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Turning Rs 17,000 Into Rs 32 Lakhs: Understanding Root And Soil’s Cart Recovery Approach

Root & Soil flipped the script on a common e-commerce challenge, turning hesitant browsers into happy buyers.


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Abandon Cart Recovery

About Root & Soil

Root & Soil is an Indian brand about organic baby care. They've got a fantastic lineup of products that's like a big, warm hug for moms and their little ones. We're talking everything from skincare to laundry care, all whipped up with the good stuff from nature. The idea? To make life a tad easier for parents trying to figure out the best for their babies. But they hit a hurdle.

Root and Soil Products

The Hurdle

Root and Soil, pulling in a solid 20,000 visitors each month, ran into a snag that's all too familiar for D2C brands: the pesky issue of abandoned carts. Their average order value sits comfortably between Rs 500-1000, signaling their growing popularity among modern parents.

Yet, when it boils down to making decisions about their children's health and safety, hesitation kicks in, leading to carts left behind at checkout. With its modest 30%-35% open rates, email marketing wasn't cutting it for them. In today's scenario, where inboxes are bombarded with brand communications, their messages are getting lost in the noise.

They were looking for a more effective channel to reach their audience. Enter WhatsApp, with its impressive 90%+ open rates, offering a direct line with customers. And that's where QuickReply.ai steps in.

Open Rates of Email vs Whatsapp

The Solution

Once both teams got on the same page regarding the problem Root & Soil faced and the best way to tackle it. They landed on a two-tiered abandoned cart drip campaign as the most effective course of action.

2 Step Abandoned Cart Journey

Supporting their decision, data from QuickReply.ai's extensive archives revealed an eye-opening statistic: the second message in an abandoned cart sequence boasts a conversion rate that's 230% higher than the first. This insight was vital in shaping their approach.

The Anatomy of Root & Soil’s Abandoned Cart Messages

Let's understand how Root & Soil approached Abandoned Cart messaging on WhatsApp.

Many D2C brands fall into the trap of using WhatsApp as just another channel for email-style messages. However, WhatsApp's true power lies in its ability to facilitate instant, two-way conversations between customers and brands, thanks to chatbots.

When a cart gets abandoned, Root & Soil leverages QuickReply.ai's expertise to send a strategic first nudge—not right away, but after a thoughtful 15-minute pause, aiming to recapture the shopper's attention.

2 Way Communication

A closer look at their first nudge reveals:

  • The message features a product image tagged as a bestseller to underline its popularity and appeal.
  • Interestingly, they opt out of offering a discount upfront.
  • The message is well-structured, with a balanced use of emojis for a friendly tone.
  • They clearly outline their unique selling propositions, such as "Formulated by Newborn Care Specialists," across seven points.
  • A customer testimonial is included to foster trust.
  • The call to action is both straightforward and succinct.
Product Specific Reminder Screenshot

On the flip side, consider a typical D2C brand's message for an abandoned cart containing sneakers, which misses the mark by:

  • Lacking a product image, opting for a generic cart image does little to jog the customer's memory or entice them back.
  • The message content is overly generic, failing to resonate with customers who had a specific product in mind.
  • The formatting makes the message appear cluttered and overwhelming, a common oversight affecting WhatsApp's readability.
  • An opportunity for further personalization is missed, such as incorporating the customer's name to make the message more direct and tailored.
Comet's Whatsapp Marketing Nudge Screenshot for reference

Following Up with a Second Effort

Should the first attempt not spark a conversion, Root & Soil doesn't back down. Instead, they follow up with a second nudge a day later, doubling their efforts to win back the customer. This second message ups the ante with the following:

  • A captivating product image, now highlighted with a bestseller badge and a "100% Sulphur free" assurance, enhancing its appeal.
  • A 10% discount to nudge the customer towards making a purchase.
  • A concise explanation of the product's benefits, smartly punctuated with relevant emojis for an easy read.
  • A time-sensitive offer with a 24-hour limit, adding a sense of urgency.
  • A customer testimonial, lending credibility and reassurance about the product's quality.
  • A straightforward and succinct call to action, guiding the customer clearly on what to do next.

This strategic second nudge captures attention, conveys value, and encourages action with a more compelling proposition.

Reminder with Discount Coupon Screenshot

The Outcome

Now is the time to reveal the results of this meticulously executed WhatsApp campaign. The first nudge reached 26,156 potential customers at only Rs 17,196, leading to a 10% conversion rate. This means 2,797 orders were placed, totaling a revenue of Rs 32.6 lakhs. The return on investment? An incredible 18,222% - a figure hard to match by any other platform.

The Outcome (1st Nudge)

But what about the prospects who remained unswayed by the first message? The follow-up nudge targeted 18,670 individuals, convincing 1,332 to make a purchase. This reflects a solid conversion rate of over 7%. With an investment of Rs 14,551 in messaging costs, Root & Soil successfully recaptured abandoned carts amounting to Rs 14.9 lakhs. (10,284% ROI)

The outcome (2nd Nudge)


Wrapping this up, what's the big takeaway from Root & Soil's journey with WhatsApp? It's clear that those abandoned carts don't have to be the end of the road. Thanks to some clever moves with QuickReply.ai, Root & Soil flipped the script on a common e-commerce challenge, turning hesitant browsers into happy buyers.

This case isn't just a success story; it's a lesson in the power of connection. It proves that when you meet your customers where they are (in this case, on WhatsApp) with messages that resonate, you're not just making a sale but building a relationship. The results speak for themselves: impressive conversions and a boost in sales that many brands dream of.

So here's to the insight that it's not just about reaching out—it's about reaching out correctly. Root & Soil's approach reminds us all that those daunting challenges can become growth opportunities with a bit of strategy and understanding. And that's a playbook worth paying attention to for any D2C brand aiming to make an impact.

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