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Decoding Priyagold’s 948x ROI Campaign

QuickReply.ai helped Priyagold enhance its digital footprint and streamline marketing and sales activities.


Drop in RTOs


ROI on Whatsapp Widget Campaign


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The Problem

Founded in 1985, Priyagold is a leading Indian biscuit brand and a household staple for over 35 years. Despite being a well-known name, Priyagold had a limited digital presence and primarily relied on traditional distribution channels. Wholesalers had no digital means to connect with the brand; they had to rely on phone calls for inquiries and orders.

Solution by QuickReply.ai

QuickReply.ai helped Priyagold enhance its digital footprint and streamline marketing and sales activities. Distributors can now directly place bulk orders online, thanks to QuickReply's digital solutions. 

Additionally, QuickReply introduced an automated WhatsApp message sequence for reconfirming COD orders, significantly reducing Return to Origin (RTO) rates. 

Also, a WhatsApp widget was integrated into Priyagold's Shopify website. This captured leads that were previously lost and facilitated customer support via WhatsApp.


The impact of QuickReply.ai's solutions on Priyagold's operations was significant. A 70% drop in Return to Origin (RTO) rates contributed to operational efficiency. The WhatsApp widget campaign's ROI reached a staggering 94,890.45%. Additionally, the CTR achieved was 30%, indicating high customer engagement and successful campaign execution.


QuickReply.ai’s WhatsApp marketing automation solutions have been pivotal in revolutionizing Priyagold's approach to digital sales and customer engagement. From enabling seamless online orders to drastically reducing return-to-origin rates, QuickReply.ai played a small part in Priyagold’s big success. The unheard ROI of 94,890.45% on the WhatsApp widget campaign alone speaks volumes about the efficacy of QuickReply.ai's strategies.

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