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How Dermazone Recovered Abandoned Carts Worth Almost $1 Million

Decoding Dermazone's strategy to make almost $1 Million out of $1587


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Abandon Cart Recovery

About Dermazone

Dermazone, a UAE-based online powerhouse, plays big in the beauty and health league. They have it all - from rejuvenating hair care to essential health supplements. Dermazone predominantly sells to residents of Saudi Arabia & UAE with the rest spread across GCC.  A typical challenger in the burgeoning GCC wellness market, their rapid growth is testament to the region’s appetite for home grown brands offering a wide spread of products.

Dermazone Store's Prouct
(Dermazone products)

How People Discover Dermazone

Guess what? The biggest way folks stumble upon Dermazone is by heading straight to them - yup, 39.76% of their visitors just type it in and boom, they're there. That's some serious brand love right there! Social media's trailing a bit behind, at just 2.18%, so it looks like there's a ton of room to jazz things up and get chatty on those platforms.

Now, let's talk about referrals. They're pretty much the gossip of the internet world for Dermazone, bringing in a solid 21.95% of visitors. It’s like their good name is spreading far and wide, thanks to happy customers and word-of-mouth magic.

SEO and crafting top-notch content? Absolutely key. They're pulling in 27.78% of the traffic, proving that being found the old-fashioned Google way still rocks. And hey, they're not shy about splashing some cash on paid searches either, which makes up 8.32% of their traffic, targeting those who are just a click away from discovering them.

And here’s a fun fact: even though Dermazone's heart is in the Middle East, they’ve got a pretty neat fan base in the United States, with around 5% of their traffic coming from there. How cool is that?

How People Discover Dermazone
(Majority of Dermazone's traffic comes from direct searches)

Trouble Reaching Cart Abandoners

Imagine this: you're getting 40,000 guests at your digital party every month, but as soon as it's time to hit the dance floor (a.k.a. checkout), they bail. With global email open rates plummeting to historical lows of 20%-25%, abandoned cart emails could only reach a fraction of total abandoners. Coupled with poor click through rates of Meta retargeting programs, Dermazone needed a channel that could guarantee impressions and eyeballs.

And that's where QuickReply.ai stepped in.

QuickReply Steps In

QuickReply.ai’s proposition was simple yet powerful: "Let's turn WhatsApp into a key touchpoint for your customers." And that's precisely what they did. It wasn't about overwhelming customers with messages but about precision and timing. A single message could be easily overlooked, but a carefully crafted, personalized reminder? That's a subtle yet effective way to reconnect with customers.

Dermazone Whatsapp Campaign
(Dermazone's WhatsApp message highlights free delivery for higher purchase values)

Unlike brands like Renee, whose 2nd reminder converts 230% more than the 1st, Dermazone sends just a single abandoned cart reminder.

Dermazone's messaging is clear-cut and savvy. Pitching their GrowMe product, they promise a formula that's a cut above the rest for stronger hair. Price? A sharp 187.55 SAR, with the smart hook of free delivery on bigger buys. They're playing it cool with payment on delivery, making the deal sweeter. Interested customers simply WhatsApp their order and the code HAC23. No frills, no fuss – just straight-up business with a personal touch. That's how Dermazone rolls out the red carpet for their customers.

The Scoreboard

So, Dermazone decided to not just sit back and watch their carts get abandoned. Nope, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. With a bit of investment, they turned those sad, lonely carts into a whopping $916,832 in sales. We're not just talking about impressive ROI here; we're talking about the kind of success stories marketers whisper about in awe.

Decoding Dermazone's Numbers
(Decoding Dermazone's numbers)

Now, how did they pull off this magic trick? By sending out 47,170 messages to nudge those who left their carts behind. And guess what? A staggering 6,937 of those messages turned into orders. It's like they found the secret sauce to turning "almost bought" into "sold"!

But here’s the cherry on top: Dermazone mastered the art of chatting up their users who were on the fence. They didn't just send a message; they sent the right message at the right time, making it super personal. It's like they were saying, "Hey, forgot something? Let's fix that." And fix that, they did. This wasn't just shooting in the dark; it was a well-aimed arrow hitting the bullseye, making every chat count and turning potential losses into big wins.

Messaging costs for the sequence? A mere $1587.

Wrapping It Up

So, what's the story's moral for all you D2C pioneers and marketing maestros out there? Dermazone's journey is more than a success tale; it's a lesson in innovation and smart marketing. It's about knowing your audience, finding the right channel, and striking a chord that resonates. With QuickReply.ai, Dermazone didn't just solve a problem; they set a new standard in customer engagement. In the digital marketplace, it's not just about the products you sell; it's about how you connect. And that, folks, is how you turn overlooked carts into a million-dollar celebration.

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