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Health & Wellness Brand Gets 2.8x ROAS with Ads That Click to WhatsApp

A prominent health and wellness brand achieved remarkable success, earning ₹38.46 lakhs in revenue from an investment of ₹13.39 lakhs in CTWA ads.




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Health & Wellness
Click to WhatsApp Ads

Click-to-WhatsApp ads have become increasingly popular, and rightly so. Their interactive nature and ability to facilitate two-way communication in a traditionally one-directional advertising format have significantly enhanced engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and sales.

Understanding Click to WhatsApp Ads (CTWA)

Click-to-WhatsApp ads are a unique advertising format that allows brands to run promotions on Facebook and Instagram. However, instead of directing the audience to a website, CTWA campaigns aim to initiate a conversation between potential customers and the business on WhatsApp.

How a Health & Wellness Brand Generated ₹38 Lakhs in Sales with CTWA Ads

A prominent health and wellness brand achieved remarkable success, earning ₹38.46 lakhs in revenue from an investment of ₹13.39 lakhs in CTWA ads. Additionally, the campaign helped the brand acquire 22,000 new leads, of which 3,800 turned into customers.

The Strategy:

The brand strategically allocated its CTWA ad budget, with 65% ad placement on Facebook and 35% on Instagram.

A key strategy for successful CTWA ads is highlighting your most compelling content. This brand utilized influencer marketing, featuring Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor and other influencers in their CTWA ads.

Opting for video formats, which typically garner more views and engagement than images, proved effective. The familiar face of Shakti Kapoor added an extra layer of appeal.

The ad copy, crafted in Hindi to resonate with the regional audience, was concise and impactful, with a clear call to action directing users to WhatsApp.

The Outcome

With an expenditure of ₹13.39 lakhs over a month, the brand managed to attract over 22,000 leads to WhatsApp. These leads were converted into customers through tele-calling, culminating in revenue of approximately ₹38.4 lakhs. This is an impressive ROI of nearly 300%.

CTWA Ads Revenue Generation

A crucial insight from this campaign is the brand's focus on lead generation rather than direct conversions from CTWA ads. The primary objective of CTWA ads should be to maximize lead acquisition on WhatsApp rather than immediate conversions.

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