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Auric turned 27% COD orders into prepaid via WhatsApp

How QuickReply.ai helped Auric turn 27% COD orders into prepaid via WhatsApp.


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Turning 27% COD orders into prepaid via WhatsApp Marketing - Auric Case Study via QuickReply.ai
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Deepak Aggarwal
Founder at Auric

About Auric

Auric, a leading Ayurveda-inspired beauty and wellness D2C brand, was facing challenges with the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option, which was impacting their operational costs and customer experience. The high number of COD orders was leading to higher return rates, delivery failures, and more operational expenses. To tackle these challenges, with help of QuickReply.ai, Auric launched a campaign to incentivize customers to prepay for their COD orders before they ship them.

Campaign Objective

The primary objective of the campaign was to reduce COD orders and encourage more customers to opt for prepaid payment options. The campaign aimed to:

  • Increase prepaid orders.
  • Decrease COD orders.
  • Reduce operational costs associated with COD orders.

Campaign Strategy

Auric implemented a multi-pronged strategy to achieve the objectives of the campaign. The strategy included offering discounts and cashback incentives for prepaid orders during the checkout process, and if the buyer still opts for a COD order, Auric runs a 3-step COD-to-Prepaid campaign on WhatsApp.

Step 1 - sent immediately

Immediately after an order is placed, Auric sends an order confirmation message to the buyer. In this step, Auric's messaging emphasized two crucial aspects to encourage buyers to prepay for their COD orders. Firstly, they focused on building brand credibility by highlighting their global presence and large follower count on Instagram, thereby establishing trust with the buyers. Secondly, they provided an instant and clear incentive of 10% savings on prepayment, making it an attractive option for the buyers to choose prepaid payment. By combining both aspects in their messaging, Auric successfully motivated customers to opt for prepaid payment options, resulting in more efficient operations and a better customer experience.

Turn cod orders into prepaid via WhatsApp

Step 2 - reminder after 4 hours

For those who did not convert on Step 1, Auric sent a reminder after 4 hours to ensure they read the offer thoroughly. They also created a sense of urgency by informing buyers that the offer would expire soon, creating a fear of missing out (FOMO) on the discount.

Reminder 1 after 4 hours - Turn COD orders into prepaid via WhatsApp

Step 3 - reminder after 6 hours

For the remaining hard-to-convert buyers, Auric sent a final nudge after 6 hours, emphasizing that it was their last chance to redeem the offer and clearly mentioning that the offer would expire in the next 2 hours. This ensured that every buyer had read and understood the offer, and had multiple instances to think through it.

Reminder 2 after 6 hours - Turn COD orders into prepaid via WhatsApp


The campaign was successful in achieving the desired objectives. The number of prepaid orders increased by 27%, which demonstrated that the campaign was successful in encouraging customers to prepay for COD orders before dispatch.

Turn cod orders into prepaid via WhatsApp Auto Flows

Here are the results:

  • Total orders - 3437
  • Prepaid Order Count - 1000
  • COD Order Count - 2427
  • COD Orders that converted to Prepaid via campaign - 268
  • Increase in Prepaid Orders - 27%
  • COD Conversion Rate - 11%

Reduces the risk of failed deliveries and returns, leading to a more efficient and streamlined process.


Auric's COD to Prepaid campaign was a success, with a significant increase in prepaid orders and a decrease in COD orders. The campaign successfully incentivized customers to shift from COD to prepaid payment options, resulting in more efficient operations and better customer experience. The insights from this campaign will help Auric to continue to optimize its payment options and deliver better customer experiences.

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