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How Menoveda Turned ₹1,000 into ₹46,000 with Repeat Purchase Broadcasts

The core issue for Menoveda was the lack of a systemic process to remind their diverse customer base to replenish their supplies before they depleted them completely.


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How Menoveda Turned ₹1,000 into ₹46,000 with Repeat Purchase Broadcasts
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Menoveda, a distinguished brand in women’s health and wellness, specializes in supplements designed to ease the menopause transition. Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Menoveda has captured the attention of a diverse audience spanning Indonesia, India, the United States, Ecuador, and Malaysia.

The brand is renowned for its meticulously crafted formulations that are potent, plant-based, and clinically proven to be safe, boasting no adverse effects. Customers can enjoy personalized product selections through Menoveda's proprietary quiz, which tailors offerings to individual needs.

One of the 24 questions asked during Menoveda’s proprietary quiz

The company’s flagship products focus on enhancing mental well-being, physical fitness, strength, and skin health during menopause.

Menoveda Products

The Challenge

Menoveda encountered a prevalent challenge within the supplement industry, especially pronounced in the Indian market, where consumers generally do not adhere to a routine of restocking their supplements. This cultural nuance meant that customers often ran out of essential products without timely replacements, potentially interrupting their health regimens and impacting their overall wellness journey.

The core issue for Menoveda was the lack of a systemic process to remind their diverse customer base to replenish their supplies before they depleted them completely.

Initially, Menoveda relied on traditional communication methods like email and SMS to prompt customers to replenish their supplies. However, these methods were becoming increasingly ineffective—email campaigns suffered from low open rates, often less than 30%, while SMS, perceived as intrusive and limited in functionality, did not allow for two-way interactions or rich media content.

Whatsapp VS E-Mail

To maintain customer satisfaction and ensure uninterrupted usage of their health supplements, Menoveda needed an innovative solution that was efficient and cost-effective. The ideal solution would automate the reminder process, thereby reducing the burden on manpower and eliminating the inefficiencies associated with manual follow-ups.

Additionally, this solution had to be gentle yet persuasive, to resonate well with customers and encourage them to take immediate action without feeling pressured.

Realizing the limitations of these traditional channels, Menoveda looked for a more effective communication strategy. They turned their attention to WhatsApp, attracted by its impressive statistics: consistent open rates exceeding 90%, which are three times higher than email. Additionally, WhatsApp supports two-way conversations, allowing customers to interact directly with the brand, ask questions, and receive instant replies. This platform not only promised to enhance customer engagement through its interactive capabilities but also provided a more personal and responsive way to remind customers to manage their supplement stocks effectively.

The Solution

Enter QuickReply.ai, a WhatsApp marketing automation platform that seamlessly integrates the growth flywheel model into WhatsApp communications. After a thorough analysis of Menoveda’s unique requirements, QuickReply.ai proposed a monthly restocking broadcast campaign. This strategy was straightforward yet effective, involving regular messages to customers reminding them to replenish their supplies. This campaign strategically targeted 11% of Menoveda’s customer database, specifically focusing on those who have previously made purchases, ensuring the messages reach users already familiar with the brand.

Menoveda and QuickReply monthly restocking broadcast campaign

The campaign's messaging was concise and strategically designed to capture attention. Key offers, such as a "special discount" and "flat Rs201 off," were emphasized in bold to draw the eye. Accompanying the text was an engaging image of the star products, branded with the enticing tagline “Zabardast Price Drop (Insane Price Drop)” and detailed offer specifics.

Moreover, QuickReply.ai's platform includes sophisticated features that ensure effective communication without overwhelming the customers. One key feature is the 'Skip Rules' set up in the QuickReply dashboard. This allowed Menoveda to exclude individuals from the campaign who have already received a certain number of marketing messages in the last few days or weeks, which can be customized according to the business's needs. This approach aligns with Meta’s new "Frequency Capping" feature, designed to prevent users from being spammed by limiting how many marketing messages they can receive from various brands over a certain period.

Skip Rules

By integrating these smart segmentation conditions and exclusion rules, QuickReply.ai ensured that Menoveda’s campaigns are both effective in reaching their intended audience and respectful of the customer's inbox, balancing marketing reach with consumer satisfaction seamlessly.


The impact of this WhatsApp campaign exceeded Menoveda’s expectations. With over 1300 recipients targeted, Menoveda achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 4253%. The campaign cost was merely Rs 1,092, yet it generated sales amounting to Rs 46,477. Furthermore, the campaign elicited 58 unique engagements (link clicks), leading to 19 confirmed orders. This represents an impressive conversion rate of 32.76%, highlighting the effectiveness of personalized, automated reminders in boosting customer retention and encouraging timely repurchases.

Menoveda's 42X RI Whatsapp Campaign


Menoveda’s test campaign with QuickReply.ai really hit the mark. It was a smart move to target just 11% of their customer database, those who had shopped with them before. The results? They were impressive enough that Menoveda is now planning to ramp up their budget for retention marketing through WhatsApp.

This pilot proved something important: when you send the right messages to the right people at the right time, it can make a big difference. It's all about keeping those reminders relevant and timely, which in turn triggers the right actions from customers.

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