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The Pillow Company doubles conversions on WhatsApp broadcasts with 3-stage abandoned cart recovery using QuickReply.ai

How QuickReply.ai helped The Pillow Company to run WhatsApp campaigns to achieve 57% increase in net sales, 100% abandoned cart recovery.


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Increase in Net Sales

INR 13,857

The Pillow Company doubles conversions on WhatsApp broadcasts with 3-stage abandoned cart recovery using QuickReply.ai - Case Study
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Karan Pahwa
Founder at The Pillow Company

See how this luxury home decor brand uses WhatsApp marketing.



The Pillow Company is a home luxury brand that sells exclusively designed pillows online. Their range boasts of a collection tailored for every room in a house, bringing a hint of luxury, sophistication and comfort to the space. They are globally known for their range of pillows and cushions.


As a luxury brand, it is important for The Pillow Company to keep their customers engaged. While this does not require as proactive a communication as other industries, it does need them to be where their customers are. 

After having set up the traditional marketing channels that included social media and email, The Pillow Company started to explore more interactive platforms to engage their ideal buyers. Upon research, the brand uncovered that a major segment of their luxury shoppers chose to buy from brands that actively communicated with them through messaging apps like WhatsApp. 

The Pillow Company started to research solutions that would enable them to leverage the WhatsApp Business API and discovered QuickReply.ai.


After a discovery call with The Pillow Company, the team at QuickReply.ai was able to understand the nuances of their luxury shoppers. With insights from the brand, we strategized an approach to WhatsApp marketing that was focused on customer engagement and at the same time, did not come across as too pushy. 

Using the WhatsApp Business API, QuickReply.ai helped the brand set up the following campaigns:

1. WhatsApp broadcast promotions

The very first campaign we set up with the brand were promotions on a fortnightly basis. It was important for The Pillow Company to consistently touch base with their buyers to ensure they remained actively engaged with the brand, its new launches, deals and discounts. 

With QuickReply.ai, the brand set up a WhatsApp broadcast campaign that could be sent to over 5000 customers. They also focused on making the message more interactive with the help of images, text formatting, emojis and an intuitive call to action button to nudge an action out of the recipients. 

Here’s an example from one of the WhatsApp broadcast campaigns they automated with QuickReply.ai:


2. 3-stage abandoned cart recovery campaign

Luxury shoppers tend to spend time evaluating the need of a purchase even on products they like. This results in a high cart abandonment rate in the industry, which can only be tackled with timely customer engagement. 

With a thorough understanding of their target customer and purchase behavior, the brand decided to set up a 3-stage abandoned cart recovery campaign. Using WhatsApp marketing automations on QuickReply.ai, they approach the cart abandoner in the following manner:

  1. Casual nudge in 15 minutes of cart abandonment 
  2. Cart reminder after 1 day with cart total details 
  3. Cart reminder after 2 days with cart details
Casual Nudge - After 15 mins
Cart Reminder - After 1 day
Cart Reminder 2 - After 5 days

The results

The lifestyle and home decor brand has been leveraging fortnightly promotional campaigns using WhatsApp broadcasts. Using QuickReply.ai, they have been able to reach thousands of customers on the messaging app to promote their high value luxury products in a more intuitive manner.

  • WhatsApp broadcasts to over 5000+ customers 
  • 6.54% click-through rate on campaigns 
  • 2.77% conversion rate 
  • INR 13,857 average order value on luxury items

Their strategic approach to recovering carts after running promotional campaigns, has helped them recover lost revenue more effectively:

  • 57.40% increase in net sales 
  • 14% CTR on Abandoned Cart recovery messages 
  • 100% conversion rate

QuickReply.ai has enabled smart marketing automations using the WhatsApp Business API for The Pillow Company. Using the insights from broadcast and cart recovery campaigns, we’re focusing on continually improving our marketing strategy on the messaging platform with the brand to further double the engagement and interaction on promotions.

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