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Turning Rs 3,000 into Rs 7 Lakh: How Dermawear Nailed WhatsApp Marketing

Dermawear's challenge: 15,000 monthly visitors but no data to retarget them later.


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Dermawear, a leading Indian brand in the shapewear industry, has been redefining comfort and style since its inception in 2012. It has established itself as a market leader, offering an extensive range of premium shapewear for both women and men. Beyond traditional shapewear, they offer athletic and casual wear.

The Problem

Dermawear had a problem similar to most D2C brands. Despite having 15,000 unique visits monthly, they witnessed most visitors left the site without making purchases or leaving contact information, leading to missed sales opportunities and no means to reach out to them.

The brand sought a specialized WhatsApp marketing solution to grow its lead base. Dermawear needed a platform that seamlessly integrates with their website and provides targeted, personalized communication, particularly in the Indian market, where WhatsApp is a predominant communication channel. They required a system to capture visitor information efficiently and engage these potential customers through a medium with high open and response rates.

Challenges faced by Dermawear included:

  1. Inefficient Lead Capture Mechanism: The existing website setup failed to capture sufficient visitor information, resulting in a lost opportunity to follow up with leads who showed initial interest.
  2. Lack of Personalized Engagement: Dermawear needed a way to engage visitors with personalized communication tailored to their browsing behavior and preferences, a strategy crucial in converting leads into customers.
  3. Inadequate Utilization of Popular Communication Channels: Given the high penetration of WhatsApp in their target market, Dermawear lacked a strategy to leverage this platform for direct and effective customer communication.
  4. Inability to Implement Urgency in Offers: The brand needed to capitalize on urgency-driven purchase behavior, a key aspect in online shopping, especially in the context of discounts and limited-time offers.

Addressing these challenges was critical for Dermawear to convert its substantial online traffic into a loyal customer base and to fully leverage its online platform for increased sales and customer retention. The solution needed to be agile, responsive, and in line with their target audience's shopping behaviors and communication preferences. Here comes QuickReply.ai.

The Solution

To solve the above issues, Dermawear turned to QuickReply.ai, a renowned WhatsApp Marketing Automation Platform.

The QuickReply.ai team first understood Dermawear's goals and then after meticulous analysis, proposed a solution. QuickReply.ai's strategy was both ingenious and straightforward - integrating a WhatsApp Popup feature into Dermawear's website. This feature was designed to capture visitors' contact numbers, thereby building a valuable database of potential customers.

Dermaware WhatsApp Popup
Dermaware WhatsApp Popup

Subsequently, QuickReply.ai implemented a sophisticated system on Dermawear's site. This system included an automation triggered immediately after a visitor shared their contact details, ensuring prompt and relevant engagement. Furthermore, to enhance customer experience and address queries effectively, a chatbot was integrated, providing immediate assistance to leads contemplating a purchase. This approach marked the beginning of Dermawear's journey towards significant success, a story worth delving into for its detailed and strategic execution.

Now, let's dive into the granularity of Dermaware's success story.

What Dermawear Did Right

  • Strategic Incentivization for Lead Conversion: Dermawear's insightful approach to incentivizing potential customers was a game-changer. By offering a 5% discount on the first purchase in exchange for a phone number, the brand tapped into a powerful consumer behavior prevalent in India—the love for discounts. This tactic was not just about offering a price cut; it was a well-thought-out move to encourage website visitors to make their first purchase or share their contact details.
  • Innovative Lead Capture Method: The brand's decision to move away from traditional email popups to WhatsApp popups, as suggested by QuickReply.ai, was a significant strategic pivot. This choice was backed by compelling statistics: WhatsApp's 98% open rate and 7% click-through rate (CTR) dwarf email's 25% open rate and 3% CTR. This transition to WhatsApp expanded the potential retargeting pool and increased the likelihood of transforming leads into actual customers.
  • Effective Popup Design and Messaging: The anatomy of the popup used by Dermawear was another critical aspect of their success. The brand utilized an image that resonated with its identity, ensuring the discount offer was prominently displayed. The copy was succinct, focused, and free of unnecessary details, making the call-to-action (CTA) "Get Discount Code" clear and compelling. Furthermore, the subsequent WhatsApp messages were carefully crafted with concise copy and an easy-to-understand opt-out option while judiciously using emojis to enhance relatability and engagement.
Dermaware Welcome Popup WhatsApp Message
Dermaware Welcome Popup WhatsApp Message

What Dermawear Can Do Better

Even though the brand did most of the things right, a few minor changes can be made to improve their WhatsApp popup user journey.

Dermaware WhatsApp Popup Campaign Numbers
Dermaware WhatsApp Popup Campaign Numbers
  • Dermawear's use of a static coupon could be optimized. Introducing time-bound dynamic coupons can create a sense of urgency (FOMO – Fear of Missing Out). Tailoring these offers based on user interaction, such as providing a bigger discount to repeat visitors who have yet to purchase, could enhance conversion rates. QuickReply.ai can assist in setting up such nuanced strategies. For example, different messages for first-time visitors, repeat visitors, and those who abandoned their carts ensure that each segment receives the most relevant and enticing content.
  • The current messaging from Dermawear lacks the green verification tick on WhatsApp, which research indicates can significantly boost trust and conversion rates. Implementing this feature could reduce the likelihood of messages being ignored or archived, thus increasing the effectiveness of their WhatsApp marketing campaigns.
  • Using the data captured, personalized recommendations or messages, for example, addressing a user by their first name, tailored to the individual's browsing history or preferences can significantly boost conversion rates and customer loyalty.


The implementation of QuickReply.ai's solution yielded significant results within a span of just three months:

  • Return on Investment (ROI): Dermawear experienced an unheard ROI of 244x, a testament to the effectiveness of QuickReply.ai's strategy.
  • New Customers Acquired: The campaign attracted 3,800 new leads, significantly expanding Dermawear's customer base.
  • Total Orders Placed: A total of 713 orders were placed, indicating a high conversion rate from the campaigns.
  • Investment: The total amount spent on this initiative was merely â‚ą3,041.92, highlighting the solution's cost-effectiveness.
  • Revenue Generation: The campaigns generated revenue of â‚ą744,050.65, a substantial increase considering the minimal investment.


Dermawear teamed up with QuickReply.ai to revolutionize their online sales and customer engagement. Using WhatsApp's reach and QuickReply.ai's know-how, they turned challenges into record-breaking success in customer growth and revenue.

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