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Renee Cosmetics' 171x ROI Boom: Recovering Abandoned Carts

Renee Cosmetics successfully recovered a huge chunk of abandoned carts, substantially boosting its revenue.




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Abandon Cart Recovery

The Problem

Renee Cosmetics, an India-based makeup brand, is a vanguard in the beauty industry with its high-quality, cruelty-free, and FDA-approved products. However, despite their exceptional product offerings, the brand faced a significant hurdle—high cart abandonment rates. 

As customers reached the checkout stage, many opted to exit without completing their purchase. This issue highlighted a glaring gap in RENÉE's strategy; they lacked a robust, automated channel for effectively following up with these customers, missing valuable opportunities to recover abandoned carts through personalized, product-specific customer journeys.

‍Solution by QuickReply.ai

To tackle this hurdle, the QuickReply.ai team deployed a personalized and product-specific automated journey via their WhatsApp marketing automation platform. The solution targeted customers who had abandoned their carts, offering tailored recommendations and offers on WhatsApp to entice them back. This well-executed strategy didn't just reduce cart abandonment; it became a major revenue driver for Renee Cosmetics.


Renee Cosmetics experienced 17,141% ROI after implementing QuickReply.ai's solution. The optimized, automated journeys effectively recovered abandoned carts, significantly contributing to the brand's revenue.‍


QuickReply.ai's WhatsApp marketing automation platform proved a game-changer for Renee Cosmetics. With an ROI of 171x, the brand successfully recovered a huge chunk of abandoned carts, substantially boosting its revenue. This case study exemplifies QuickReply.ai's unparalleled ability to provide impactful and scalable solutions in the e-commerce landscape.

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