an extraordinary ROI of 9,587%. This case study strongly honors QuickReply.ai's capabilities in delivering effective and scalable solutions for brands in various sectors.

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